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How Do I Study The Bible?

How to study the bible with she reads truth
As I was racking my brain as to what to post today, this beautiful question came through my email from yesterdays post.

"How do you study the bible?"

The thought had never even crossed my mind that people might study differently. Obviously there is not a right or a wrong way, there is just a way that works for you. But you know the saying, "what works for you could be exactly what someone else needs". <-- I totally made that up, but we should make it a thing. My point is, someone may have no clue how to start so they don't even try. Or someone might be studying, but they don't feel like they are getting anything from it. 

So here is how my morning study goes down.

6:30am brew my coffee, lay out my notebook and laptop. Nothing happens without coffee.
6:35am poor my coffee and open She Reads Truth. I have to say that I have done morning devotional books before, but those tend to just surface on feelings, acts of service and your daily character. I love that, but I want to learn the Bible. When a friend in bible study recommended SRT to me a year ago I was hooked! 
Once at SRT I click on "current plan" on the left sidebar. I tend to miss a day here and there so I just pick up where I left off. And if I don't feel interested in the study SRT is focusing on, I click through "Past Plans" and find something that intrigues me. 
She reads truth bible study reading titus
And then I get started by reading in my Bible the suggested text at the beginning of the post just below the main picture, highlighting and circling what stands out to me along the way. I also write these verses in my journal for future reference.

Studying the bible

Day one of any given plan, SRT tends to give you an idea of what that chapter is going to discuss and information on the main character(s). For instance, the book of Titus is mainly Paul writing to Titus telling him what needs to be done as missionary's of Christ. The book teaches of Titus' outstanding obedience and character. ( I like this because I need an "outline" if you will about what the heck I'm reading ).

After reading this I go into the rest of SRT's post about the chapter and take in-depth notes as to what stands out. Sort of the main bullet points with some description. I try to write in my journal so that if I read my entry months from now I would understand and remember what I was reading.

This is what it usually ends up looking like. Scribbled chaos only sensible to me :)
bible study notes

And then I end with a small prayer for the day.

Are you a She Reads Truth fan? Do you have a different study you prefer? I'd love to hear it!

11 comments on "How Do I Study The Bible?"
  1. I tried to get into SRT, but I didn't quite understand how it was set up at first! I know they're in the process of putting together an app, so that's great! might need to give it another shot :)

  2. I've been looking for a great study guide, so to speak. I've tried so many devotionals, but I really wanted something that helped me get an in-depth look and what I was reading/studying. Can't wait to try this out!

  3. That's what I love about She Reads Truth - gives a plan & a quick devotional, but I like to journal, scribble, write about the scripture myself. A good guide to get you started to hear God personally.

  4. Love, love, love She Reads Truth! I feel like I can understand this devotional more than any before and I really feel like I can relate to their messages.

  5. Love it, I am a new fan to SRT! My morning is pretty similar to your as far as how I study. I like to scroll through the comments a little too, I have found so often things that people found or pointed out from that day that were amazing and that I didn't catch/think about :)

  6. Love SRT! I've been following along for a few months ago with the daily emails but I think I want to get more invovled and starting doing the online reading/communities soon. I'm also reading the Bible in chronological order over this year so it can be a little hard when my two readings are in totally different places!

  7. Love She Reads Truth! Thanks for sharing your tips on studying - it couldn't have come at a more perfect time!


  8. I love She Reads Truth! It is such a great way to break the bible down and I love that I can read it on my phone while walking to class!

  9. Thank you for this! I have been looking for a better way to study the bible than through devotional books/calendars. I needed this today. :-)

  10. Love SRT and meet with them daily to study the Bible :) Which kinds means I'm meeting with you, too! :) Uh yes, we need to make your phrase it!

  11. I've been seeing a lot of posts lately about SRT...may have to check it out :) Right now I just do daily devotionals from my Bible app, but would love to focus more on reading the actual Word than a devotional.


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