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Pre-Baby To Do List

Pre-Baby To Do List

So it's no secret I didn't show up here Monday or Wednesday. And I only showed up Tuesday because it was mandatory. I have to apologize, I'm struggling with feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and I tend to hide from my responsibilites when I get overwhelmed because it gives me anxiety. In reality, hiding from my blog, emails, baby to-do list, business priorities and chores only makes my anxiety worse because it piles up the to-do list a mile high.

So I'm taking the bull by the horns and starting to prioritize my chaos and get some 'ish' done around here. My brain needs some relief and I've found what works best for me is to make check-lists (and take bubble baths). So I've created a small list of important priorities to get done in the next few weeks so that I can take the last couple of weeks before Maddox is expected and just rest. What's not listed is getting the dogs groomed and having our house deep cleaned professionally.

What helps you get relief from feeling overwhelmed?

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  1. Oh girl, don't apologize for being MIA!! You've got a LOT to prepare for and I think we all understand that! Get everything you need in your personal life ready and we'll all be here when you have time to write!!

  2. You've got this, mama. You're so close to meeting that sweet boy- so you just sit back and take all the bubble baths you want! I did that the other night, and it was just the ticket. Also, a house deep-cleaning? That is a GREAT idea!

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  3. You've got a lot going on lady, so you don't have to apologize to us! I'm sure getting ready for baby's arrival is overwhelming in itself, let alone trying to keep up with work, home and blog stuff! xoxo

  4. sounds like we have a similar to do list! i also need to go to the rest of our classes and find a pediatrician! dont worry it'll all get done :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I'm pretty sure you have absolutely no reason to apologize for being MIA - you're pregnant, work full-time, and have a house/husband to take care of. You're entitled. :) Take a deep breath, though and try to relax! Everything will get finished - it usually does one way or another.

  6. Sorry your feeling overwhelmed! Hopefully, after checking a few things off the list you'll feel a bit more relaxed. When you register with the hospital, check to see what they provide, because you may not need as much in the diaper bag as expected. Try not to stress too much, it'll all come together in the right time.

  7. Oh I'm the exact same way, love! I get overwhelmed by excess stuff to do. Check lists are my thing! I actually ended up making my own planner so that I would have everything for every facet of my life in one place. I used different colors for different types of tasks (like green for classes and blue for lab work). It seems to work when I keep in the habit of looking at it.

  8. I've found that putting my checklist into even smaller points - even if it takes more 'unnecessary' writing helps me feel more in control.

    Ex. Clean Bathroom
    -wash sink and countertop
    -put towels in laundry
    -clean toilet
    -clean shower
    -put away clutter
    -take out trash

    Then each time I check something off I have that satisfaction of accomplishment, and it makes me feel like I can conquer the rest of my list no problem. :)

    Good luck! I'm sure it will all come together. :)



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