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I want to prelude this post with an apology. If I wasn't obliged to show up here every Tuesday, I would have skipped today. For some reason I ended up waiting until the very last minute to decide on an outfit for this theme. That induces stress already because I hate being behind. I tried to be ahead of the game, but I kept trying things on throughout the week and despised each article of clothing I found. It has nothing to do with the clothes, but how I feel in them. I am in a difficult spot with my pregnancy... my stomach is too "poochy" for most of my clothes yet not big enough to look like a pregnant belly. Therefore I feel fat and sloppy in almost everything I own. Causing some major wardrobe meltdowns recently.

On top of my meltdowns over clothing, I had another meltdown taking these pictures because all I wanted to do was take a nap. But no, I had to stand there feeling chubby and sloppy while my husband asked me to please stop fake smiling. Cue another meltdown. Oh how I love hormones! This outfit is doing absolutely nothing for me except for making me nauseous, but I couldn't bare the thought of digging in my closet again. So I chose to find 3 half decent pictures out of the 40 my husband took and call it a day. Nap > Style pics.

Top: Old Navy | Jeans: JcPenny | Wedges: Charming Charlie | Purse: Gift
Ugh, that was painful! I can't wait to hop around and see your looks because I am certainly not pleased with mine.

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16 comments on "The Creative Closet || Nautical"
  1. Aww Maeg. I think you look gorgeous, but I know how you feel. We are always our own worst critics. And oh, the HORMONES! Those suckers don't make things any better. Pregnancy is hard. I hope you know I appreciate you so much! I couldn't ask for a better person to help me carry out this project–even if some days you don't feel like you rock it, I always think you do. :)

  2. I think you look gorgeous girl :)

  3. I think you have every excuse to not be in the best mood about taking outfit photos. I have no excuse and I have plenty of weeks when I'm like, no, even though I love my outfit I'm feeling way too lazy for photos...

  4. I agree with everyone else, you look great! And the shoes make the outfit. Shoes (almost always) fit, so no matter how I'm feeling, at least I know it's one thing I can buy and wear any time!

  5. I love the honesty behind this one, Maeg! You're still so cute but I remember some of my bests talking about the phase of the pooch before the obviously-I'm-prego-belly. Push through it! Remember, no one is judging you nearly as hard as you are!

    Heather | Port City Prescription

  6. For a last minute outfit I think it looks great for September! Love the white with a fall toned top!

  7. Oh my goodness girl, you look so pretty, as always ;) But hey, we all have those times, so cheers to being honest about it!

  8. You look so gorgeous!! Here's to Fall!! xoxo

  9. You look great! Love the nude wedges with white pants; who knew but it works!

  10. OH, hush. You look as gorgeous as always!

  11. You look beautiful! It is def a tough point (emotionally) in pregnancy - especially if you're used to having a pretty flat tummy - but very, very soon that bump will be clearly a pregnant belly and you'll be past this hump! :) And then you have the new challenge of the outfits in maternity gear lol! Have a great week!!!

  12. You are still radiantly beautiful in my eyes! The colours are perfect for this prompt so don't worry one bit :)


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