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A Pregnancy Must || The Bumpnest

Bedding: JCPenny 
Throw Pillows: TJMaxx
Lamp: Target
Body Pillow: Bumpnest

I bought my Bumpnest very soon after we found out I was pregnant. I was about 8-9 weeks along. I had been following so many bloggers who swore it was there saving grace during pregnancy so I figured I shouldn't skimp out on my sleep and made the purchase.

I used it for about a week and thought it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Yes, it was nice to be surrounded by a ginormous candycane of fluffiness, but was it doing any justice to my body? At the time, no. So I put her away.


Fast forward to 22 weeks pregnant. My belly is obviously showing, the lower back pains are real, the achy legs happen, I can feel my abdominal region stretching at times. I feel very... pregnant. After a few miserable nights of sleep (if you can even call that sleep) I had a light bulb!

My bumpnest!
I brought it back to bed and prayed it would be the answer to my restless night prayers. Y'all, it's genius! The pillow starts at your back (on the shorter side) and nestles just under you so you get some back support, then it craddles your neck and gives you a little bit of a lift relieving all neck pain. This point can be a little uncomfortable at first because the pillow is so fluffly you almost feel like using it to watch tv in bed, just have your husband sleep on it or put a few books on that area during the day and it will flatten out some. Then the pillow wraps under your belly and gives it the support it needs so you can sleep on your side. And when you think it can't get any more amazing, the pillow swoops in between your knees and keeps them from getting bone to bone action.

For all you preggo gals, this pillow doesn't have a whole lot to do for you in the early stages of pregnancy when you're belly isn't there and you don't have a pound or more pushing on your kidneys. This pillow is just perfect for when your belly has hit the point that people are noticing and your seeing and feeling those changes in your body.

Flowers In My Hair
10 comments on "A Pregnancy Must || The Bumpnest"
  1. Love the feathers! And the description because I always wondered (kinda figured though!) how exactly to lay on it haha

  2. This pillow gives me life. (and sleep)

  3. This is totally a non-bumpnest related question, but where did you get your headboard? It's like, exactly what I've been picturing in my head for forever. :)

  4. Well I will definitely be getting one of these as soon as the day comes when I'm with child :)

  5. I love everything about your bed!!! So gorgeous! and yes a pillow is a must have for sure!!!

  6. I have never used the bumpnest, but I did get the Leacho Snoogle Jersey Chic pillow and I am obsessed. I started using it around 16 weeks and haven't stopped since other than when I am gone on work travel and I miss my pillow. Surrounding yourself with hotel pillows isn't the same. Thought I would share one other pillow for any ladies following.

  7. I agree with Nina!! I'm not preggo, but would love cuddling with this, ha!! Where is your headboard from? Love it!!

  8. I never had one of these, but it truly looks amazing! I bet it would be sooooo comfy to cuddle with. Definitely a must for my next pregnancy! :)


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