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Be A Kickbutt Sponsor For Your Sponsoree


Now that I've opened up my sponsorship opportunities again I realize all the work that goes into promoting! It's a detailed job - especially if you care about your sponsors. As a sponsoree (the owner of the blog) you have to study your sponsor, get to know them by emailing back and forth, social media stalking, digging through their blog to get a sense of who they are. You have to keep up with them and what's going on in their lives so you can best promote them. It's work I tell ya!

But I have also realized it can't be left up to the sponsoree. It's extremely important for a sponsor to help the sponsoree promote them.

Are you lost yet? I was for a minute too, no judgement.

I have a couple tips for you that I've learned as both a sponsor and a sponsoree. I'm always open to more suggestions so feel free to leave a comment below!

Write continually. ---- It's really important to take the time to keep up with your blog that month and write continually. If I'm sending people to your blog, they want to see something good! You don't want to miss the opportunity of gaining new followers because you aren't writing daily. I'll be honest, if I come to your blog and notice you haven't posted in two weeks, I'm probably not coming back. 

Have good content. ---- The month you are sponsoring someone you should think about the types of posts you could write to intrigue a new reader. Save up your good stuff and shovel it out throughout the month. Maybe plan a giveaway that month too. We all like free stuff so it never hurts to have a giveaway when you have new visitors coming around.

Meet your new readers. ---- A lot of times new readers will drop a comment saying, "New follower, found you from The Modern Tulip". Take the time to respond to those comments and even visit their blogs and leave a line. It shows you appreciate the fact they took the time to click on your face and stalk your blog leave you a comment. 

Get involved. ---- I've never quite understood why a sponsor will pay to advertise on a page and then not involve themselves in the giveaways offered or the individual feature post. I've never had this happen, but I've seen it with other bloggers. I just want to shake them and say whyyyyy on earth did you pay to sponsor them? A lot of people will swap buttons or throw yours up for free so if that tickles your fancy, save your bucks and go that route.

Give your sponsoree feedback. ---- I mention in my sponsor welcome emails that I want to know if there is anything specific my sponsor wants promoted during their time on my blog. For instance if I have a sponsor who is pregnant and they are going to be announcing their baby's gender that month, and they told me this, I would make a huge deal out of it on social media that day to direct more traffic. Or if they decide to have a giveaway, shoot me an email and I'll promote it for them! Extra marketing never hurt anyone.

Now all this talk about sponsorships has got me going and I'm feeling generous. Use code FALLYALL for 10% off any ad spot here. I'd love to have you and now that myou know all this info, we could be a dream team :)

That's Mrs. Burns To You
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