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Reasons To NEVER See An Earlybird Movie

Last week Jon and I had an early date night right after work. We closed up about 20 minutes early and rushed to the movie theater to see The Hundred-Foot Journey, which might I say was fabulous! The reason we went early is because our movie theater has a deal on Tuesdays. Movies before 5:30 are $5 a ticket making the normal $8.50 ticket look awful. And they also offer drinks and popcorn for $2. We all know what prices look like at the movie theater so we couldn't help ourselves on scoring a great deal.

What we didn't think about was who would be at the theater at this time of day. It looked like my great grandmothers reunion! Jon and I were seriously the only people there without gray hair. Old people are smart y'all, they like a good deal. And a 5:00 movie was probably just after their dinner time so shoot, why wouldn't they jump on it?

I really found it comical. Sitting in the theater watching as gray head after gray head piled in the seats around us. I found it even more comical that they all piled in the seats behind us in the back of the theater. They were getting as far from the screen as possible. I'm assuming it has to do with those biofocals.

Well all of this was comical until the movie started and then my nightmare begin.

Throughout the entire duration of the movie we had commentators. And to give you an idea of how loud they were picture an old man sitting in the living room and his wife shouting to him from the kitchen over the sound of the tv. Obviously hearing aid talk.

Husband: "What did he say?"
Husband: "OH - I can't hear a damn thing."


Lady beside us: "HOOOOOONK.......HOOOOOONK" (blowing her nose repeatedly)

Wife: "Oh I just know he loves that girl!"
Husband: "HUH? He has to cook squirrel?"
Husband: "Oh, oh yeah. Yeah he does."

Man in the back: (more hacking noises, perhaps a loogie in his throat)

Wife: "I just love Helen Mirran, don't you dear?"
Husband: "Who is Helen Muuuuran?"
Wife: "MIRRAN dear, MIRRAN! She is the one playing Madam Mallory!"
Husband: "Oh, which ones Madam Mallory?"
Wife: "Good grief! HER!" (Pointing over our heads at the screen)
Husband: (Grunting noise)

Wife: "I bet I know what happens next! He is going to kiss her. I just know it!"
PAUSE (guy kisses girl)
Wife: "I KNEW it!"

Really lady? Sure go ahead and feel proud of yourself for assuming this movie was going to end the same as every other movie ever created does. Nothing has changed in 60 years.

I really can't make this stuff up.

I could not get over the excessive talking and commentary throughout the entire movie. I kept making eyeballs at Jon. All I really wanted to do was stand up and say, "WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE!" But of course I would never! Only in my tough girl dreams :)

Moral of the story? We pay $8.50 per ticket for a reason. To turn the commentary off and enjoy our movie.

Change Is Good

Hey, hey, hey. Things are looking pretty fancy around here! Do you like?

I think there comes a time when change is necessary to feel inspired again. I feel like I'm entering a completely new season of my life and change is becoming something I'm accepting rather than fighting. So because every other aspect of my life is changing, such as my body, my emotions, our lives, my job, the season, well I thought it was only fair that my bloggie baby saw some change too.  

I'm so in love with the design Jana created for me. She captured exactly what I wanted and more! I was looking for a classy, sophisticated look that captured my love for blush and gold. I'd say job well done! This will make the second third time I have worked with Jana regarding design. I haven't gone to anyone else for a reason y'all. Jana is legit. She's also the blogger at Life Could Be A Dream and my partner in crime with The Creative Closet in case you wanted to pair a face to this gawgeous design work.

If you are looking for a smooth process, affordable price and someone who will listen to exactly what you want, well folks, all fingers point to Jana in the politest way possible. (My mother always said pointing was rude.)

Now if you don't mind, this gal has things to do such as feel inspired by my new design, purchase a Vanilla Chai from DD (new obsession) and daydream about the fact that tomorrow is Friday and we have a long weekend ahead of us. Let's all fist bump for that!

Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 12

Baby is the size of a Plum!
Feeling | Anxious! I've had a bit of anxiety lately just because the further I get into pregnancy, the more real it becomes. Especially with my bump starting to become visible. I find myself getting anxious over knowing the gender so I can start preparing, getting things done around the house because I know my time will be consumed once Baby arrives, etc. I keep reminding myself to settle down and savor each moment because it will be over before I know it!

Workouts | My doctor just cleared me for working out! I'm not comfortable running yet so I'm getting on the elliptical for 30 minutes and then doing a Tone It Up workout. I think it's helping my sleep too.

Weight | I've actually lost 2lbs and you won't hear me complaining! My doc told me it was due to all the energy baby is taking from me and it's normal. She also did say a girl my size (and she called me petite, boy do I love her) should gain about 34lbs during my entire pregnancy. That just blows my mind.

Sleep | Still wonderful thanks to my Bumpnest and working out! Bathroom breaks have increased to 2-3 times a night and I could obviously do without that!

Body Changes | Baby is starting to poke out and people are noticing! Although it's hard to tell in most outfits, when I wear a tighter shirt, baby Mills likes to make an appearance. Jon even mentioned my hand gravitates towards my belly now and rests there subconsciously.

Appetite | Let the weird cravings begin. The other night around 10pm I shot up in bed and demanded that Jon get me two pickles, banana peppers and goat cheese crumbles. It was delicious! He found it so comical he took a picture and when I saw it the next day I was so grossed out! I couldn't believe I craved that and much less ate it! Weird how you can crave something and see it the next day and it's disgusting!

Fun Fact | All of the baby's body parts have formed, now baby is just maturing and growing in size while also learning to use it's digestive system. Crazy!

Best Moment of The Week | We heard baby's heartbeat and tears flowed from my eyes. It was sweeter than any sound I've ever heard. My heart fell in love all over again! Oh, also friends and family touching my belly!

Next Apt. | September 25th

Earlier weeks:

The Creative Closet || Leather & Lace


It's safe to say I have found my date night outfit for my next hot date with my man! As soon as I came walking out in this outfit hubs started to drool. Okay, no actual drool, but he kept making comments about how much he loved these pants. What can I say, my guy is a butt guy and these pants definitely accentuate that area.

I scored these fake leather jeggings at Forever21 for $7 about a month ago. Last year I had seen a ton of outfits on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate so I knew they were a must when I found the sale. Especially with Fall and Winter ahead, they make the perfect addition to my closet. I plan on pairing them with a fur vest, a slouchy tee & army jacket, a blazer & boots just to name a few. The options are seriously endless!

Jeggings: Forever21 | Top: Forever21 | Heels: JustFab

Now let's get down to business.

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The Creative Closet

Tips For A Happy Marriage


It's no secret Jon and I spend a lot of time together being business owners. We've been married for a little over two years and for the last year we have spent 24 hours a day together, 6 - 7 days a week. You do the math - that's a lot of time to spend with your spouse. Because of this we get a lot of comments from friends and family who say they could never do it themselves and they can't believe we haven't killed each other yet.

Early in our first months of dating when we both knew we were meant to be and marriage became a topic we discussed openly together, we both expressed that marriage wasn't something either of us would ever give up on. We both agreed, divorce is never an option. Starting with that agreement and with Christ at the root of our marriage, we built a firm foundation for our marriage early on.

Not every day is easy, but we have some tips on how we keep our marriage alive even when we spend almost every waking (and sleeping) hour together.

It's easy to get comfortable after the early butterflies ware off, but nothing lights a spark like flirtation. You can remember when a boy simply walked past you, whispering a flirty comment in your ear leaving you blushing and grinning like a buffoon. Yeah, that feeling. We all love it. We all need it.

This has to be the most important lesson I have learned in my own marriage and what I've noticed from failed marriages I've seen around me. You can not expect your spouse to know what you are thinking! Even if you do spend every waking hour together, it's impossible! Speak up, be vocal about how you feel, what you need, and make sure to lend that ear right back to your spouse when they need to speak up. 

This is where I raise my hand high. I have to have physical tough to feel loved and satisfied. I simply love holding hands in the car, Jon putting his arm around my waist when we're walking, cuddles, a pinch on the booty or my favorite, when he randomly plants one on me out of nowhere. We are human and we all need human touch. Take the time to spontaneously just run up behind your spouse and squeeze them and tell them you love them. It can change their mood entirely.

We all have hectic schedules, right? It's becoming the norm, but that doesn't mean we don't need our quiet time. And I'm not talking quiet time just with your spouse. I'm talking "me" time. I get desperate for it when I'm with my hubs constantly and it's not a bad thing. It simply means I need time to recuperate, turn off my brain and a chance to miss my husband. I'll sneak away for a bubble bath or wake up early to have the silent house to myself. Just find a quiet moment for you. 

It's nice to break out of the norm because schedules can tend to rule our lives. We all need a little adventure and who better to experience it with than your spouse? I always love when we do something spontaneous like a day trip where we just get in the car and drive. We have made some really fun memories doing this! Sometimes Jon and I will get home and he will say, "go change, we're going out." I love being whisked away on a date even though we just spent the entire day together!

What do you and your spouse do to keep the spark alive? 

Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 11

Baby is the size of a Brussel Sprout!
All of a sudden, Baby Mills has made a slight appearance and I couldn't be loving it more! Although it's a tiny bump and hardly noticed by strangers, it's precious to me. Knowing my sweet babe is growing day by day and is turning into the special baby God designed for Jon and I is heart warming.

I knew there were going to be specific changes that happened throughout my pregnancy between having pregnant friends, reading books and blogs. But I never anticipated the changes would happen so abruptly! I almost don't know it's happened 

Feeling | My energy is back in full swing and I'm loving it. I heard this only lasts for the second trimester so I need to take advantage while I have it. The nausea has really disappeared, but I've noticed something has taken it's place. Hormones. Lord have mercy, they are killer. So far I have cried about a set of sheets in my guest room and dog hair being on everything. Also I get impatient and short with Jon for absolutely no reason. I know I'm being crazy when these hormones wave over me, but I can't help it! Looney bins can't get a grip.

Sleep | Ohhh how my sleep has changed. I'm actually getting a full night's sleep now, minus the bathroom breaks thanks to my Bumpnest! This pillow has seriously changed my sleep into something wonderful. Hubby keeps threatening to steal it, but he knows I might cry if he does, literally.

Body Changes | The bump is sticking out now just a tad and I LOVE looking down at it. I think the first few weeks of pregnancy, especially when you find out as early as we did (5 weeks), is really hard because you are experiencing a world of symptoms, but there is no physical reminder you are pregnant.

Appetite | I'm always hungry. Always. The cravings are pretty consistent and I've learned if I don't give into them, the desire will only get stronger. I was dreaming about Dippin' Dots for days, but I was determined I could go without eating them. Well that was a mistake. Every night I was whining to Jon about how they were all I could think about. They are only sold at the mall here which is completely out of the way. So Sunday I decided I couldn't do it anymore. I had to get them off my mind. And just like that, with one small, satisfactory bowl of Dippin' Dots my fix was fulfilled and I haven't thought about them since. So pregnant ladies, give into your cravings. You have 9 months and that seems far too long to battle.

Fun Fact | Baby is growing fingernails & toenails and distinct facial features are set such as ears, nose, eyes, lips! And if it's a girl, she is growing ovaries already!

Reading | What To Expect When You're Expecting & Belly Laughs. Both great reads!

You can read Week 10 here.

The Creative Closet || Bold & Bright


My heels are almost so bright they didn't show up in the pictures. Talk about neon! I couldn't think of anything better to showcase for this theme. You all know neutrals are my comfort zone so this week brought me out of that which is exactly what Jana and I anticipated when we created The Creative Closet.

I love being pushed out of my comfort zone even if it's just with a simple pair of heels that attract more attention than I expected. Seriously though, it's a good thing I don't have a foot phobia because eyes are drawn to these puppies!

Clutch: GiGi NY | Heels: JcPenny (similar)

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The Creative Closet

Pregnancy || How It's Changed My Diet

Pregnant woman diet for healthy mommas
I've always been a health conscience person while still allowing myself a treat when I crave it. (Let's be honest, I crave them a lot) but I've always been able to manage my cravings in a healthy way. Right before I found out I was pregnant I was getting into health and fitness in an aggressive way. I  think this is part of the reason why we did get pregnant after trying for so long. My body was at it's healthiest point it's been in years.

Well, when I found out I was pregnant, all that went out the window! Seriously, POOF! The cravings and hunger were immediate and I divulged into all of it using the most common excuse "I'm pregnant." In reality I can see how women pack on the pounds unconsciously during those 9 months. It's so easy when your body is constantly telling you it's hungry and you think you can divulge into each one of those cravings. The only thought that has sort of "snapped me out of it" is that my growing baby consumes whatever I consume. He/she depends on me to receive nutrients. That very thought has given me a new light on what enters my body.

All day, everyday. I bring my trusty camelbak to work with me because I'm more liable to drink from it without noticing rather than unscrewing a water bottle every time I want to take a sip. I end up refilling my bottle about 3-4 times a day, which equals out to 96oz of water a day. The bathroom breaks are worth it, it's a good stretch break.

I have started drinking a green smoothie each morning for two reasons. I am starving when I wake up, but the nausea keeps me from wanting to eat solid foods. A smoothie is much easier on my stomach. Also it gives me an abundance of protein, calcium, vitamins and more!

I feel like this is an obvious addition to a pregnant woman's diet. A generic pill is fine just make sure your prenatal pill contains 700mg of folic acid or more. Folic acid is instrumental in protecting your baby from birth defects. Honestly, women trying to conceive should look into taking folic acid pre-pregnancy. I sure did!

As I mentioned, I'm eating little meals all day long so I like to make sure I keep healthy snacks on hand. My go-to's have been carrots and hummus, hard boiled eggs, lara bars, fresh fruit and trail mix (with m&m's to satisfy my sweet tooth)

Obviously we know alcohol and tobacco products are not a great idea when you are pregnant. I've heard a glass of wine here or there won't hurt, but it's not worth it to me. I've waited over a year for this baby and I'm not going to do anything to compromise their health. Seafood is a no, no due to mercury in the fish. And caffeine should be limited to 200mgs or less a day. I will allow myself either a half a cup of coffee in the morning or a sweet tea out at dinner, but other than that I've cut out all caffeine.

This is hard because I could probably eat french fries everyday, pregnant or not. But it's not worth the grease or the chemicals and absolutely no nutritional value. This isn't to say when I'm really craving them that I'm not going to whip through Mickey D's and grab a small large fry. It's been known to happen.

What changed when you found out you were pregnant? Did you struggle with resisting your cravings for the health of you and your baby?

Bon Appetit || Blackberry Pie Bars

Blackberry pie bars

Once in a blue moon I throw ingredients together and create something genius. And when I say "once" I mean this may be the first time ever so I'm documenting it! My sweet old man friend at work brought me another gallon full of fresh blackberries. This is the third batch he has brought me and I'm shocked considering I would have to pay $4.00 for a pint at the grocery store. In my opinion these berries taste way better anyway!

So what do you do with a gallon of fresh blackberries? In my case, make something delicious that makes it's way straight to my husbands heart.
blackberry pie bar recipe
Backberry pie bar recipe
blackberry pie bars

This is southern comfort food at it's finest. Enjoy, y'all! Let me know if you make this. I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 10

Baby is the size of a Kumquat!

I am so excited to begin this journey of documenting my pregnancy each week. And I can hardly believe I'm in the double digits! I can't wait to see how my belly grows and look back on what I was experiencing. I am seriously cherishing this time and trying to remember not to rush the process and enjoy each week and the new changes it brings.

Of course the gender is unknown at this point, but I'd like to put it on the records now that I'm just absolutely positive it's a sweet baby boy. Like 99.999%. Don't ask me how or why.

Feeling | Great! This is a total 360 from the last few weeks. From my early weeks in pregnancy (before I even knew I was pregnant) up until week 9 I seriously was so exhausted I thought I'd never feel like myself again, but I hit week 9 and my energy was back. Hallelujah! This is very typical of most pregnancies. I'm also dealing with nausea from about 8am - 10am. No actual sickness, but my belly is doing flips.

Sleep | I'm out like a light when my head hits the pillow, but by 4am every morning I am wide awake tossing and turning, in and out of a light sleep until my alarm goes off. It's clockwork and it's frustrating. Not to mention I am getting up once in the middle of the night for a routine potty break.

Body Changes | No baby bump yet, just a whole lot of bloating. It can be very deceiving to think baby is making his/her first appearance and then it disappears by morning, only to come back later in the day. Although, I am noticing just behind the zipper in my jeans my lower abdomen is getting very firm so hopefully I'll start showing in the next few weeks.

Appetite | It's funny, I will be starving and order a huge meal only to eat a few bites and be stuffed. Then I turn right around and I'm starving again in 15 minutes. I have to keep snacks with me constantly because I'm eating small meals all day. The only consistent craving I've had is ice cold milk just before bed every night. The only food aversion I've had is bananas. The smell, the sight, the taste. Gross! Oh and the idea of seafood makes my stomach churn, but you can't eat that pregnant anyway.

Fun Fact | Baby is no longer considered an embryo, but a fetus! It has grown muscles which means it's making small movements already, too small to feel just yet though.

Our next ultrasound is on August 25th. I'm extremely excited about this appointment because we will be able to hear Baby's heartbeat. I tear up just thinking about it. SWOON!

The Creative Closet || White Hot


I'm a girl who stands behind her neutrals. I'll choose white, nude, blush, black, creme, any day of the week! So of course I loved this theme because it didn't push me too far out of my comfort zone, but I did try and find something new I'd never worn together before. This sundress has been a staple in my closet all Summer (it's actually borrowed stolen from my sister-in-law, sorry Kim). Who doesn't love a neutral, cotton dress? I ended up wearing this outfit to a 1-year-old picnic birthday part on Saturday, minus the scarf and the heels. I swapped those out with gold sandals and it was perfection. 

And, no, I did not cut my hair - the longer layers are just hiding behind my back. Although I think I could manage having my hair that length if I wasn't so attached to my longer locks.

Dress: Borrowed | Scarf: F21 | Heels: F21 | Clutch: Gigi NY
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The Creative Closet

The Creative Closet || The Purpose Behind It

If you have spent any time around my blog lately you have noticed a reoccurring theme on Tuesdays. Over a month ago Jana and I created and introduced The Creative Closet. We have loved watching it grow and how you ladies have experienced just what we hoped for, a fresh look on your closet.
Week One | All American Girl
But unfortunately this link-up has had a few problems too. Nothing too big, but something we definitely want to take care of. Jana and I created this link-up with an intended purpose and there was a lot of thought put behind it. We know how difficult it is as ladies to keep a fresh new wardrobe. We all get to the point where we look at our closet and think, "I have nothing to wear". And then we either buy things we don't need or we resort to our back up outfits that we feel we wear all the time. We want to break that cycle by giving you practical weekly themes so that you have to dig into your closet and create something you may have never seen before.

But the link-up doesn't work unless everyone involved participates correctly. Lately, we have had ladies breaking the rules by linking up with posts that do not pertain to our weekly theme or they simply aren't linking up correctly by neglecting to put the accurate information in their posts sharing that they are in fact linking up with us. 
Y'all, link-ups are only fun if everyone involved participates correctly. This is so that everyone involved has maximum exposure to benefit us all!

Here are the rules: 

1) Follow your hosts and the week's co-host (first 3 links)

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3) In your blog post, share either The Creative Closet button or a link back to this post on your blog.

Optional, but oh so recommended:

4) Share your look on social media using #thecreativecloset
These are simple rules and we hope that you can follow them to insure that our link-up only grows bigger, gaining us all more exposure on each others blogs and giving us all the opportunity to create fresh, new looks from our formerly boring closets.  
Don't forget to join us tomorrow and show off your "White Hot" look! And if you were wondering Labor Day isn't until September so you can still wear white :)

It's All Hubby's Fault


I'm going to blame the fact that I don't have a blog post as planned today because of my hubby's whimsical adventures he likes to take us on. 

I had originally planned to take photos after work for today's (planned) blog post. Around noon hubs decided to tell me he found a car he wanted to flip. For those of you who may not know, this is his true passion - and he's freaking good at it. So how could I say no? Oh right, because I never say no. 

Jon flipped this car for our wedding and it looked worse than the rust bucket above. He's so talented!
Around 3pm we were on the road heading off to Lord knows where to find this car that mind you, doesn't run. Turns out the car was about two hours from home, it took 2 hours to manually crank this car onto a trailer, and 3 hours to drive home because of the weight.

Leaving us to get home around 10pm and crash straight into our pillows.

So it's totally hubby's fault I don't have a blog post for you today, but we always make the sweetest memories taking spontaneous road trips like that. I LOVE it! Have a great weekend :)