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That's Mrs. Burns To You!


1. The dog in your picture, oh my gosh, what kind of dog is Zoey? I just want to kiss her face!
Zoey is a shih tzu and we think she is the cutest little bear around. When we got her, she weighed all of 4 lbs and was this little fur ball that couldn't run without bouncing back and forth. She is now full grown and tips in around 12 lbs. We are "those" people who are obsessed with our dog. Zoey has everything from a middle name to a place in our Christmas photos. For now, she is the only baby in our home!

Me: 12 lbs??? That's how much Roxi eats in a day! Holy moly! You won't receive judgement from about treating your dog like a child. I've been known to "tuck" Roxi and Oskar in before.

2. Tell us about that super handsome man of yours. What's your favorite part about being a "Mrs." I just loved reading how you two met
Aw, that’s so sweet! I think we have a great story of how we met too! We both believe we were made for each other. My favorite part of being a Mrs. (for almost two years now) is how much we laugh on a regular basis. We enjoy life and because we are together, we enjoy it even more! I also love the extended family that came along when I stole his last name!

Me: Oh my goodness, my emotional self wants to weep! So sweet! I love that you too laugh all the time. I'm glad to know Jon and I aren't the only goofballs around. We're always acting like children.

3. I've noticed you are an avid book reader (as am I when I find the time). Do you have a favorite author or a favorite book series?  
This list would be long if I named them all! As far as series go, I love Janet Evanovich’s books; she was the first author to make me laugh out loud while reading a book. A few other favorite authors include Emily Giffin, Melissa de la Cruz, and Jane Green. I recently started reading Tess Gerritsen's series that inspired the TV show “Rizzoli & Isles”. I am only on book one but so far, it has my attention!
Me: Looooove Emily Giffin! Thanks for the great options (I'm always keeping a running list).

4. I read here that you reached a huge goal in your weight loss journey. What has been the best motivation for you?  
The biggest motivation has definitely been my overall health. It’s so odd, a lot of people lose weight for a specific reason (like a wedding) but those type of things never seemed to be enough motivation for me. When I started seriously thinking about expanding our family, it was scary how many different risks are involved. This was one that I could control. I am not at my destination but it is an ongoing journey – so in other words, I still fall off the wagon but I get back up and start moving again!
Me: You are seriously so inspirational! Get it girl! The time that Jon and I got pregnant was when I got into the best shape of my life after trying for over a year. I believe no doubt, momma's health makes a huge difference in making and carrying a baby.
5. I know for me I have troubling maintaining a healthy lifestyle (hello preggo cravings). Do you have any tips or advice maintaining weight loss? 

One thing that has really helped is to realize that it is an ongoing journey of small decisions. You can make a few wrong turns and end up in a heap of trouble, but if you keep making small right decisions, things are going to move in the right direction. Choose the broccoli over the fries, the lean protein over the cream-based pasta, and you will make small steps to a healthier life. 

Me: Easy peesy, right? I don't ever substitute fries... if I could live off one food it would be fries. Although they aren't really considered real food are they? Okay, fine I'll substitute them for broccoli next time!

6. If my readers want to find you or stalk your dog how can they go about doing so?
I personally love Twitter and Instagram. Two of my favorite authors mentioned previously? Both of them have responded and favorited tweets of mine and I love the concept that anyone can tweet to anyone! Plus, I use it to stay in the loop on news and new blog posts that might get tweeted before showing up on BlogLovin’. Tweet, tweet! 

Y'all go meet Elizabeth and say "hi". She's bubbly with such a beautiful spirit - I adore her!

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That's Mrs. Burns To You
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