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It's safe to say I have found my date night outfit for my next hot date with my man! As soon as I came walking out in this outfit hubs started to drool. Okay, no actual drool, but he kept making comments about how much he loved these pants. What can I say, my guy is a butt guy and these pants definitely accentuate that area.

I scored these fake leather jeggings at Forever21 for $7 about a month ago. Last year I had seen a ton of outfits on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate so I knew they were a must when I found the sale. Especially with Fall and Winter ahead, they make the perfect addition to my closet. I plan on pairing them with a fur vest, a slouchy tee & army jacket, a blazer & boots just to name a few. The options are seriously endless!

Jeggings: Forever21 | Top: Forever21 | Heels: JustFab

Now let's get down to business.

1. Link-up next week with us sharing your "Nautical" look! Everyone has something in their closet to showcase for this look. Red, white, blue, stripes, anchors, loafers - you have it - now let's see it!

2. Go visit my lovely partner in crime, Jana and our co-host this week, Megan!

3. Share your look socially using #TheCreativeCloset.

5. We have specific intentions with our link-up, please read to keep from any confusion on how to properly linkup with us.

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18 comments on "The Creative Closet || Leather & Lace"
  1. "My husband is a butt guy..."

    I'm dying that you said that! Haha! Especially since Dustin is the same way. And I wouldn't blame Jon for drooling, you look H-O-T!

  2. Hot mama! Tyler is the exact same way - he begs me to wear my leather leggings every chance he gets haha.

  3. Leather and lace are a classic combo. Looking good! Once I tried on a leather miniskirt at the store and it's the only piece of clothing Angel has ever told me not to buy because he thought I looked a little too good in it--haha!

  4. OW OWWW! Love it!! I've wanted to try them but have been scared to!

  5. Ow ow lil hot mama! I can see why he was drooling, love the look!

  6. those leggings are always amazing. i found a similar pair but not for $7! holy cow! nice look.

  7. You are a gorgeous lady! I could NEVER pull off those leggings, but you rock them like they're a pair of jeans!!!

  8. Loving this leather and lace combo!! XO


  9. I love the leather leggings look. I need to get some of those! you look awesome!

  10. such a great look! you look amazing... I am always a sucker for leather leggings!
    xo Lindsay

  11. I might have to invest in some of these leather jeggings - my guy is a butt guy too! You are rocking this look! It's classic meets rocker chick and I love it! I'll be tuning in late for the link up later this week because I love this prompt!

  12. Aren't you supposed to be pregnant?! You look amazing!!

  13. You look amazing!! The black & white is classy but with a little bit of edge. When I got my black coated skinnys last year, my boyfriend was the same way :)

  14. This is a GREAT date night look- I love the form-fitting look, especially if it'll eventually show a cute little belly! That's my favorite on petite little pregnant women!

    So hot!

    Heather | Port City Prescription


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