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Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 32 & 33

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Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Gender | BOY!

Name | Maddox Brian Mills

Size | The size of a PINEAPPLE! Over 17-19" long and 4 1/2lbs.

Feeling/Body | My body is definitely feeling all baby! Shaving my legs is becoming impossible and I think I've painted my toenails for the last time. I also feel the heaviness. I want to "carry" my belly all the time now.

Maddox's pokes and kicks are sometimes a tad bit painful and cause me to jump in my seat. I read that it has to do with my amniotic fluid levels being maxed out meaning I am more baby than fluid now, making his movements that much sharper. What I love about this though is at night, before bed, Maddox is his most active and Jon and I love to watch my stomach because you can see his butt or his foot sticking out of my skin. Sounds awful, but seriously just amazes me. I'll touch him and it feels as if there is only the tiniest layer of skin between us. That much closer to my baby boy!

Hormones | No crazy hormones, but I am finding myself in a state of anxiousness trying to prepare for Maddox and counting down the days until he arrives!

Weight | +24lbs and I'm embracing it :)

| Sleep? What's that? I get some really good ZZzzzzz's until about 4am and then I'm either tossing and turning in bed or I'm up for the day. It can be frustrating, but completely worth it. I do have to say my Bumpnest is my saving grace right now! It hugs all the right places :)

Nursery | We are waiting on a bookshelf, rug and a few pictures to show up in the mail and then we are DUNZO! Aside from me putting all of his clothes away, but honestly I've been nesting a lot and I redo his closet and dresser drawers almost daily. #crazywoman

Fun Fact | Maddox is acting more like a baby every day, opening his eyes when he is awake and closing them when he sleeps.

Best Moment of The Week | That definitely has to be my baby shower on Saturday. It's so fun celebrating and I'm so thankful for all the people we have praying over and loving our son!

Next Apt. | We have a basic check-up today before we hit the road for Charleston.

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8 comments on "Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 32 & 33"
  1. You look adorable! Baby movements are the best!! It's so fun watching the tiny human moving inside!!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Cutest pic! Sorry sleep hasn't been the best :(

  3. You are absolutely glowing! Sorry that you aren't getting much sleep, but I suppose that's good training for the next few months to come. :) Have a great weekend in Charleston!

  4. violet is super active at night too! we love watching her move around :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. You look gorgeous. And I know how you feel about going through the drawers a million times. I did that with Gracie too :)

  6. Hope you will get to sleep a little more on your mini-vacay!

  7. I think babe should come 8 days early so we can share a birthday.


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