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Sometimes Writing Is Easier Than I Thought

Sometimes it's seriously like pulling teeth to get myself to show up here on a regular basis.

Full on scuffing my heels against the floor and pouting as I walk to my desk with my head hanging down only to somberly open my computer and stare at the blinking cursor in my face. 

That cursor taunts me. 

And other days I'm super inspired and I'm taking down notes in my trusty ole iPhone for safe keeping so I don't lose "the best thought ever".

Just so you don't get excited, I haven't had any of those moments as of late.

Nope. Not one. Lately I have desired to sleep in until Jon has to drag my feet off the bed so they hit the floor with a thud. You think I'm kidding....

Lately the only thing on my mind is the next meal I'm going to consume because THIS BABY IS ALWAYS HUNGRY!
Lately I've been trying to motivate myself to workout due to all the amount of food I'm consuming ^^^. Still nothing. Tomorrow's another day...

Lately I've been getting overly organized with lists. I am OCD at heart so needless to say, lists are my thing. I created a weekly cleaning list (I'll share a pdf soon) and it's so helpful to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by my house. I also created some awesome sponsorship organization lists because those will be starting back up October 1st! Whoop, whoop! Keep your eye out for a coupon code and details :)

Boy and Girl Nursery Inspiration
Nursery Inspiration.
Lately I've been overwhelmed with the amount of projects I'd like to get done in our home before Baby Mills makes his/her appearance. I've been scouring Pinterest like it's my full time job. 1. We are going to completely re-do our bedroom because the stained, dog puke carpet is sickening and my child is not crawling on that floor. 2. We are decorating the guest room because of all the visitors we'll be hosting once Baby M. appears. 3. The nursery, oh the nursery. This is one room I have my mind semi-wrapped around. I just have to be patient until we find out the gender.

And did I mention I can not focus on more than one project at a time? So yeah, this should be fun. We should probably get started.

Lately I've been more and more ready for our business to slow down so we can have one day off a week. Sounds awful I'm asking for business to slow down which equals less money, but it's for my sanity y'all! Home girl needs her sanity -aka- a moment to breathe.

This is not nearly large enough.

Lately I've wanted nothing more than a ginormous margarita with salt on the rim and an extra shot of tequila. Only 5 more months.... 5 more months.

As of late I've been soaking up this Fall weather and all things related. My house smells like butterscotch and pumpkin. #swoon. I'll be taking my booty down to the local farmers market this weekend and snatching up some pumpkins and mums to decorate! It's officially Fall so I can get away with it. Duh.

Well for a post that I had no intention of writing, I think it ended up pretty good!

15 comments on "Sometimes Writing Is Easier Than I Thought"
  1. Omg, you had me cracking up.. our dog had puked many a time on our floor, you are not alone! Can't wait to see the nursery when you find out! Any inclinations?

  2. Love your nursery inspiration pics! And I cannot wait for your cleaning organization list... I've been struggling with that since moving and have been feeling so overwhelmed by everything there is to clean now! Happy Thursday :)

  3. Both of those nursery inspiration pictures are perfect! Love! And butterscotch and pumpkin sound like the absolute PERFECT scents for fall!!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Ooooh, those nurseries look adorable!! Can't wait to see how the real one turns out! :)

  5. I think this post went well! I always enjoy the way you write :) I am loving both of the rooms you picked out! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Loving those nursery designs! I've been pinning nursery ideas like mad as well. I'm 28 weeks and we close on our new house October 13, so I'm super exited to start decorating a nursery asap. Unfortunately, I have to wait a couple more weeks. And yeah, I totally feel you on the whole spending the entire day planning your next meal thing. Speaking of... I think it's time for another snack...

  7. Aw I know everything in yalls home will look good!! I want to see you, that bump, & Jon BAD! SOON!

  8. love this post! can't wait to see if you are having a little princess or a prince! SO fun!!!

  9. So excited for sponsorship to come back and I loveeee all of the nursery ideas!!

  10. Totally agree! Sometimes I am on a blog writing roll, inspiration flowing! Other times I just can't do it. I've accepted it lately though, and I'm ok with it now ;) I'll be watching for more sponsor info for sure! LOVE your nursery images, eeeekkkk!

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels like sometimes it just comes easily and others its a struggle. That nursery inspiration is amazing and I've been waiting for your sponsorship stuff to come because so I cannot wait!!

  12. Love your nursery inspiration. I missed my wine while pregnant...almost there!

  13. I love both your nursery inspirations!!! I can't wait to see what you finally come up with once you know the gender. :-)

  14. I love the nursery pictures. I can't wait to see the sponsorship options.

  15. Aw those nurseries are stinkin' cute!! And I'm working on a virgin marg recipe. I shall share it with you as soon as I get a good one, promise!


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