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Vitamin D Is Crack

So I saw this post over at Living In Yellow and I loved it. Not only did Erin give me new ideas about what I could enjoy during Summer, but home-girl got me pumped because everyone else is getting pumped about Summer! We are all seeing that sunshine, feeling the warmth browning our skin, watching the rain roll in occasionally cooling off the earth, enjoying the outdoors on the weekend. I LOVE it! I'm giddy just talking about it. I swear Vitamin D is crack.

summer bucket list

// Attend the farmers market a handful of times

// Buy fresh flowers weekly

// Create a cocktail I've never made before

// Landscape around my house & decorate my porch

// Wake-board

// Spend the night at the lake every weekend as often as possible

// Drink coffee on the porch in the morning

// Make a cobbler with freshly picked fruit

// Take a cruise - see you in July, Alaska!

// Play beach volleyball

// Make freshly squeezed lemonade

// Have friends over for a cookout

// Go to an outdoor concert

// Attend local festivals

// Hike with my family of four

// Drink as many margaritas as possible (this is a year round tradition)

Sounds like I have a lot to do, I should go stretch.

I'd love to hear what's on your bucket list! Heck, take this idea and spread it; let's see what everyone is planning for Summer! Go link up at Living In Yellow.

25 comments on "Vitamin D Is Crack"
  1. Sounds like an awesome summer bucket list! And vitamin D is definitely crack. I can never get enough of it!!!

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  2. i want to do allllllll the summer things! LOL

  3. I can't wait to hear about your cruise in Alaska! I've been dying to do that! :)

  4. I love all these ideas floating around the interwebs!! This makes me even more excited for the next few months!!

  5. After the first three items on the bucket list, I thought that you came up with something for each letter of the alphabet and I was really impressed. I still think the list is awesome though =)

  6. You do have a lot to do this summer! Summer is my favorite time of year--hope you have an awesome one!

  7. Love this list, I really need to make a summer bucket list. I cannot wait for walking to farmers markets either, there is nothing better then fresh veggies in the summer.

  8. This is THE perfect summer bucket list! I'm stealing a few of these for myself :)

  9. Love this and the idea! I had to write my own list as summer seems to go so fast! I would be happy to help you drink as many margaritas as possible. I'm pretty sure they are the official drink of summer!

  10. This is such a great list! Fresh flowers weekly would be amazing! I have a list that needs to go up soon-- I can't believe it's already almost the middle/end of June!

  11. Love is girl, sounds like THE perfect summer! Kristal and I scheduled a pool day next weekend, I finally get to put a bikini on and get some Vit D! :)

  12. This is a perfect summer list!!! My fun thing to try this summer is paddle boarding, super exciting! You'll have to keep us updated on your progress! Perhaps it'll be a bit of inspiration for all of us=)

  13. Love your list! I'm going to have to add "buy fresh flowers weekly" to my list as well. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I swear drinking coffee outside makes your day start off way better. Fresh flowers are just mood boosters too (no shame in buying myself flowers for that very reason ha). Great list, miss!

  15. Love all of this. Ahhh summer + vitamin D + cobblers + margs + lakes + cookouts....bliss. Xxx.

  16. I 100% agree! Vitamin D is definitely crack! And I love all of these ideas, a perfect way to spend summer!!

    <3, Pamela

  17. What an excellent list! I would love to go get on my stand up jet ski this summer at the lake :)

  18. I'm so on that margarita train this summer, girl! Amen! :D

  19. Oh yes to year round margaritas! And loving the idea to get fresh flowers weekly... awesome idea!

  20. Man...if only my skin liked the sun! Stupid red hair and pale skin!


  21. Love this summer round up! I'm going to take some of these on too. :)

  22. Ahh, this all sounds marvelous! Happy sunshiney summer indeed!

  23. sounds like a great summer list. jealous of your alaska cruise!

  24. Love love love these! Homemade cocktails are my favvv! You email me if you need some good recipes :)
    Obviously, I'm right there with you on the rita challenge.


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