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Pregnancy || How It's Changed My Diet

Pregnant woman diet for healthy mommas
I've always been a health conscience person while still allowing myself a treat when I crave it. (Let's be honest, I crave them a lot) but I've always been able to manage my cravings in a healthy way. Right before I found out I was pregnant I was getting into health and fitness in an aggressive way. I  think this is part of the reason why we did get pregnant after trying for so long. My body was at it's healthiest point it's been in years.

Well, when I found out I was pregnant, all that went out the window! Seriously, POOF! The cravings and hunger were immediate and I divulged into all of it using the most common excuse "I'm pregnant." In reality I can see how women pack on the pounds unconsciously during those 9 months. It's so easy when your body is constantly telling you it's hungry and you think you can divulge into each one of those cravings. The only thought that has sort of "snapped me out of it" is that my growing baby consumes whatever I consume. He/she depends on me to receive nutrients. That very thought has given me a new light on what enters my body.

All day, everyday. I bring my trusty camelbak to work with me because I'm more liable to drink from it without noticing rather than unscrewing a water bottle every time I want to take a sip. I end up refilling my bottle about 3-4 times a day, which equals out to 96oz of water a day. The bathroom breaks are worth it, it's a good stretch break.

I have started drinking a green smoothie each morning for two reasons. I am starving when I wake up, but the nausea keeps me from wanting to eat solid foods. A smoothie is much easier on my stomach. Also it gives me an abundance of protein, calcium, vitamins and more!

I feel like this is an obvious addition to a pregnant woman's diet. A generic pill is fine just make sure your prenatal pill contains 700mg of folic acid or more. Folic acid is instrumental in protecting your baby from birth defects. Honestly, women trying to conceive should look into taking folic acid pre-pregnancy. I sure did!

As I mentioned, I'm eating little meals all day long so I like to make sure I keep healthy snacks on hand. My go-to's have been carrots and hummus, hard boiled eggs, lara bars, fresh fruit and trail mix (with m&m's to satisfy my sweet tooth)

Obviously we know alcohol and tobacco products are not a great idea when you are pregnant. I've heard a glass of wine here or there won't hurt, but it's not worth it to me. I've waited over a year for this baby and I'm not going to do anything to compromise their health. Seafood is a no, no due to mercury in the fish. And caffeine should be limited to 200mgs or less a day. I will allow myself either a half a cup of coffee in the morning or a sweet tea out at dinner, but other than that I've cut out all caffeine.

This is hard because I could probably eat french fries everyday, pregnant or not. But it's not worth the grease or the chemicals and absolutely no nutritional value. This isn't to say when I'm really craving them that I'm not going to whip through Mickey D's and grab a small large fry. It's been known to happen.

What changed when you found out you were pregnant? Did you struggle with resisting your cravings for the health of you and your baby?

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  1. Angel is, in general, much more academically interested in researching nutrition than I am (as a nurse, he had to study it a bit in school, I think that's what got him started) though in practice I do eat healthier than he does--but he already has big plans and ideas for what I should eat when we're going to have a baby...of course I know (probably a little more than he does) that sometimes morning sickness can make the best-laid plans go awry but it's good to have ideas and knowledge of what to be avoided and what's good for you and baby too!

  2. I'm terrified I will eat everything and anything when I'm pregnant, ha! There's an episode of Cake Boss when his pregnant sister is dipping everything in nacho cheese---I mean, everything! Ahhh, sounds like you're doing great!

  3. I am scared of blowing up when I'm pregnant! Although I do have the same mindset as you, even now when I'm just trying to conceive - I don't want to put bad stuff into the baby's body. But I'm sure there will be cravings!

  4. I also ate very healthy during my pregnancy and it did make me feel good! and I agree it is hard to pass down French fries...I have been trying to do sweet potato fries....

  5. I guzzle water all day while I'm at work, but it seems to go by the wayside once I get home. And I've been awesome about not eating fast food, but I still crave some hot french fries sometimes :-P

    Happy Friday gurlie!

  6. Yay, good job!! I ate the same way you do when I was pregnant :)

  7. Praying praying praying for a sweet baby Mills!

  8. I started taking prenatal vitamins long before my husband and I even got married. At the time, it was to aid in growing my hair out quickly for the wedding. Now I take them to prepare my body for pregnancy. I've also started reading the What to Expect Before You're Expecting book, and it's crazy how much my daily habits have changed since reading that. I never realized how much women are supposed to cut from their diet even before getting pregnant!

  9. Well you know I've never been pregnant, but I definitely feel like I'd be exactly the same. Your thoughts mirror mine :)

  10. I really appreciate reading this post cause my husband and I are starting to think of trying to get pregnant and I've been trying to read up on everything I need to're going to be the best mom!

  11. I was kind of scared about the seafood deal because I LOVE fish and other seafood, so I did some research and depending what kind of fish it is, I will still eat it - like Salmon. My husband noticed I would be cautious about certain foods and even activities. He said (in so many words) that he appreciates that and that I'll be a good mom (that made my heart melt!) Before I got pregnent, I started going to the gym and juicing but when I think about how hard it was for us to get pregnant, I have to wonder in awe how good God is! And I've gotten to see our little girl (ultrasound) and she is healthy thus far. Thank the Lord! You'll be a great mom!

  12. I am so excited for you that your pregnant! We are hoping to start trying in 3 years. I kind of feel like I want to go crazy now with the booze and cigar smoking and then completely cut off right before we start trying. I love that you are going crazy with the sweets as most women would. Thank you for sharing!

  13. All I craved the first time was unhealthy foods - all things I liked and ate before pregnancy, but even more so! Pizza, McD's, curries & rice, tacos...and I ate it all. I just ate whatever I really really wanted. I did of course take my PNVs and didn't drink, and I cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day, but the diet was the same as before pregnancy (besides cutting out sushi or deli meats) but even a little more indulgence in rubbish. Ha! I was sure to eat a superfoods salad for lunch pretty regularly because I knew the rubbish cravings would kick in for the evening though so I told myself it balanced out ;) But this time, all I want is healthy food!! I am craving veggies galore, and fruit, and salads. The thought of unhealthy foods actually turns my tummy. But this time I am also having nausea and sickness galore so maybe they're linked?? Who knows! As they say, every baby / pregnancy is different! Keep up all the good work girl!!


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