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All I See Is Red

I had an entire post written today for The Creative Closet. All I had was one final picture to edit and add and it was complete. Unfortunately I had to wait until after my Monday night agenda to come home and do it.

It's 11pm.

I hit the enter button one two many times and the spacing was off so I hit "control Z" so it would "undo" and go back to normal.

POOF. all gone.

All the links, all the pictures, all the wording. The entire post I had completed early, minus a picture, deleted with the click of a button.

(this is the part where I'm biting my lip, trying not to scream every curse word I've ever heard.)

Because it's after 11pm on Monday night and I have a huge day ahead of me tomorrow I could care less about this blog right now. Normally I would accept it and attempt re-writing my entire post. But no, not now.

All I see is red.

Let's Make Monday A Fun Day! "White Girl Say Whaaaa?"

You know how some days you wake up thinking your Monday is going to suck? I mean, it's Monday, the most despised of all seven days we are given.

We have to get up. We have to go to work. We have to accept the fact there are five days ahead of us until short lived freedom.

The only time Monday is appreciated is when it's a holiday. Can I get an amen?

It's even worse when the weekend is so.... perfect. This glorious weather is starting to get ridiculous! 

I mean bike rides...

Pumpkin picking...

Birthday celebrations...

Dallas winning... #holla!

Sometimes the weekends are sweet, but today myself and some awesome ladies are making Monday just a little bit sweeter. How so? Nothing huge, just putting up $205 for grabs. Yeah - things just got real.

Happy Monday, kids! Enter your heart out.

morganmegan | heather | karissa
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amy | karli | libby | caroline
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Thank you so much for getting yourself entered...and very best of luck!

Should you get a wild hair and want to participate in next months group giveaway, check out your options on my advertise page!

Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 16

Week 16 Pregnancy
Baby is the size of an avacado!

Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Name | The name will be announced upon announcement of the gender on October 26th! If it's a girl the initials will be KEM and if it's a boy it will be MBM. Any guesses? I completely stole this idea of having you guess names from Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange. She is due a day after me and we're keeping tabs on each others pregnancy and I loved how she teased with her baby name initials! 

Feeling | Amazing! We heard baby's heartbeat yesterday and it was music to my ears. He/she was wiggling all around running away from the detector so it was pretty entertaining.

Hormones | No tears this week! Oh well, unless I count the bawling session I had while watching "The Fault In Our Stars". But really though, anyone who doesn't cry during that movie has no heart.

Workouts | Blah, blah, blah. No.

Weight | 123. Gain of a 1lb! That's probably more food than baby though if we are being honest here.

Body | My stomach is getting harder and more prominate and the blue veins/stretch marks on my breasts are real and happening. Sorry, it's not all glamorous.

Clothing | I am going to have to suck it up and buy some maternity jeans soon. My mother-in-law has informed me my hair-tye fastened, semi-closed jeans are not ideal anymore.

Sleep | I'm sleeping great and I'm loving it.

Appetite | Really nothing has changed. Spice, salt and a little more spice. Sweets? No thank you.

Missing | My margarita with a salted rim.

Fun Fact | Baby is gaining facial muscles to be able to frown and squint. Oh that sweet face!

Best Moment of The Week | At our apt yesterday I asked the doctor if the bowling ball feeling in my stomach was the baby. When she said yes I told here where I felt the baby. She immediately put the heartbeat reader on my stomach in that spot and wouldn't you know it. There was baby! It blew my mind that although I'm not feeling kicks yet (just the one so far) I do feel baby adjusting and putting weight in a new area of my body. #priceless

Next Apt. | October 23rd and it's our GENDER apt although we won't find out until Oct 26th at our gender reveal party. The countdown is officially on!

Earlier weeks:
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Sometimes Writing Is Easier Than I Thought

Sometimes it's seriously like pulling teeth to get myself to show up here on a regular basis.

Full on scuffing my heels against the floor and pouting as I walk to my desk with my head hanging down only to somberly open my computer and stare at the blinking cursor in my face. 

That cursor taunts me. 

And other days I'm super inspired and I'm taking down notes in my trusty ole iPhone for safe keeping so I don't lose "the best thought ever".

Just so you don't get excited, I haven't had any of those moments as of late.

Nope. Not one. Lately I have desired to sleep in until Jon has to drag my feet off the bed so they hit the floor with a thud. You think I'm kidding....

Lately the only thing on my mind is the next meal I'm going to consume because THIS BABY IS ALWAYS HUNGRY!
Lately I've been trying to motivate myself to workout due to all the amount of food I'm consuming ^^^. Still nothing. Tomorrow's another day...

Lately I've been getting overly organized with lists. I am OCD at heart so needless to say, lists are my thing. I created a weekly cleaning list (I'll share a pdf soon) and it's so helpful to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by my house. I also created some awesome sponsorship organization lists because those will be starting back up October 1st! Whoop, whoop! Keep your eye out for a coupon code and details :)

Boy and Girl Nursery Inspiration
Nursery Inspiration.
Lately I've been overwhelmed with the amount of projects I'd like to get done in our home before Baby Mills makes his/her appearance. I've been scouring Pinterest like it's my full time job. 1. We are going to completely re-do our bedroom because the stained, dog puke carpet is sickening and my child is not crawling on that floor. 2. We are decorating the guest room because of all the visitors we'll be hosting once Baby M. appears. 3. The nursery, oh the nursery. This is one room I have my mind semi-wrapped around. I just have to be patient until we find out the gender.

And did I mention I can not focus on more than one project at a time? So yeah, this should be fun. We should probably get started.

Lately I've been more and more ready for our business to slow down so we can have one day off a week. Sounds awful I'm asking for business to slow down which equals less money, but it's for my sanity y'all! Home girl needs her sanity -aka- a moment to breathe.

This is not nearly large enough.

Lately I've wanted nothing more than a ginormous margarita with salt on the rim and an extra shot of tequila. Only 5 more months.... 5 more months.

As of late I've been soaking up this Fall weather and all things related. My house smells like butterscotch and pumpkin. #swoon. I'll be taking my booty down to the local farmers market this weekend and snatching up some pumpkins and mums to decorate! It's officially Fall so I can get away with it. Duh.

Well for a post that I had no intention of writing, I think it ended up pretty good!

Nobody's home

So instead of showing up today like a good girl, I chose to skip every chore and opportunity to write or sleep I had last night and drive to NC to see my niece play soccer. Because watching 3rd & 4th grade soccer is wayyyy more entertaining than anything I had planned. 

Just look at that form. Go Hill-kickers!

Yeah, so anyways you can find me spilling my guts over at September Farm instead today. Because it's more fun writing on someone else's blog for the day anyway. And while you're there, stalk Karli and her blog because you'll fall in love. I did in a matter of minutes.

The Creative Closet || Color Blocked

I've been oh so excited about today's theme! I have been interested in attempting to "color block" for ages now! Why it took me until now to try it I don't know? For some reason it's something I just didn't feel like I couldn't attempt and pull off and still feel comfortable. Does that make sense?

After putting together a few different outfits all week long, I finally decided on this color combination and it's my absolute favorite! I've gained a new confidence for color blocking. Again, this is why I love this link-up! I find new outfits I never would have created had it not been for a theme to push me into digging in my closet.

Fist pump for The Creative Closet!

Top: Serendipity Boutique | Jeans (similar): Wet Seal | Wedges (similar): Charming Charlie | Purse (similar): Coach | Sunnies (similar): Target | Necklace (similar): Target

Matters of Bizzzznusss:

1. Link-up next week for "Maxi Moment" because who doesn't have a closet full of those? I'm pretty excited about this one considering maxi's are a pregnant gals Heaven.

2. Go visit my lovely partner in crime, Jana and our co-host this week, Breanna!

3. Share your look socially using #TheCreativeCloset. We'd love to see them!

4. To link-up with us please remember to link back to mine or Jana's post or share The Creative Closet button in your post! Gracias!

The Creative Closet

I Started Out As Superwoman And Turned Into An Old Hag

Do you ever wake up some mornings and feel like you could take on the world? You immediately feel determined and energized, like you can do anything? 

That was my Saturday.

I spent all week telling myself how great it was going to be to have the weekend off. No plans or places to travel and cleaning was out of the question. For once we were home with no agenda.

Naturally I woke up on Saturday earlier than I ever do because who would sleep in on their day off? #craycray. It didn't really bother me though, just more time to lay around.


It's a little hazy, but I think it all started out with seeing a dish from the night before in the sink as I went to get my coffee. I thought, "Ah what the heck - I'll clean that one dish and then plant my booty on the couch."

The rest is really a blur. Before I knew it I was vacuuming out my freezer and deep conditioning carpets. Well, Jon was deep conditioning carpets while I had my hands deep in old ice cream and Clorox.

We seriously wore ourselves out and had a spotless house all before 12pm.

I'm not complaining in the least because it was totally needed, just not anticipated. And since we still had the whole day ahead of us (and it was B-E-A-utiful) we decided it was a perfect day for a hike.


Did I mention that Saturday after we returned home from our hike and went to bed, Oskar woke us up at 5am puking all over the carpet Jon had just deep cleaned? My superwoman high deflated and I turned into a half-asleep, tired old hag who had to clean up puke.

Life of a dog owner, y'all. There is no such thing as a spotless home.

He's Baaack || An Interview With My Hubs

It's been awhile since I've had my one and only in the spotlight on this here blog of mine. He seemed to steal the show last time so I thought, what the heck, let's have him back again!

Without further adu...

Me: How do you feel about spending 24/7 with your wife?
Hubs: *Sigh*. Is this a trap? It's a challenging, but rewarding experience.

Me: What is a Fall clothing trend?
Hubs:  long johns, knee-high socks and boots.

Me: What does PSL stand for?
Hubs:  power starting logistics. <<< I have no idea?

Me: What are two things I do really well?
Hubs:  Sleep in and make me smile.

Me: What is your first memory of me?
Hubs: coffee. << I met Jon at his nephews baseball game and I was carrying a pot of a baseball game. He knew then I was serious about my coffee... or I was just weird.

Me: Where do you see us 5 years from now?
Hubs: Retired, beach house, driving off into the sunset. Oh in reality? Cleaning up after kids and living some of the best years of our life. 

Me: What is one chore you absolutely despise?
Hubs: Picking up my clothes and putting them in the hamper. << To this I say why not just put them in the hamper in the first place? Am I right?

Me: When is the last time you were nervous?
Hubs:  Right now.

Me: What memory are you excited to create with our kid?
Hubs: Throwing a football for the first time.

Me: If we could drop everything we were doing right now and go do something, what would it be?
Hubs: Head to Charleston and beach it up!

Me: If money wasn't an object what would change about our house?
Hubs: Make a four car garage with a lift, full of tools and a flat screen tv.

Me: If you could hang out with any actor for a day, who would it be?
Hubs: Steve Carell

Me: What is your favorite part about Fall?
Hubs: Football and Fall beer.

Me: If you could have named yourself, what name would you have chosen?
Hubs: Juan Pablo.  << First of all, this is sarcasm. Second, I'm dying because Juan is Jon in Spanish. This response almost made me pee my pants I laughed so hard.

Me: If you went on America's Got Talent what would your act be?
Hubs: Probably a dance act. << Let me tell you folks, he wouldn't get very far.

Me: If fat, cholesterol and calories were nothing to worry about, what two foods would you live off of?
Hubs: Pizza and beer.

Me: What is your love language?
Hubs: Words of affirmation.

Me: What is my love language?
Hubs: Physical touch. << Nailed it. We did the series awhile back - I just wanted to see if he remembered.

Me: What is your ideal way to relax?
Hubs: Working on a hot rod.

If you've learned anything about Jon today it's that he likes beer, football and Charleston. Just throw in naps and you have him perfectly summed up if you ask me. 

This is the kind of post that's fun to watch circulate around blogland so if you decide to put your hubby in the spotlight and interview him please make sure to link back here and then let me know you did via email or any of my social media links above! I love to read their answers!

Also feel free to use any of my questions if you'd like :)

Confession Booth

// The other night I watched Real Housewives Orange County on Hulu for 2 hours straight. I haven't watched it in almost a year and I was in need of a good veg session. It was satisfying, but I do have to say, I miss the good ole' days with Gretchen!

// I got my hair done yesterday after pushing it off for 8 weeks. If I had waited any longer I would have started to look like Cruella Devile. And impulsively at the last minute I asked her if I could do darker on top and blend into the blonde - sort of an ombre look. Well she did it and I love it! Although I'm still getting used to the brown roots, but I think it's great for Fall and Winter.

// I joined a mom's group at church and the first meeting was last week. I'm seriously so excited about it. They get together once a month for fellowship and bible study. It's just a great way to meet other mommies in the church and community. They also do playdates with the kids during the week sometimes so once Baby Mills is out and about next year we will be joining those! :)

// Even though I'm completely swoonfesting over Fall already, I have not bought a PSL yet. WHAT? I feel like I'm the only one. I'll be sure to do the right thing and plaster it all over social media when I do buy one.

// I haven't vacuumed my house in over a week and dog hair is starting to become noticeable. This Saturday we have nothing planned for once - hallelujah - and here's a secret... I don't plan on touching my vacuum.

// Jon and I bought the most amazing memory foam mattress pad for our bed plus new sheets which basically equals Heaven for this lady! I haven't been rolling out of bed until 8:10 leaving me with about 15 minutes to get ready and leave for the day. #awesome

// I've succumbed to eating siracha straight from the bottle. What is wrong with me? Can this baby not get enough spice?

// I've started to grunt ever so slightly now if I have to reach down to touch my toes to put on my shoes. This ever so tiny baby bump really makes it tough I tell ya.

// I'm seriously so excited about the Bronco's vs Seahawks game on Sunday. Of course I'm pulling for the Broncos, but holy cow. This is going to be one heck of a game! I can't wait!

What's your confession today?

Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 15

Pregnancy || Week 15
Baby is the size of an Orange!
I promise this is the last fuzzy picture! We have our camera back now. Hooray!

Name | The name will be announced upon announcement of the gender in October. So close!

Feeling | Like a pregnant gal. My stomach is getting more and more pronounced - less like bloat and more like a baby belly. I've started to have some lower (wayyy low, buttock area) back pain. Thankfully I have an amazing husband with hands of gold who gives me a massage anytime I ask. Bless him!

Hormones | I had to add this in this week because I've cried two times already this week. In the shower the other day I pictured the labor process. The hospital, holding Jon's hand while he coaxes me through the pain, gritting my teeth and pushing. And then I pictured the nurse handing me our baby and laying eyes on he/she for the first time. The sobs erupted! I was boo-hooing like a little baby in the shower! Oh if my husband could have seen...

Workouts | So I'm still failing in this area. I keep telling myself I'm going to pick up with the TIU Frisky Fall series.... has yet to happen. To be continued...

Weight | 122 lbs. I still haven't gained any weight surprisingly.

Clothing | I haven't bought any maternity clothing yet, but most of my jeans don't button causing me to use the hair-tye contraption. I'm just grateful for dresses right now. That's what is most comfortable!

Sleep | I'm still sleeping great, but I'm waking up earlier than normal. Like wide awake, tossing and turning can't turn my brain off kind of awake. So lately I've just been getting up and it's been nice not to have to rush around in the mornings. I'm usually rushing out the door, late. Perhaps Baby is trying to teach mommy how to be on time :)

Appetite | Siracha, siracha and more siracha please! I can't get enough of the spice. I am also eating really clean and healthy which makes me feel a little less guilty for not working out. Lame excuse I know.

Missing | A good margarita. 

Fun Fact | Baby can hear our voices now. I think this has Jon more excited than anyone. He makes sure to tell Baby good morning, goodnight and some cute stuff in between. It seriously melts my heart when he speaks to my stomach. Watching him become a daddy already is so precious.

Best Moment of The Week | We scheduled our babymoon for early October in Charleston, SC (our favorite place to vacation besides Cancun). My brother and sister-in-law actually just moved there so we will be able to visit them and my sweet niece Chloe too! Plus we will be going back again in January when my nephew is born and for Jon's 1/2 marathon. Two Charleston vacays booked before baby comes. YAY!

Next Apt. | September 25th for a basic check-up and to hear baby's heartbeat. We will also find out when our gender ultrasound is scheduled! :)

The Creative Closet || Put A Hat On It

You know how some people just pull hat's off? Well I don't consider myself one of those people, but my friends and husband tell me otherwise so I am going to assume they all aren't flat out lying to my face. If they are lying, I've made a fool of myself and my husband won't get dinner tonight.

With that said, I am an accessory girl so I do love hats for their style and flair they add to an outfit. This floppy fedora has been on my "must buy" list for some time now because there are so many outfits I want to re-create thanks to Pinterest.

I apologize for picture quality, my in-laws are borrowing our Nikon so I had to break out the trusty ole' iPhone.

I wore this outfit on Sunday to church and errands after. I seriously have never received so many compliments before. Between the dress and the accessories it seemed like this outfit was a total win. I love a bold pattern and I think that tends to catch peoples eye so if you pair it with some simple pieces of jewelry you are all set.

Dress: Gap | Hat: Old Navy | Necklace (similar): Target | Belt: Old | Wedges: Old
The Creative Closet

Matters of bizzzzznuss

1. Link-up next week with us sharing your "Color Blocked" look! This is a theme I'm so excited to attempt as it's not something I drift to in my everyday wardrobe.

2. Go visit my always fabulous partner in crime, Jana and our co-host this week, Jessica!

3. Share your look socially using #TheCreativeCloset. 

4. Remember to share either The Creative Closet button or a link back to mine or Jana’s post in your post. Thanks!

An InLinkz Link-up

Style & Fashion || Fall Finds

The weather this weekend took a minor drop into the 60's and I took that as a sure sign Fall is on her pretty little way. And you know what I say to that? Come on baby! It's only my favorite time of year and it's always so short I have to try and celebrate as much as possible. Before I know it the ground will be white and I'll be lying under my Christmas tree. (yes, this really happens.) I'm just hoping my growing belly doesn't get in the way this year.

So I took advantage of the temperature drop and did a little shopping for my Fall wardrobe! Here are some of my most recent purchases. I am so in love!

I also snagged these (one & two) adorable cardigans from the one and only Target. Because where else, right?

What's a staple in your Fall wardrobe? Any specific item, color or print?

Bon Appetit || Cinnamon raisin Scones

Holy banana pancakes, great bites of deliciousness.

My hopes is that the explanation above is an indication to you of how good these scones are.

Cinnamon Raisin Scones

I've never made scones in my life, but I know I like to eat them. Hellloo Starbucks! I'm also a terrible baker, but I am determined to get better so... "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again"! These babies were a victory and such an easy on-the-go bite for breakfast with your coffee. I like to heat mine up in the microwave for about 10 seconds so it's warm and heavenly.

Cinnamon Raisin Scones

makes 8 large scones or 12 if you cut to smaller size
2 cups whole wheat flour ( I used brown rice flour and they had more texture to them, I'd prefer whole wheat flour)
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp butter, room temp
1/4 cup milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp cinnamon
2 eggs
1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 tsp milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1. Preheat oven to 400F
2. Mix flour, brown sugar, baking powder and salt together. Add the butter into mixture to create crumbs.
3. Add in milk, vanilla, cinnamon and beaten eggs and mix until completely blended.
4. Flour a surface and spread your dough. Fold in raisins and then roll out dough to a 9-inch circle about 3/4" thick.
5. Slice dough evenly into 8-12 pieces depending upon your size preference. Bake for 15 minutes and cool completely on a cooling rack.
6. While scones are baking whisk powdered sugar, milk and vanilla in a bowl until smooth to create glaze.
7. Drizzle over your cooled scones. (I placed a baking sheet under my cooling rack to catch the mess from the drizzle.)

***If you want a little bit sweeter/less skinny version you can add 1/4 cup sugar to this recipe. You could also swap out the raisins for chocolate chips or nuts.

Cinnamon Raisin Scones
Since these were such a success I will most definitely be making a pumpkin version for Fall, don't you doubt it. Now pour a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 14

Weekly Pregnancy Update
Baby is the size of my clenched fist!
Name | Oh how I can't wait to share the names we have chosen with you! Of course that won't be revealed until our sweet gender reveal in October. 

Feeling | Great! I feel like I've had such an easy pregnancy thus far. I'm so grateful I've been able to enjoy it without constant pain or nausea. 

Workouts | I ran two miles the other day and thought I was going to die. Literally my esophagus felt like it was burning through my skin and my heart was bursting. Turns out 1. waiting 3 months to workout is stupid. And 2. working out pregnant is a totally different story.

Weight | Back to my starting weight so I guess that would be a gain of two pounds since I've been down two since pregnant.

Sleep | Wonderfully! I'm a belly sleeper so I'm enjoying it while I still can.

Appetite | I'm still digging salty and spicy. I'm currently putting Siracha on everything.

Fun Fact | Baby is growing hair and eyebrows! And moving slow, fluid movements constantly. Still too early to feel, but oh how I can't wait for the moment I feel the first kick! My eyes fill up thinking about it. 
Best Moment of The Week | Getting an Eddie Bauer travel stroller with two car bases for $85! (this is not the exact one we got in color, but the stroller is the same). I've been eyeing them online pondering over the $200 price tag, but patience won this time!

Next Apt. | September 25th for basic check-up and to hear baby's heartbeat.