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Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 22

Blazer & Maternity Top & Leggings & Clutch: Target
Boots: old
Necklace: Rocksbox

This pregnancy is passing all too quickly! Although I'm anxious for March to get here so I can hold my sweet baby, I also know that if I wish time away I will regret each moment and new adventure that pregnancy brings. 

Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Gender | BOY!

Name | Maddox Brian Mills

Size | Baby is a full pound! The size of a small doll. How precious is that?

Feeling | Awesome! I love knowing the gender so I can start preparing and shopping now! I've narrowed down my vision for his nursery so painting will begin this weekend! Eeek :)

Hormones | Tears, tears and more tears. I think it has something to do with envisioning having a son. It's all becoming a lot more real to me now.

Workouts | Walking and occasionally riding my bike.

Weight | +8lbs. I have officially gained some baby weight. I was wondering when it was going to happen.

Body | My belly button is now protruding out (had to take out my belly button ring). And it's becoming extremely firm too. Friends and family have now been able to feel Maddox kicking which is super fun to watch their excitement.

Clothing | Sticking with my maternity jeans, leggings and dresses. Thank goodness it's Fall and that's all I live in anyway.
Sleep | Thanks to my bumpnest I'm sleeping ten times better now, but I do wake up feeling like I'm about to burst once or twice a night. Also, Maddox wakes me up at 6am each morning having a dance party on my bladder. I look at it this way, I'm getting a lot more done in the mornings not sleeping in anymore.

Appetite | I'm still in the same boat I've been my whole pregnancy. Hot, spicy, buffalo! When Jon asks me what I want for dinner more often than not it's Mexican or hot wings. My only random and new craving is a dark chocolate Milky Way bar. I have limited myself to one a week, but man do I savor them!

Nursery | I guess I can add this to the list now that I can begin working on it! I've finally decided my vision for the room so I'm throwing paint on the walls this weekend while Jon (hopefully) sands down and paints the crib!

Missing | I'm not truly missing anything, but it would be nice to sip on a margarita with my chips and queso occasionally.

Fun Fact | Maddox is grabbing his toes and the umbilical cord. I can't wait for him to be grabbing my finger!

Best Moment of The Week | Finding out it's a BOY!

Next Apt. | November 20th for my sugar test. It's two hours long and I've heard it's kinda sucky, but I'm happy to be getting it over with before Thanksgiving.

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23 comments on "Diary Of A Pregnant Gal || Week 22"
  1. Love that picture, so pretty! How precious that he is grabbing is toes now :) Happy Friday!!

  2. OMG you look amazing!!! Good luck on your sugar test next week!! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Love the name! You look great! Happy Halloween!

  4. 1. You are the cutest flipping pregnant lady ever! 2. I am totally obsessed with your outfit in that picture. 3. You should find the mini milky way bars so you can treat yourself every day! I mean, you are growing a human, after all. You deserve a daily treat!

  5. You're just adorable! Love the updates- congratulations on the sweet boy!! We find out on Sunday and I'm dying with excitement!!!!

    Heather | Style Prescription

  6. You look so gorgeous!! Boys are so much fun! We have two and I was super excited when we found out with both!!

  7. You are gorgeous my lady! :) Yay for little boys!

  8. Still glowing!! :) I love the name you two have chosen. Sending you a big texan hug! :)

  9. Girl, come shop for me! You look gorgeous, as always. Can't wait to start hearing about the nursery.

  10. This outfit is just too cute! I think it's my fav. I've seen you wear. I'd totally rock that even though I have no baby bump ;) Congrats on finding out your little one is a boy and I pray your pregnancy continues to go smoothly! x

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  12. Ahhh you look so cute preggo! And love the name for your little man. Seriously, you are going to LOVE being a boy mama. They are just too fun! Glad you are feeling well and that you figured out how to get that sleep! Take advantage of it. It really does change =)

  13. LOVE this outfit!! You're so cute!

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