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Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 34 & 35

Super huge thank you for stopping by today and putting up with my MIA self lately. I'm looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and learning to give myself a little grace these days. I do expect to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon :)

Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Gender | BOY! <-- click to see our gender reveal.

Name | Maddox Brian Mills

Size | The size of a honeydew melon! Over 20" long and 5 1/2 lbs.

Feeling/Body | I am not complaining, but I am going to be real about how my body feels. I'm over it! My tailbone feels broken and it hurts to sit down and stand up. My body feels heavy and is hard to tote around for long periods of time. After 20 minute bursts of work I feel like I have run a marathon and need to sit down and take a nap. My boobs are engorged and so, so heavy. I can't bend over without huffing and puffing. So all in all I'm pooped! But I seriously knew this time had to come of feeling this way. There is no way a human body can create a human without a little extra pain and effort. My sweet baby boy is going to be completely worth it! I can't wait to squeeze him!

PS. Have I mentioned I am anxious as all get out to meet my baby boy?????

Hormones | Oh my gosh. ALL OVER THE PLACE. I swear I cry every day, I'm frustrated every day. I'm goofy every day. It's a roller coaster and I'm ready to get off the ride. I really do pity my husband. We carry our baby for 9 months, but our spouses have to put up with us for 9 months. Think about it.

Weight | +25lbs I'm gaining slow and steady and I'm okay with that.

| Finally sleep has been wonderful. Other than the potty breaks several times a night I'm sleeping sound and through my alarm each morning. I'm soaking it up before the madness beings :)

Nursery | It's basically finished! We had our second shower last week and racked up on diapers and other essentials and I've been nesting my heart out and putting things away and rearranging shelves and drawers 20 times. I have a feeling I'll never get it just right. I'm working on our nursery reveal post so stay tuned!

Fun Fact | Maddox is packing on the fat now to his sweet little legs, arms and shoulders to prepare for birth. He has also positioned himself head down to be birthed. And I can completely feel it because his feet are always in my ribs now and there is a large pressure on my left ovary from his head.

Best Moment of The Week | Going to our last baby doc apt and finding out our apts are every week now to check for dilation each time. This is getting real! There will be a hospital bag post coming to a blog near you soon.

Next Apt. | February 12th!
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The Creative Closet || Beauty In Black And White


Rain, rain go away! Come again.... NEVER! Gosh I'm so tired of rain and crummy weather. Either snow a good snow or move on to Spring and sunshine puhleese mother nature! #rantover

Black and white is such a favorite combo to me because not only is it classic and timeless, it's the easiest outfit to put together. You don't have to think about matching pieces. It's already a guarantee! If I'm going to wear a black and white outfit I choose to either dress it way up such as the classic LBD with heels and statement jewelry. Or I choose to dress it down and go for a more casual/rock feel. That's where I went with today's outfit because let's face it, I'm 34 weeks pregnant, none of my LBD's fit and comfort trumphs again :-/
I did go a little crazy with my make-up too. I was in a mood when I woke up so I decided to go for it because normally my make-up is so reserved to browns, gold and pinks. Nothing like an emerald eye and bright red lip to switch things up a bit!
Oh Jana, can we agree she is just a classic beauty? And our co-host Bridgette seriously makes her outfit look effortless. Those shoes =  heart eye emoji! See their posts for full outfit details.

Top • Forever 21 (old)
Cardigan • My old boutique
Jeans c/o Pink Blush Maternity (They are also having a flash sale - click here to shop)
Boots • JustFab
Umbrella • Target (similar)
Lip • NYC, Ruby

Can you believe it's already time for February prompts? Gosh this gets me so excited! There are truly some fun prompts up ahead. Jana and I really hope you'll join in and spread the word!

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The Creative Closet

My Favorite Part Of Blogging


My absolute favorite part about blogging is the relationships that have evolved. Tamara, Pamela and Nicole have become such wonderful friends to me and I cherish the time spent with them. It's so hard to believe the last time we met up Nicole and I were trying to start a family. Now look! She has an extremely adorable 3 month old son, Graham, who spent the day with us on Saturday roaming around downtown Asheville. He was a total trooper and of course stole the show! 
We started at Fired Up and let our creative sides run wild painting our coffee mugs. Afterwards we ventured to a great little pizza spot and filled our bellies with some seriously delicious food. And then we completed our day at The French Broad Chocolate Lounge because who wouldn't want to visit a lounge filled with chocolate? If you are ever in Asheville, NC this is a place to visit y'all!

On our next blate we will have two boys to tote around during our shenanigans! :)

Have you had blogger friends become real life friends?



Jacket • Gap
Top c/o Motherhood Maternity (similar, different color and pattern)
Leggings • Target
Boots • Gifted
Purse • Michael Kors
Watch • Michael Kors

It's becoming a challenge getting dressed in the mornings. I stare at my yoga pants, over-sized hoodie and slippers, who are practically begging me to jump in them and curl up under a blanket and I start to daydream for just a moment. Then reality slaps me in the face and reminds me I have to dress somewhat presentable and run a business and over-sized hoodies aren't acceptable. #lame

All I have to say is thank goodness for leggings and tunic tops. Motherhood Maternity for the win y'all! This top is sold out in the chambray color, but they have other gorgeous options like this perfect mint color for Spring. I received some other great pieces from Motherhood Maternity I can't wait to share with y'all. Seriously, dressing a bump is an advantage in my book now-a-days. They make so many adorable pieces to flatter a woman's baby bump and make us feel stylish. Thank Heavens we are past the days of the moo-moo's...

Have a great weekend, friends!

Pre-Baby To Do List

Pre-Baby To Do List

So it's no secret I didn't show up here Monday or Wednesday. And I only showed up Tuesday because it was mandatory. I have to apologize, I'm struggling with feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and I tend to hide from my responsibilites when I get overwhelmed because it gives me anxiety. In reality, hiding from my blog, emails, baby to-do list, business priorities and chores only makes my anxiety worse because it piles up the to-do list a mile high.

So I'm taking the bull by the horns and starting to prioritize my chaos and get some 'ish' done around here. My brain needs some relief and I've found what works best for me is to make check-lists (and take bubble baths). So I've created a small list of important priorities to get done in the next few weeks so that I can take the last couple of weeks before Maddox is expected and just rest. What's not listed is getting the dogs groomed and having our house deep cleaned professionally.

What helps you get relief from feeling overwhelmed?

The Creative Closet || A Pop of Color


Forgive my cozy style today. I wore this outfit traveling home yesterday from Charleston because I've learned an important lesson. Traveling while pregnant is tough. Between the frequent bathroom breaks and being uncomfortable I decided I'm not traveling more than a couple hours in the car again until Maddox is born! I attempted to be as comfortable as possible without being frumpy in sweats and a t-shirt. This means my uggs were a must as well as my favorite maternity top by Liz Lange.

My favorite way to add a pop of color to an outfit is with an accessory or a bold lip. Y'all know I love my lipstick so that's definitely my first choice. But I do enjoy adding a scarf, purse, shoe or even a statement necklace in a bright color to draw attention to my outfit. It's all in the details :)

Jana is glowing! I love it when she wears coral; it's her color! And how stunning is our co-host this week, Claire in her robin's egg blue heels? Love! Check out both of their looks on their blogs.

Cardigan • Maurices
Scarf • Target (last year)
Jeans c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Boots • Uggs
Sunnies • Rayban
Lip • Wet N' Wild :: 511B Nouveau Pink

Next week we are going in the complete opposite direction and showcasing the beauty of black and white in our wardrobe. Join us!

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The Creative Closet

Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 32 & 33

Top • Old Navy
Blazer • Target
Jeans c/o Pink Blush Maternity

Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Gender | BOY!

Name | Maddox Brian Mills

Size | The size of a PINEAPPLE! Over 17-19" long and 4 1/2lbs.

Feeling/Body | My body is definitely feeling all baby! Shaving my legs is becoming impossible and I think I've painted my toenails for the last time. I also feel the heaviness. I want to "carry" my belly all the time now.

Maddox's pokes and kicks are sometimes a tad bit painful and cause me to jump in my seat. I read that it has to do with my amniotic fluid levels being maxed out meaning I am more baby than fluid now, making his movements that much sharper. What I love about this though is at night, before bed, Maddox is his most active and Jon and I love to watch my stomach because you can see his butt or his foot sticking out of my skin. Sounds awful, but seriously just amazes me. I'll touch him and it feels as if there is only the tiniest layer of skin between us. That much closer to my baby boy!

Hormones | No crazy hormones, but I am finding myself in a state of anxiousness trying to prepare for Maddox and counting down the days until he arrives!

Weight | +24lbs and I'm embracing it :)

| Sleep? What's that? I get some really good ZZzzzzz's until about 4am and then I'm either tossing and turning in bed or I'm up for the day. It can be frustrating, but completely worth it. I do have to say my Bumpnest is my saving grace right now! It hugs all the right places :)

Nursery | We are waiting on a bookshelf, rug and a few pictures to show up in the mail and then we are DUNZO! Aside from me putting all of his clothes away, but honestly I've been nesting a lot and I redo his closet and dresser drawers almost daily. #crazywoman

Fun Fact | Maddox is acting more like a baby every day, opening his eyes when he is awake and closing them when he sleeps.

Best Moment of The Week | That definitely has to be my baby shower on Saturday. It's so fun celebrating and I'm so thankful for all the people we have praying over and loving our son!

Next Apt. | We have a basic check-up today before we hit the road for Charleston.

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Five on Thursday Because Today Is My Friday

Was that blog post title confusing or what? I hope it's cool with you, but I'm going to do a "Five on Friday" type post today (Thursday) because today is my Friday! Yay for a short work week and a looooong weekend because I'm also off Monday too for MLK day. I have a few five things I'm super pumped about right now so let's get this ish started!

Jon and I are leaving in the morning for Charleston, SC (our home away from home)! Jon is running his first 1/2 marathon on Saturday so we are heading down early so he can rest up pre-race. We are also going to be visiting my brother, sister-in-law, niece and new nephew who is only 4 weeks old. I can't wait to get my hands on him!

TWO //

 Crib: Craigslist || Aztec Blanket

Maddox's nursery is seriously THIS close to being complete. We are waiting on one stinking shipment coming in next week and then all we have to do is assemble, hang and viola! I know I have teased y'all a lot about it, but seriously in the next few weeks I'll be sharing it! For now I'm just soaking it up all to myself and picturing my sweet baby boy in that crib. #swoon


I am going to take a moment to brag on my sweet hubster. My lack of sleep and ever declining energy would normally leave me feeling behind. That's not the case thanks to Mr. Mills. Dude is killing it lately, completely picking up in all the areas I am lacking. As in keeping up with the laundry, making us dinner and cleaning up afterwards. He even told me to draw a bubble bath and put my feet up the other night. This was all after he spent Saturday cleaning like a mad man. He says he's nesting, I say he's awesome!


I'm a product junkie so when I find something I like, I have to share! These two items were recent purchases from Walgreens and I must say, I'm impressed. Of course I love Revlon lipstick and when I saw Jana from Life Could Be A Dream show off this color I just had to have it! It's the perfect coral! As for the moisturizer, long story short my skin is drying out majorly between the Winter weather and pregnancy. My normal Neutrogena wasn't cutting it so I purchased this with high hopes and it didn't disappoint! Ultra soothing, ultra moisturizing!


The series on John by She Reads Truth has been incredible. I found myself constantly going crazy at how many people questioned Jesus when he was performing miracles right before their eyes, but regardless His patience and love remained. I love starting my mornings with Him and His word, it gives me a chance to start the day grateful rather than stressed. February 2nd they are starting a series on Esther if you are interested in joining!

The Creative Closet || Pretty In Pink


Fact: I despised the color pink growing up. Practically until I got married I refused to buy it or wear it and I swore if I had a daughter I would never dress her in it! And then all of a sudden I hit my early twenties and turned extremely girly. Now pink is one of my favorite colors especially paired with white and gold. Although I'm not one to prefer hot pink in my clothing, I do love a good blush, if you couldn't tell from my outfit choice for today! I prefer to leave the bright, bold pinks to my lips, accessories or a bouquet of flowers :)

One of my favorite ways to dress the shade blush is with the color olive. I feel like they compliment each other so well and work perfectly for Winter or Spring. When I received these cropped pants from Pink Blush I knew this was the first outfit combo I would make. I'd also love to swap this shirt out with a chambray button up for a classic look.

I can't wait to see your "Pretty In Pink" looks so make sure to link up below!

I love Jana and Chelsea's looks! We all took such different approaches and that's what I love about The Creative Closet! Visit their blogs to check out their looks and all the details!

Top • Forever21 (old)
Jacket • Target (last year)
Cardigan • Pink Blush
Pants (maternity) c/o Pink Blush
Wedges • Target
Lip • Milani, Uptown Mauve

Are you famous for loving a good pop of color? Or do you normally shy away from color and stick to neutrals? Either way, join us next Tuesday and show us how you would style a pop of color whether it's a bold lip, bright sweater or a neon handbag! Get creative ladies :)

Please remember that this linkup has a very specific purpose! If you are linking up random posts that don’t fit with or address the prompt for the week in some way, you aren’t in line with that purpose and your link will be deleted.

The Creative Closet