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My Weekend Starts At 5:00

Today is my Friday and that automatically means I am in la la land and completely ecstatic about a long weekend.

If you follow me on Insta, you know that as I'm writing this post I am sitting at my NEW patio furniture (shriek), sipping a fabulous ginger-ale/ice cream concoction all while my hubby slaves over the grill filling my nostrils with that tasty dish called dinner. Seriously I don't know if it gets any better? Maybe if I was munching on some chips and queso while I waited. Yes, definitely so.

So here's the low-down on this patio furniture. I've been begging for a patio set for two years. TWO years. I see this set I love at Kroger. It's $700... Never going to happen. So naturally, as I have been doing for years now, I let it go and moved on. Well low and behold the patient bird gets the worm. (That's a new saying I've created, let's go with it). I stopped at the grocery store a few weeks ago and I saw the most beautiful 50% off sign sitting on top of my patio set.

Que the happy dance! Of course, hubs still wanted to wait and see if it would go down further as the Summer weeks passed. In an effort to obligue him I even called the store a few times asking if they would go down any further or if they'd throw an umbrella in for free. ANYTHING to make this even more of a deal for hubs. They wouldn't budge. The weeks were passing and I was afraid it would get snatched up.

Turns out all I had to do was go there with his mother because the next day it was sitting on my porch. I sure do love the power of a momma's touch - aka - a momma's stern warning to buy the table for his wife. 

Now to pressure wash, find some decorative goodies and perk this spot up a bit!
Cheers to the last few weeks of Summer! You know where I'll be.

Give Me Grace, Not The Rain, But An Entire Bucket

That's my prayer throughout the day, everyday lately. 
I've been pretty distant. (Obviously).

There has been a lot going on and I'll explain more come Friday.
Lately I have been on a roller coaster of emotions and hormones. The thing is, I have so much on my plate right now and I'm finding that I can't balance it all like I wish I could. Running two businesses full time isn't an easy task and it has caused this blog of mine to take a back seat in a major way.

I've wanted to explain how I feel, but every time I sit down to throw my words out, I fail. I can't get my brain to coordinate with my fingers to express the words my heart feels. But I'm attempting it yet again today with the determination to hit "publish".

The only way I know how to explain it is that I am a perfectionist who can't keep up. I like to focus on our money-maker business running smoothly from 9am - 5pm/Mon - Fri, while attempting to run my boutique on the side which means either it doesn't happen at all or many late nights. I'm also desperate to attempt keeping a lovely home with fresh linens, vacuumed floors and clean toilets. I fail to keep lunches packed and dinners made leaving us to order in regularly. I attempt to stay healthy by actively using my gym membership, which many of nights I fail at due to exhaustion. I try to keep up with this blog like the full time business I want it to be, but I end up with many failed attempts. I want to keep a consistent schedule of using social media, but I find I don't want to look at my phone after talking on a business phone all day.

Something has to give. I completely miss the days of working from home and doing what I loved most. Being a serving wife, part time employee and a home maker.

My prayer has been that I would give myself grace. As a woman, I put far too much pressure on myself to wear many different hats and look pull each of them off perfectly. It's nonsense.

So Dear Jesus, 
Forget the rain, dump a bucket of grace and drench me. Please.
Your daughter
Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew on Grooveshark

The Creative Closet || My Go-To Piece

Annnd we're back for another round of The Creative Closet! I had to go loosely with this weeks theme because my "go-to" piece changes with the seasons. Of course during the Summer, most every weekend and some weeknights you will find me in this get-up. Making my Summertime go-to piece, my bathing suit.

Because I found posing for pictures in my bathing suit completely uncomfortable (weird right?) I chose to wear my most common accessory for jet skiing, my life jacket. Besides I had a major choice at hand. It was either take pictures or ride the jet ski before the storm came... Uh, "Jon hurry up, let's go!"

As for the other seasons, Fall always calls for a cute blazer and boots, Winter calls for a cozy baggy/chic sweater and Spring calls for the first sitings of pretty maxi dresses in all their pastel glory.

Join us for next week's theme, All That Glitters! Show us your sparkles :)

Also if you are interested in co-hosting with Jana and I, please do! There are some fun spots still open in December. And if you have any theme ideas for 2015, bring them on! I can't believe we're already almost booked to the end of the year. So glad y'all are loving this link-up! Do us a favor and share it socially using #TheCreativeCloset.
The Creative Closet

Did You Think I Was Dead?

I'm not dead, I've just been MIA over here lately. Not to mention around social media too. Something struck me once we got back from Alaska and I have seriously despised the site of my computer or my phone. Not to mention I've had a few other distractions going on over here too, but I'll wait to share about that for now.

I've seriously been counting down the days until today. It was a tough week, but besides that, today my brother and sister-in-law find out the sex of their second baby!!! I'm the only one who has bet it's a girl, so we shall see :)

I hope you enjoy your weekend and the beautiful sunshine, I know I will! Cheers babes!

15 Things I'd Rather Be Doing...

This picture has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I'm contemplating chopping off all my hair. As I flip through photos I can't decide if it will be a decision I regret. Thoughts?
I've done everything I can possibly do to procrastinate from writing a blog post. I almost even resorted to dusting and vacuuming and then my senses got the best of me and I snapped out of it. Thank goodness because I've been letting that dust collect for the last few weeks in hopes I'll beat some sort of record.

Seriously though, throw your hands up if you think it's ten times harder to blog in the Summer months! Although I can't see them, I know they are up there so high-fives all around. My mind is in all sorts of other places currently so I have slacked on paying attention to this here blog of mine.
I can think of 15 things I'd rather be doing than writing this blog post. 

1. Playing on the lake!

2. Curled up on the coach with my lovebugs.

3. Sweating it out at the gym.

4. Eating a huge pile of queso and chips.

5. Singing Frozen at the top of my lungs.

6. Taking a nap... or two.

7. Repainting & redecorating every room in my house. (I'm in a mood for change lately.)

8. Relaxing in a bubble bath.

9. Shopping.

10. Jamming out to "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic.

11. Browsing Instagram.

12. Pinning away endlessly on Pinterest.

13. Basking in the sweet, sweet sunshine.

14. Reading a good book. (I just finished The Fault In Our Stars, total tear jerker!) Suggestions for my next read?

15. Reading other blogs. 

What could you add to this list?

That was too easy. Perhaps I should go for 50 reasons? I would except for the fact that I have to go enjoy #8 off my list. Ta-ta for now, dolls!

The Creative Closet | Pattern Mixing

This has been the scariest prompt for me thus far. Silly right? I'm a straight forward person so pattern mixing is not my thing. Although, I did enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone! I am vowing to attempt pattern mixing a bit more and not play it so safe all the time.

Also, how cute are those two up top? Check out both Jana and Laura's looks below in the link-up.

 Top: Banana Republic (similar) | Skirt: Maurices (similar) | Bag: Charming Charlie (similar) | Sunnies: Coach | Heels: White House, Black Market (old) | Polish: Sinful Colors, Dream On

So how did I do? I played it pretty safe, but I really do love this outfit. I think next time I'll add a big pop of color with a statement necklace to jazz it up a bit. That's what I love about this link-up! I'm trying new things and creating new outfits from clothes I have seen as "blagh" for years. Win, win!

I'm so ready to see how you've mixed your patterns and get some ideas to store up and try! If you would like to co-host a week of The Creative Closet with Jana and I, click here. If you have prompt ideas to share, click here. Join us next week for "My Go-To Piece"! 

The Creative Closet

A Simple Dose Of Encouragment

Encouragement: the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
I just finished a chatting session with Kerry from The Mustard Seed. I won a coaching session with her in a giveaway I entered over at B Is For Bonnie Design a couple of weeks ago - which I totally lost my brain over considering I never win anything. After such a difficult week of being so down on myself I was hopeful, but skeptical that Kerry could give me the encouragement I needed to pick my feet back up and shake that ugly black cloud looming above my head.

Girl hit a freaking home run. And just look at her sweet face!
I feel so determined, hopeful and downright blissful right now. Like I can take on the world in baby steps that she has so consciously laid out for me. 

If I took anything away from her coaching session it was *obviously* encouragement and not only that, but a sense of "I can do this". All of my business, blog and personal life goals are not as daunting as they seemed before because she helped me write down a plan of action and see how to create a working schedule to reach those goals. Girl got skill, y'all!

If what I'm expressing speaks to you then perhaps you would benefit from an hour long coaching session with her too? No shame in it! Every girl needs to be lifted up and motivated sometimes. Kerry empowers you and helps you determine a plan of action that fits your lifestyle and your schedule. It's splendid!

Have a fabulous weekend, ladies. And remember, you are significant. You are His!

Kerry's contact information: | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Organization Swoonfest

So tell me if this scenario has ever happened to you.

You have an extremely long day at work. You are dead-dog tired.

You dream about the moment 4:59 ticks to 5:00 to pack up and head home.

On your way home all you can think about is face-planting into your fluffy ocean of pillows.

You agree to forget the laundry, the dishes, the clutter.

As you unload your dirty dishes into the sink you see the pile is getting high and say, "okay, well maybe just one dish... just one. I don't want this quinoa to grow into a solid rock formation onto my plate of course. It's necessary".

And one dish turns into two...

Then before you know it you are in a cleaning frenzy like your husband just came home and told you your in-laws are coming to stay the weekend.

Everything in your pantry is pulled out, purged and reorganized. The tupperware cabinet you couldn't open before without ending up under a pile of lids is now perfectly straightened out and each item has a home. Your linens are folded and stacked instead of tossed into a drawer. And you find your teaspoon measuring cup you've been looking for for months.

Has this happened to you?

I had no time to take pictures before the madness began because I didn't even know it happened before I was knee deep. And even if I did, I wouldn't have stopped. This frenzy happens once in a blue moon so I have to take advantage while I can. The minute Jon saw me he groaned and walked away. Not because he hates when I organize, but because he will now have to re-learn the kitchen cabinets and drawers all over again. And all the husbands in the world said, "amen!".

Now for a bubble bath!

The junk drawer is now clutter-free!

It's nothing glamorous, but it's home and it's clean.

Post Vacay Blues

I've decided coming home from vacation is absolutely 101% worse than preparing to leave for one. 

1. My house is a total disaster. Piles of unclean clothes, piles of washed clothes, half emptied suitcases, an empty kitchen, crap everywhere. #thelistgoeson

2. My sleep schedule. It's bonkers. After traveling about 27 hours Sunday - Monday with no sleep, Jon and I crashed around 3pm Monday and awoke around 11pm groggy, but awake. We watched t.v. together in the living room until about 3am then went back to bed and woke at 8am Tuesday. I tell ya, my brain wants to be awake when it's time to sleep. #stupidtimechange

3. Getting back in the gym. I have a secret - I gained 7lbs on our cruise. That's a pound a day, but I'm pretty proud because the trainer in the gym said the average person gained 2lbs a day on a cruise. So I'm calling it a win.
4. Coming back to work and being behind. I had 145 voice-mails, 202 emails in just one email account and 97 open orders to come home to and that's just business, not blog related. Needless to say I had to remind myself to "breath" for about, oh 9 hours. Wine helps too.
5. Editing 740 photos. And when I say editing I mean sifting through 740 photos because the task daunts me.
Here are some teasers until I get around to editing more! XO