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Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 17

Pregnancy Week 17
First of all, happy October 1st! Holy cow. It's bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S (I'm currently watching The Voice as I write this). 

Now on to the pregnancy goodness because that's why we're all here right?

Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Size | Baby is the size of a pear.

Name | The name will be announced upon announcement of the gender on October 26th! Girl initials: KEM. Boy initials: MBM. Make your guesses :)

Feeling | I had a touch of nausea Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It was a good "back to reality" moment for me. I kept bragging about how easy my pregnancy has been and now I'm being reminded their is a growing human inside of me and my body is taking a toll.

Hormones | There have been tears shed this week. Mainly I've felt a combination of stress and being overwhelmed so you combine that with pregnancy and a lack of sleep and it's ugly. Truly ugly.

Workouts | Yes! Can I take a bow? Running is uncomfortable so I'm biking while Jon runs. I've been able to get in 8 miles already this week and I'm loving it.

Weight | 1lb gain so far.

Body | This is where life is not so glamorous. I'm having some serious lower back pain. It's deep and with every step I take it makes me cringe. I think I'm going to visit a chiropractor and try to get some relief. 

Clothing | I haven't found any maternity jeans I like. I'm so surprised Target has the saddest selection of maternity clothes. Suggestions ladies? I only have so many pairs of leggings...

Sleep | Sleeping hard, but struggling with getting comfortable with my lower back pain. I can't sleep on a heating pad because then I have hot flashes. #firstworldproblems

Appetite | Buffalo wings

Missing | I really do want a deli sandwich. I haven't touched deli meat since I found out I was pregnant, but I've heard that as long as the deli meat is heated it kills the bacteria. I'll be asking my doctor what she thinks. Thoughts?

Fun Fact | Baby is sucking his/her thumb! I love it!

Best Moment of The Week | I've been able to feel Baby moving all around. If he/she isn't pushing on my uterus he is up under my rib cage or pushing on my spine. As odd as it sounds, I love "feeling" the baby. It's a priceless connection I know only we can share right now.

Next Apt. | October 23rd

Pregnancy Week 17

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22 comments on "Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 17"
  1. You look so cute!! I've said it a million times & will say it again...I miss you, girl!! Like a lot!! I want to see that bump! Umm especially before the baby makes an appearance, ha!

  2. Yay for pregnancy updates! I stopped doing mine at 29 weeks and really need to do an update!! How exciting for y'all to have names picked out, I am thinking Mason or Max for a boy and Kate for a girl...i'm probably way off!

    Our Target maternity section is terrible, it's like you blink and miss it. What got me through pregnancy were leggings, comfy maxi skirts/dresses and palazzo pants. I lived in those pants and you can wear them with plain or dressy tops. I didn't really buy many maternity things except for a few tops but most everything else were regular sizes. I liked them a little snug to show off the bump so I usually got a size up. I didn't really like maternity jeans, the stretchy band always felt too tight and uncomfortable.

    My midwife said deli meat and hotdogs were fine you just have to heat them really good. I didn't eat any of the packaged deli meat you get at the store but would get a sub at Subway or the grocery store and heat it up in the oven.

    I had that exact pain too and it seemed like it was in my tail bone area but thankfully it went away and new pains came and went...oh the joys of pregnancy and what our bodies go through!! Sorry for the book, love you chick ;)

  3. Hope you feel betters soon! And I am JEALOUS! Hallie had an aversion to buffalo ANYTHING! Couldn't eat it the whole time i was pregnant!

  4. One of my cousins actually found some maternity options at Old Navy that she mixed in with pieces from other places. I don't know why Target doesn't own this market - their main demographic is women and guess who needs maternity clothes? Come on Target, I love you but you drop the ball on this! :)

  5. LOVEEEE these pics! You look amazing! And stripes and leopard are two of my favorite things together! Can't wait until Oct 26th! ;)

    <3, Pamela

  6. So cute, he or she is sucking their thumb! Love that. Such pretty pictures! Moved on to buffalo wings eh? ;)

  7. You are one of the cutest soon-to-be mamas ever!!! I can't wait to hear your name choice!

  8. Aw, you're so cute! I love that you're getting some riding in! That's awesome, especially with this amazing weather!

    I think Target's maternity section depends on the store. Mine has a great selection but there's another across town with nothing. Try online since their return policy is pretty great! :) I still stand by Motherhood Maternity jeans 100%, but definitely think their other clothes aren't worth the price tag. I also have a TON of stuff from Old Navy. They have great prices and basics but not all stores have maternity sections! You can look online anyway! :)

    I actually talked with a nurse soon after I found out I was pregnant and she said that I was totally good to eat deli meat if it is hot. So I have been eating a lot of hot sandwiches to satisfy those cravings! If I don't feel like grilling up a panini I just heat the meat in the microwave for a bit!

  9. Love that top! And since I'm a chronic baby blog stalker I've heard that Kohl's and Old Navy have great maternity.

  10. You have the cutest bump :) And I love reading your reactions to everything :) You're a funny lady!

    I love feeling the baby move :) Only I can right now (obviously) so it's a special moment between me and little dude. I don't feel it often (because he is still small) but I do feel it occasionally and I just say "Hi, buddy!" Very cool :)

  11. I love the outfit! So funny thing abut deli meat, I was terrified to go near it during my pregnancy, wouldn't even eat if it was warm. But then I was hospitalized for a kidney infection at 31 weeks and my labor and delivery nurse brought me a cold turkey sandwich to eat after one of the tests!! Haha she said its more like an old wives tale, and as long as you don't eat it every day and if you get quality lunch meat its fine! I still don't know, but it was so funny that the labor and delivery nurse thought it was fine.

  12. still loving that shirt! It definitely works with your cute bump too :) So disappointing about the target maternity pants.. I've gotten tons of cute maternity shirts from there in preparation for some day. I stock up when they go 70% off. I've seen the pants on sale too but been too scared to risk them..

  13. Cute outfit and cute bump! I would try Old Navy maternity jeans. They at least look nicer than the ones at Target! So cool that you can feel him/her moving around!

  14. Such a cutie. I really like Loft's maternity jeans, so far they are the only ones I actually like.


  15. Lovely photos. Great print combo too - still need to try this!

  16. Beautiful pictures!! Can't wait to find out!!

  17. I started craving Subway as soon as I got knocked up and it hasn't stopped yet! A friend recently told me that when she was pregnant she would buy her sandwich, go home, microwave the meat, then remake the sandwich, and then eat it. I haven't done this yet, but have been tempted a couple of times. I also heard recently to avoid places (like Subway) that leaves their meat sitting out. So far, I have just avoided deli meat in general because I know someone who got food poisoning from deli meat (a grocery store catered a work function she attended and she ate a pre-made sandwich) so badly that she went into labor early. Sooooooooooo yeah. Didn't realize I had so much to say about deli meat, oops. Anyways, your tiny baby bump is adorable!

  18. You are gorgeous, girl! I'm guessing Kendall for a girl :)

  19. You are one stunning pregnant lady! I adore the black and white picture of you and the sweet baby bump.

  20. Okay, seriously, could you have any more of a perfect baby bump?! And girllll, I'm not preggo, but I crave buffalo wings all the time - very lady like, I know! ;) ;) Looking forward to the sweet babes gender announcement!

  21. I can't wait for the gender reveal! Also I am loving the leopard with the stripes in that photo. Such a great combo!


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