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Baby It's Cold Outside


Military Jacket || Gap
Sweater || Forever21
Faux Leather Leggings || Forever21
Bag || Target
Booties || Target
Belt || Old
Necklace || Target

Good weekends are the hardest to recuperate from - it just makes Monday that much tougher. We went to Knoxville to visit some of our best friends for the weekend. It was such a coooold weekend, but we stayed warm walking through the city and filling our bellies. We ate at a local restaurant called Stock & Barrel. If you are ever in Knoxville, TN and are in need of a burger that will knock your socks off, well I've told you where to go. Jon had chicken and waffles and he swears it's the most amazing entree in the world, but that concoction just makes my stomach churn. If you need some bourbon to warm your belly they have, oh I don't know, 200 options to choose from. Seriously, mind blown.

Anytime we visit our pals in Knox we are so grateful for more memories in the books with them. If I've learned anything in my twenty-three years of living, it's that great friends are few and far between. When you find them, invest in them.

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16 comments on "Baby It's Cold Outside"
  1. Watch out for Jon, he will have his own fashion post coming soon!

  2. Um, little miss photographer... these pictures are AWESOME!

  3. The guy's fashion hilarious! Glad you had a fun weekend away!

  4. You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever!! The outfit is perfect :) And love the photos of your friends… great models! xoxo

  5. Glad you had such a great weekend!!

  6. The guys. Ha! Such good sports! Loving the outfit! Highlights that bump oh-so perfectly!

  7. I love that you are still rocking your personal style - leather leggings and all! You look amazing!

  8. LOVE THIS! The pics of the guys are too cute and you ladies are looking beautiful. What a fun weekend :) We had a wonderful chill weekend and I'm definitely missing it already!

  9. Your pictures are stunning! :)

  10. I love these pictures!!! You look amazing!
    Melanie @

  11. You look so great! I love watching your little bump grow every week, and I absolutely adore the outfits you put together! So happy for you :)

    Kimberly | Kimberly's Chronicle


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