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The Creative Closet || Ruffles & Volume


I'm impressed every single week with Jana's look. And this week we have McKenzie co-hosting, finally, because she joins us every week and knocks it out of the park!

 Head to toe: Target
Sunnies: F21

Confession, I don't own ruffles. Nor will I ever buy ruffles. The closest I have come to owning anything "ruffly" is buying a tulle skirt because they look adorable floating all over Pinterest and my Instagram feed. But then I come back to reality and remind myself they look good on other people and I would never wear it with confidence out of the house. So I resorted to my favorite new fur vest from Target that I can't get enough of (you may have seen it here.) It resembles ruffles in a way, right?

It also adds a touch of volume without getting too crazy or bulky. As for the real volume I used a large barrel curler to get some volume in my hair. I truly love this outfit because it's comfortable, but still has a polished look. Leggings are so versatile these days. I used to think they were just for being lazy around the house, but add a cute top, boots and throw on some make-up and you're good to go!

I can't wait to see how y'all have portrayed this month's first theme! We'd love for you to join in next Tuesday with a "statement necklace".  If you have any questions about joining in please don't hesitate to email myself or Jana. My email:

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11 comments on "The Creative Closet || Ruffles & Volume"
  1. LOVE your outfit! :) And that bump! Swoon!

  2. Loving that fur vest girl! You look amazing!

    <3, Pamela

  3. This might be my favorite Creative Closet look yet! Love everything about it!

  4. You've made me want a fur vest! I love it paired with that pink top, so chic and girly :)

  5. That fur vest is amazing! I love it! and your hair is perfection, as always! I had so much fun co-hosting! Thanks for having me (:

  6. I love your look! That's definitely not what I thought you'd wear for "ruffles and volume" but it works so well!

  7. so cute!!! and Target is my favorite store ever! I don't have to go anywhere else! ;)

  8. This is adorable!! (And not just because of your darling bump) ;) I'm with you on the ruffles/volume thing. But I love the vest and that you added volume with your hair!!
    Leggings are critical. So comfortable and yes so cute with the right stuff!

  9. Man, I hope I rock pregnancy as well as you do when the time comes! You look so adorable!!


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