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Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 13

Baby is the size of a Peach!

Name |
Jon and I are playing the name game now. We have first names picked out for a boy and girl, but we haven't settled on middle names. I won't be sharing the name until we announce the gender so sit tight. Only another 6 or so weeks to go!

| Excited that I am entering the last week of my first trimester! Time is flying, y'all! I've heard numerous times that the second trimester is when I'll have the most energy to get things done. The first trimester is difficult just because of the symptoms and your body is physically drained and the third trimester, I'm assuming, is the same case with the addition of a few pounds.

Workouts | This is going to be a love/hate game. I can't get in the routine of waking up to workout and that's really the only time in the day I can. So I've got to kick my butt into gear!

Weight | Still down 2 pounds and not complaining one bit.

Sleep | I've now added the addition of a small fan blowing in my face at night. Hot flashes are real and ugly. So that is helping and the sound is actually soothing to both Jon and I.

Body Changes | I feel slight stretching pains in my stomach every day, but that just gets me excited because I know my belly is growing. That seems like a really odd thing to be excited for, but in the early stages of pregnancy it's really hard to feel a connection to Baby because you can't see it and you can't feel it. So it just makes it real to see my stomach poking out. Oh and my boobs are now feeling the pain and it's soooo uncomfortable.

Appetite | Spice, spice and more spice. I want everything salty and spicy. Pickles, peppers, salsa, hot sauce.

Fun Fact | Baby is forming fingerprints and his/her body is starting to catch up with their head. It's killing me to wait until October for our next ultrasound! Especially since he/she actually looks like a little human now and not just a gummy bear. I want to see our baby again!
Best Moment of The Week | Jon reaching out, resting his hands on my belly and talking to Baby. It seriously melts my heart. I'm looking forward to seeing him become a daddy.

Next Apt. | September 25th for basic check-up and to hear babies heartbeat.

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12 comments on "Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 13"
  1. Man, I sleep with a fan blowing on my face anyways....haha!

  2. Great blog :) Maybe want follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i follow you back.

  3. aww you look adorableeeeeeee! so excited to see that little bump growww!

  4. I'm loving seeing that belly grow!!

  5. I called our son a "gummy bear" too :) And seriously, you look amazing and seeing your bump grow is kind of amazing, isn't it? Such a blessing!

  6. You are so darn cute! I am pretty sure I say that every time. I thought picking out names was one of my favorite things of being pregnant and getting to feel them kick!

  7. OMG you are adorable!!! Love reading about your progress! Spicy stuff huh? I wonder if there's an old wives tale for that! :)

    <3, Pamela

  8. Mmm.. I'm not even pregnant and the thought of spicy food makes my mouth water!

  9. 6 more weeks!? Ahhh I want to know now haha. These weeks are flying by, crazy. As always, cutest mommy to be on the block ;)

  10. I.Love.This! All of this! This is so cute and makes me so excited for the future! xoxo (isn't spicy cravings an old wives tale for b-o-y??) :)

  11. You look amazing!!! I also would get so hot when I slept and had a fan on my face and the ceiling fan! It was nuts. I cant wait to find out the new babies name and gender!

    Amanda - Life With Grace


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