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The Creative Closet || The Purpose Behind It

If you have spent any time around my blog lately you have noticed a reoccurring theme on Tuesdays. Over a month ago Jana and I created and introduced The Creative Closet. We have loved watching it grow and how you ladies have experienced just what we hoped for, a fresh look on your closet.
Week One | All American Girl
But unfortunately this link-up has had a few problems too. Nothing too big, but something we definitely want to take care of. Jana and I created this link-up with an intended purpose and there was a lot of thought put behind it. We know how difficult it is as ladies to keep a fresh new wardrobe. We all get to the point where we look at our closet and think, "I have nothing to wear". And then we either buy things we don't need or we resort to our back up outfits that we feel we wear all the time. We want to break that cycle by giving you practical weekly themes so that you have to dig into your closet and create something you may have never seen before.

But the link-up doesn't work unless everyone involved participates correctly. Lately, we have had ladies breaking the rules by linking up with posts that do not pertain to our weekly theme or they simply aren't linking up correctly by neglecting to put the accurate information in their posts sharing that they are in fact linking up with us. 
Y'all, link-ups are only fun if everyone involved participates correctly. This is so that everyone involved has maximum exposure to benefit us all!

Here are the rules: 

1) Follow your hosts and the week's co-host (first 3 links)

2) Visit and comment on 5 other blogs--don't just share your link and run! That's no fun. Remember to be an encourager! :)

3) In your blog post, share either The Creative Closet button or a link back to this post on your blog.

Optional, but oh so recommended:

4) Share your look on social media using #thecreativecloset
These are simple rules and we hope that you can follow them to insure that our link-up only grows bigger, gaining us all more exposure on each others blogs and giving us all the opportunity to create fresh, new looks from our formerly boring closets.  
Don't forget to join us tomorrow and show off your "White Hot" look! And if you were wondering Labor Day isn't until September so you can still wear white :)

2 comments on "The Creative Closet || The Purpose Behind It"
  1. Loving the link up thus far!! :)

  2. Really hoping the fiance is free to take some picks tonight so I can link-up tomorrow!! Thanks for clarifying all this, I'm a total lover of rules :)


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