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Do you know how hard it is to choose one favorite sweater? That's like asking me to pick out my favorite nail polish or lipstick. You'd have to leave me for days to make a decision and when you came back I probably still wouldn't have an answer - I'd just be bald from the stress of choosing. I'm glad these themes come out a month in advance or I'd be in trouble.

I finally decided on this little number I got earlier this Fall from Banana Republic. The pattern is one of my favorites because it is subtle, but still enough to draw the eye to it. Plus neutral colors are my jam. Turns out it runs a little small with the hem line at the base of the shirt so all day I was pulling at my sweater and tugging it back down over my belly. #preggoprobs

I will leave you now with a Merry Christmas wish! I hope you all have such a fabulous holiday. Eat way too much and laugh just a little to hard for me will ya? Xoxo!

Jana... I'm speechless. I'm absolutely loving her look. And Britt did a fabulous job cohosting with us this week! Pattern mixing pro :)

Sweater • Banana republic
Cardigan • JcPenny's
Leggings • Target
Boots • Gifted
Sunnies • Forever21
Bracelets & Ring • So old I can't even remember :(

• In just two days there is going to be at least one item that was perfectly wrapped that you absolutely adore we want to see it next week! Join us next Tuesday and share your favorite present you receive this Christmas whether it be a dress, purse, tumbler, camera, etc! I can't wait to see!
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16 comments on "The Creative Closet || My Favorite Sweater"
  1. Maegen! I'm LOVING those first two pics! You look so gorgeous! I feel you on just picking one! It was so hard!!

  2. So pretty! You look amazing girl! And that sweater is so cute!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I know, trying to pick a favorite sweater is SO hard! I love them all right now! I love the one you picked--the print is so fun. That's something on my wishlist right now, a cute printed sweater that isn't a cardigan.

  4. This double sweater combo is so cute. I love it. Plus those super tall boots are the very most flattering. LOVE it! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Love the look (and the backdrop). You look adorable :)

  6. You seriously are just gorgeous. That's all - the end. :) Love your sweater choice, girl!

  7. So adorable! Glad I'm not the only preggers that wore a sweater that had to be pulled down a bit while wearing it, haha!!

  8. Oh yes, loving that sweater. I don't have anything like that, I might need to change that ;)

  9. Agreed, that sweater is perfect! I love it :) And thanks for your kind words up there! You are the sweetest.

  10. Girlfriend, you are stunning! Love this sweater!
    xo Southern Style

  11. Love this entire look-- especially both sweaters! You look gorgeous in all the pictures!

  12. You look beautiful!! Merry Christmas :)


  13. Oh, the pattern is so great! And just beyond cute on your little bump :)

  14. LOVE the look and your cute little belly! :) Merry Christmas girl! Enjoy your last one without Maddox!


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