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31 Ways To Love Your Spouse In 31 Days

With Maddox's due date quickly approaching I find myself worrying about the split attention I'll soon be giving to both of my boys. I hear so often of women who have their children and become so focused on motherhood, they forget they were a wife first. I don't ever want that to be the case. I'm constantly reminding myself of my priorities and the order they come in. 

- God -

- Husband -

- Children -

I want to start early striving to be a wonderful mom, but also an intentional wife, I decided to spend every day in March doing at least one deed each day to focus on Jon. If I can start out with this in my first month as a mother, focusing on two boys at once, I would hope it would sort of "stick" if you will for the future.

I also wanted to show that this doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful. It's the thought that counts. Feel free to take this list and adapt it to your relationship and join me in uplifting our spouses!

1. Stick a love note in his lunch box.

2. Intentionally pray for him. He doesn't even need to know you did it.

3. Send him a flirty text while he is at work.

4. Leave him a message in the shower steam on the bathroom mirror.

5. Pour his coffee and have it waiting on him when he comes into the kitchen in the morning.

6. Make him a special breakfast on a Saturday/Sunday morning.

7. Buy him his favorite candy bar and surprise him with it.

8. Pick out a movie that he would normally pick out for himself and have a stay in movie night.

9. Have a meal at the table together and divulge in conversation as opposed to sitting on the couch in front of the television. 

10. Turn the television off one night and play a board game instead.

11. Is there something he has been talking about wanting lately? Purchase it and surprise him.

12. Greet him at the door with a big hug and kiss when he gets home.

13. Take him out on a special date where he picks everything.

14. Give him a massage.

15. Write him a letter.

16. Wear something special one night for his eyes only... ahem.

17. Make a comment in front of his friends or parents about what a good man he is.

18. Surprise him at the office with lunch or a dessert.

19. Tell him you are proud to be his wife and he is an amazing father.

20. Simply hug him and tell him how much you love him.

21. Take a random little road trip together even if it's just to drive in movies or for ice cream.

22. Go on a walk around your neighborhood.

23. Ask him one thing he would like to see done around the house and do it.

24. When your watching tv at night, reach over and hold his hand.

25. Tell him how good looking he is.

26. Keep a positive attitude even if it's been a bad day. Don't "dump" on him.

27. Kiss him. Not just a peck, kissssss the man!

28. Snuggle up to him in bed even if it's just before you roll your separate ways to sleep.

29. Give him a night out with his friends.

30. After dinner, turn on some light music, pour some wine and light a candle and talk or cuddle.

31. Speak his love language. If you don't know it, that's a great conversation starter!

I hope you enjoy doing these acts of kindness for your spouse as much as your spouse will enjoy receiving them. If you have more ideas to add to this list I would LOVE to hear them and possibly put them into affect myself. Please share!

To My Son, Maddox


The last 38 weeks have been the most rewarding, mysterious, momentous days of my life. From a young age, before it was even acceptable to consider being a mother, I knew it was everything I ever wanted along with being a wife to your wonderful daddy. God has answered my prayers. I have spent the last 9 months thanking Him for this experience of carrying you safe inside my belly. From staring at that stick reading back "Pregnant" in disbelief, to the tears shed when I saw your sweet, jellybean sized self on the ultrasound for the first time, to the moment I heard your steady heartbeat, to watching blue balloons fly out of the box, to choosing your name with daddy, feeling your swift kicks and rolls and decorating your sweet space in our home - it has been the most amazing journey and it's only just begun!

I have dreamt of the moment the nurses hand you over to me and our life begins together. It brings tears to my eyes. I never imagined I could feel a love like this and I know that is only going to grow stronger once you are here in my arms. Daddy and I have spent the last 9 month preparing for you and we are unbelievably ready when you are little man.

Mommy loves you. You will always be my first baby containing a special, sacred place in my heart.

The Creative Closet || Asymmetrical


Can we all please just acknowledge that belly button? Gracious me I can't imagine how my stomach could grow any larger! I had a really hard time preparing for this prompt. Anyone else? I had to enlist the help of Pinterest to even figure out what asymmetrical was and then once I figured it out I had to dig tunnels in my closet to find anything even close to fitting the prompt. I had a few dresses with one strap that would have worked, but I don't fit in them currently one and two they are spring dresses and it's stinking Winter! Have I mentioned I can't wait for Winter to be over? Now I know why God created seasons! For our sanity...

So my outfit today is a complete mosh posh of what still fits. I really have like 10 items I can still wear so it's beginning to get difficult. Soon enough y'all! Soon enough I'll have a wider range of clothing to choose from.

Jana and Rebekah both look so great and gave me new ideas for asymmetrical outfits. I love it!

Tunic • Oakleigh Rose Style
Leggings c\o Pink Blush Maternity
Cardigan • Maurices
Boots • Target
DD beverage • Caramel Coolata (you MUST try this! Delicious!)

Ummmmm it's March THIS weekend!? What the!? This astonishes me considering Maddox is due on the 12th. Anywho, I will be around these parts for two more prompts unless Mad Man makes an earlier debut. So you have to join us next week and show us what Marsala you have in your closet. When it doubt, paint your nails or buy a lipstick in that shade!

The Creative Closet

Trendy Turned Chic. Choosing Frames To Fit Your Face

This is going to be a reeeeal treat today let me tell ya. Y'all don't normally get to see me with glasses on, no one does except for my husband. The only time I wear them in public is when a contact has fallen in the floor never to be found again or has ripped in half and I don't have a spare.

Glasses || Nails || Lip || Vest (similar)

I didn't start wearing contacts until last year because I was a ginormous baby about touching my eyes. Before I got over that fear I struggled with finding glasses that made me feel comfortable. So often I would go without any at all and squint to see the board at school or menu's over a counter just because I couldn't bear the thought of looking like a total nerd.

It wasn't until I took a job at an eye doctor's office where I had to learn what glasses complimented people's different face shapes and their facial features. Part of my job was helping patients pick out frames that suited them and would work with whatever their diagnosis was (ie: astigmatism, high prescription, nuclear holes, etc). It was then that I finally figured out what glasses worked for me and I gained an unhealthy obsession with having different frames.

1. Pick out a frame that is the complete opposite of your face shape.
For instance if you have an extremely round face, a round frame is only going to make you look.... rounder. So you need to choose a square or rectangular frame to make your face appear thinner and longer. Complicated right?

2. The size of the frame should fit the scale of your face. You don't want your frames sticking out on both sides of your head like those trucks with the extended side mirrors. Nor do you want them so small they hardly reach the outer corner of your eye. You need a frame that sits just outside the outer corners of your eyes.

3. Choose a frame to accentuate a feature and your skin tone. For instance I chose these tortoise colored frames because they reflect off the dark and light color of my hair. I could have also chosen a discreet blue frame to accent my blue eyes. Take your hair color, eye color and skin tone into consideration when choosing a frame.

Your glasses certainly don't have to blend in, but you most definitely don't want them sticking out like a sore thumb. There are so many trendy frame choices out there now that it's actually fun to wear them! Plus nerdy/chic seems to be a thing now :) Where was that style when I was in high-school?

You can get your own pair of Firmoo glasses today! Any frames found on this page are free! Or visit this page to get a 50% coupon code for your first pair. Seriously, how can you beat those deals?

Now go get nerdy, chic y'all!

Weekend Style

Hat • Old Navy
Top • Gap
Jacket. Leggings. Purse • Target
Shoes • Gifted
Sunnies • Rayban

These pictures were taken last week when the temps had risen above 55 and the birds were chirping... before the insane frigid temps and snowy, icey madness torture began. Now I'm sitting here day dreaming about all things Spring. Sunshine, warmth, pastels, tank tops, lake days! Gah anyone with me?

This attire has become an almost regular occurrence for me now because the belly band in my maternity jeans almost doesn't fit anymore. It slides down my belly causing a seam in my shirt. Leggings and a loose cotton tee are all I really feel comfortable in at this point. So now I'm trying to get creative with how many looks I can pull off with leggings. #firstworldproblems right?

We had a doctors appointment yesterday and there was no dilation so I am crossing my fingers for a different diagnosis next Thursday since I'll be 38 full weeks then. I can't blame Maddox for staying inside where it's warm though! Happy weekend, fraaaands :)

Confession Booth

I recently saw this type post from the beautiful Katie and decided I had a lot to confess so I would write one of my own.
I confess I am SO over this pregnancy and ready to have my baby! I swear I whine now on a daily basis because I'm anxious and uncomfortable all wrapped into one big package.
I confess Katie is not the only one who hasn't read nor seen 50 Shades of Grey. Nor do I care to. It's become white noise in my opinion. 
I confess I often wonder why we don't have two day work weeks and 5 day weekends. 

I confess staying organized is not my strong suit right now. Nine times out of ten I get in the car and start driving somewhere and then forget where I was heading. #preggobrain is legit y'all!
I confess I want to redecorate every room in our house right now, but who has the funds for that? This happens every year around this time when I basically just need OUT for some Vitamin D. 

I confess I am so stinking excited about Spring/Summer clothes, weather and trips that I'm looking at my calendar daily in anticipation!

I confess I am dreaming about working out again post baby. I bought this adorable bathing suit just to give myself more motivation to get in shape once I'm healed.

I confess I am in need of some retail therapy. I want all things pretty and pastel!

That's enough confessions for now don't you think? I hope you're having a great week considering tomorrow is already Friday! As long as Winter behaves itself my BFF is heading into town for a full on girls day on Saturday before Mad Man arrives. I'm so stoked!

A Pattern To Love

Dress c/o Pink Blush Maternity || Wedges • Target

I love this dress. I repeat, I LOVE this dress! The fabric is so forgiving and comfortable and the pattern is so eye-catching I get numerous compliments every time I wear it! You best believe I will still be wearing this post pregnancy. I love that so many items from Pink Blush can be worn after the baby is born so all of these clothes are not just dedicated to maternity and don't have to go into a box somewhere in the depths of my closet once Maddox is born.

The Creative Closet || Polka Dotted


Polka dots = timeless and classic. I always think back to the movie "Because I Said So" with Mandi Moore. Her mom has an obsession with polka dots and Mandi wears the polka dot dress her mom buys her on all her blind dates. Random chick-flick references aside - I don't have a lot of polka dot items in my closet, it's not a pattern I am naturally drawn to for myself, but it can seriously be a flattering pattern for most women. I have loved this sweater though from Motherhood Maternity. It's been so forgiving of my growing belly and sort of camouflages my curves, which is nice when I feel like my curves are popping out everywhere!

What about you? Are polka dots your thing?

Jana looks like a natural, timeless beauty in her polka dots and I'm not surprised in the least! Kari also looks great in her polka trench. I've love that she has a pattern in such a unique piece or her outfit.

Sweater c/o Motherhood Maternity
Blazer • Forever21
Jeans • Motherhood Maternity
Flats • JustFab
Necklace • Target
Lip • Milani Uptown Mauve

Next Tuesdays prompt, asymmetrical. I'm not going to lie, this prompt intimidates me for some reason so I am both scared and excited to come up with an outfit. It's definitely going to push me out of my comfort zone. What about you?

The Creative Closet

Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 36 & 37

Jeans c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Boots • Pink Blush Maternity
Cardigan •
Lip • Maybelline, Fuchsia Fever

It seriously feels like it's been forever since I've written a pregnancy update. How odd it is that the time is actually flying, but seems to be moving like molasses in my mind? This seems to be the common struggle for pregnant women in their last trimester. I guess I just assumed because the first two trimesters flew by, the third wouldn't be any different. It turns out I was majorly wrong. But I am oh so close and it's still been really exciting!

Due Date | March 12th, 2015

Gender | BOY! <-- click to see our gender reveal.

Name | Maddox Brian Mills

Size | The size of a large cantaloupe! Over 20" long and 6 1/2 lbs.

Feeling/Body| I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions so that has made me even more anxious because every time I get one I think, "could this be it!?". Whew lawdy it's a journey. My body feels stretched to the max. It's so tight and pulled I have a really hard time getting comfortable. And Maddox's movements are way more visible now. I see his feet constantly poking out on my right side and hands slide across under my belly button. It's truly wild to watch, but he is stubborn and won't let me catch it on video. He must get that from his daddy...

Hormones | Crying is an almost daily occurrence. Whether it's tears of joy thinking about having my boy so soon or because I can't get my socks off, it happens. I'm just thankful for a husband who has been so patient and kind to me. Every time I cry he stops what he is doing, wraps me in his arms and prays over me. How did I get so blessed?

Weight | +27lbs and feeling it.

| I have a really hard time getting comfortable and getting to sleep, but once I do I am out for the night until the wee hours of the morning when I have a few potty breaks. Other than that I am sleeping great! God's giving me some good sleep before I become sleep deprived :)

Nursery | It's finished and I am working on a blog post to share with y'all. Would you prefer a video reveal or photos? I can't decide!

Fun Fact | Mom's carrying boys tend to eat more than mom's carrying girls resulting in less space in my uterus. That explains a lot!

Best Moment of The Week | Packing our hospital bags and putting them in the car. And installing the car seat. I seriously can't believe it could happen really any time now!

Next Apt. | February 19th!

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Bon Appetite || Macaroons


What says Valentine's Day like a few lovely, pink macaroons? I've never in my life had a macaroon, but I know they are stinking adorable and I've always wanted to try one. Since I can never find them around here I decided to attempt making my own. And what better occasion than V-day? Ambitious right? Now I know these don't look perfect, but it was my first attempt so I gave myself some grace. I will admit, they weren't easy to make. There is obviously a real art to making them, but they did taste sweet and fluffy with a slight crunch. Like a sweet little pillow in my mouth! Plus I made the butter-cream center from scratch and basically devoured the entire bowl so that was a plus. Now maybe if I just work on my technique in the texture I could have a near perfect macaroon one day?


2 egg whites
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour (you should use almond flour, I used wheat flour. While I think they tasted delicious, it may have taken away from the texture).
1 cup powdered sugar

• Preheat oven to 350F. Whisk your flour and powdered sugar together.
• In a seperate bowl mix your egg whites and sugar on medium-high for about 8 or 9 minutes. You • can add your food coloring here if you so choose.
• Next turn the mixer to high for 5 minutes.
• Dump in the flour/sugar mixture and use a spatula to fold and combine this mixture. It will take a couple of minutes to completely combine the mixtures, but your end product should be somewhat dry and slide slowly off your spatula.
• Now lay a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet and use the base of a 1" cup to draw out circles on your paper with a marker. I used the base of a condiment cup. This will help you make even sized portions.
• Fill a pastry bag (or ziploc bag with the corner cut off) with your batter and gently pipe out 16 cookies in a circular motion.
• Bang the cookie sheet on the counter twice to settle your cookies and get the air bubbles out.
• Bake them for 15 minutes watching them closely. Remove them when finished and let them sit for 30 second to a minute before moving to a cooling rack.
• Once they are completely cooled you can spread your buttercream, jam, frosting, etc and make them look pretty!

Buttercream Filling:
2 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp milk

• Mix your powdered sugar and butter on low for a minute.
• Add your vanilla and gradually add your milk (not all at once) watching for your consistency. It should be just smooth enough to spread. not too thick, not too runny.