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Organization, Inspiration, Balance || As Important As Live, Laugh, Love


That picture is completely unrelated to today's post, I just love Roxi kisses. Or I could say this is me living, laughing and loving.

Like what I did there?

I've spoken before about how chaotic my life can be. And I know I'm not the only one fighting that battle. Life has a way of getting the best of us and giving us a 'weighted' feeling.

But it shouldn't be that way. Life's too short to feel overwhelmed.

I wanted to share some things that have helped me overcome the stress and chaos. Most importantly what keeps me going and striving for more rather than throwing in the towel.


This is huge. My calendar and making lists are my go-to form of organization. I use my Whitney English planner and those of you who've been around here before know that I'm totally obsessed and will never buy another calendar. It's worth the splurge to me! I keep my schedule, daily tasks and reminders here. As for lists, I use my notepad on my phone because it's basically glued to my hand and I know I won't forget it somewhere. Knock on wood.

I've recently started my sponsorship program back up after taking a much needed break for the Summer to enjoy the season and feel refreshed. (Make sure to take a look because I'd love to have you on my blog!). Before starting back I was determined to have a sponsor schedule so I created a few handy-dandy sheets with inspiration from Jana at Life Could Be A Dream.That girl has my heart for organization and even better, she shares it with the crowd. Anyway, organization is detrimental to being a good hostess with the mostess for your sponsors. I'll share more of that soon.


With all things we must learn balance. How to put our eggs in many baskets as evenly as possible. I have to be very intentional about balancing a blog, two business and a life! If I'm not careful I pay too much attention to my business and loose sight of important connections with friends. Or vis-versa. Time management is key to being successful. I'm slowly learning how to set aside times to work on certain areas of importance. For instance on Sundays I spend time with my family the entire day, but I know to set aside an hour at night to prepare for Monday's blog post and any matters of business during the week ahead.

I'm sharing my cleaning list with those of you who are interested. It's helped me narrow cleaning down to 20-30 minutes a night freeing up my weekend. Just another form of time management.


Blogland is so huge and is such a great tool for inspiration. All around us women are moms, entrepreneurs, wives, worker-bees, etc. I'm always inspired to read a blog about a mom or wife managing her home and business and learning what works for them. Read around and be inspired!

Pinterest is also a super great tool. I keep a blogging board for all things blogging of course! It's a great way to see what tools other bloggers are using to grow or manage their space on the web.


I'm actually working on my home workspace so I don't have a picture to share, but man, how important is it to have a space you are comfortable and inspired by to work in!? I say it's 100% important. I get SO much more work done at my work office than I do on the couch at home. Making your office fabulous doesn't mean you have to fork over the big bucks to have a great space. In my opinion you need a desk, good lighting, a comfy chair and some decorative pieces that put a smile on your face. You can get an idea of my ideal home office here.

What gives you inspiration, motivation or the drive to keep working and stay focused?

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16 comments on "Organization, Inspiration, Balance || As Important As Live, Laugh, Love"
  1. What a sweet puppy! PS, i'm a sucker for a good planner!

  2. I've been crushing on that planner for a while! I just got into writing everything down (I used my phone before) so, if it continues, I may just splurge on that beauty!!

  3. I love this! Having a balance really is key to staying inspired!! I also have a Whitney English planner and really love it. I won it in a giveaway and am still not convinced that I need another one come May, but we shall see! :) I love how your broke up your cleaning! I need to do that!

  4. Girl, it is like you jumped right into my mind!! Thank you so much for sharing that planner suggestion. I literally have been having the hardest time finding the perfect planner to re-organize my life and I think you just solved my problem!!! :) Oh, and that is such a cute pic of you and your puppy dog. xox


  5. Love this!! That planner is perfection. I think I need that Bic marker too...and that pic of you and Roxi is the cutest thing ever!

    <3, Pamela

  6. My post tomorrow, on stress and balance! Having a planner is HUGE for me, I don't know how I would function and stay organized without it. Well, I wouldn't! That picture, so freaking cute!

  7. I'm in need of a schedule to clean - I feel like I let it go for a while and then need to clean everything harder LOL!! My go to for organization is most definitely my planner - love writing things down!! That picture is pretty much amazing!

  8. I tried a cleaning schedule and could never do it...but I did figure out my own system. I also use Wunderlist (app) to keep track of necessary todos! wish I had a physical planner though!

  9. I love your picture with Roxi, Adorable! I have been wanting a planner just like this, I can't wait to order mine for the new year!

  10. I am on the hunt for the perfect planner to help get my butt organized this year. I like the idea of something I can add to and remove from, but so far I haven't found anything that will ship to Canada for a reasonable price. I'm obsessed with reading about how other people keep organized, so thanks so much for feeding my curiosity!

  11. Ahh, I'm obsessed with organization. Thanks for sharing!

  12. girl, I need some balanceeeeeee something badddd

  13. I love all of these tips. I need to use my planner more, and not be short staffed at work so I'm not working 50 hours a week. We do a similar cleaning list as well. We do 15 minutes every night too.

  14. I love these tips, I will have to check out that Pinterest board for blogging tips! I'm always getting writers block as well, so I need to keep a stash of ideas somewhere! The planner is amazing by the way, black and white stripes and gold makes my heart happy. ;)

  15. Oh organization! The lack of it is how I get in to slumps! It's soooo important. Thanks for sharing how you do it!


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