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31 Ways To Love Your Spouse In 31 Days

With Maddox's due date quickly approaching I find myself worrying about the split attention I'll soon be giving to both of my boys. I hear so often of women who have their children and become so focused on motherhood, they forget they were a wife first. I don't ever want that to be the case. I'm constantly reminding myself of my priorities and the order they come in. 

- God -

- Husband -

- Children -

I want to start early striving to be a wonderful mom, but also an intentional wife, I decided to spend every day in March doing at least one deed each day to focus on Jon. If I can start out with this in my first month as a mother, focusing on two boys at once, I would hope it would sort of "stick" if you will for the future.

I also wanted to show that this doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful. It's the thought that counts. Feel free to take this list and adapt it to your relationship and join me in uplifting our spouses!

1. Stick a love note in his lunch box.

2. Intentionally pray for him. He doesn't even need to know you did it.

3. Send him a flirty text while he is at work.

4. Leave him a message in the shower steam on the bathroom mirror.

5. Pour his coffee and have it waiting on him when he comes into the kitchen in the morning.

6. Make him a special breakfast on a Saturday/Sunday morning.

7. Buy him his favorite candy bar and surprise him with it.

8. Pick out a movie that he would normally pick out for himself and have a stay in movie night.

9. Have a meal at the table together and divulge in conversation as opposed to sitting on the couch in front of the television. 

10. Turn the television off one night and play a board game instead.

11. Is there something he has been talking about wanting lately? Purchase it and surprise him.

12. Greet him at the door with a big hug and kiss when he gets home.

13. Take him out on a special date where he picks everything.

14. Give him a massage.

15. Write him a letter.

16. Wear something special one night for his eyes only... ahem.

17. Make a comment in front of his friends or parents about what a good man he is.

18. Surprise him at the office with lunch or a dessert.

19. Tell him you are proud to be his wife and he is an amazing father.

20. Simply hug him and tell him how much you love him.

21. Take a random little road trip together even if it's just to drive in movies or for ice cream.

22. Go on a walk around your neighborhood.

23. Ask him one thing he would like to see done around the house and do it.

24. When your watching tv at night, reach over and hold his hand.

25. Tell him how good looking he is.

26. Keep a positive attitude even if it's been a bad day. Don't "dump" on him.

27. Kiss him. Not just a peck, kissssss the man!

28. Snuggle up to him in bed even if it's just before you roll your separate ways to sleep.

29. Give him a night out with his friends.

30. After dinner, turn on some light music, pour some wine and light a candle and talk or cuddle.

31. Speak his love language. If you don't know it, that's a great conversation starter!

I hope you enjoy doing these acts of kindness for your spouse as much as your spouse will enjoy receiving them. If you have more ideas to add to this list I would LOVE to hear them and possibly put them into affect myself. Please share!
14 comments on "31 Ways To Love Your Spouse In 31 Days"
  1. I love this! I may incorporate some of these ideas. Love is all about the little things :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. He's one lucky man, I can tell you that. Maddox is also going to be a lucky guy to have such an kind hearted, warm momma. God's light is shining through you and it's so beautiful Maegan.

    - Fal

  3. aww i love this list!! pinning it as a reminder :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love this! :) so very true! Way too many people put their children before their husband and/or even God. I soo do not agree with that! Our kids should witness the love between the parents, so they know what they have to look forward & know what a marriage/family is suppose to be like!

  5. this is so sweet. thank you for this reminder! xoxo

  6. This is so sweet and such great reminders. Sometimes you get into a rut of everyday routine.

  7. Love love love this! I've been trying to do one sweet/surprise thing a day for Nick throughout Lent and you have so many good ideas here :) Happy Friday pretty lady!

  8. These are all really awesome ideas! Lately I've been trying to be a lot more intentional about spending time with Dustin. Like, "I got us a babysitter so we actually get some alone time" type thing. It makes me feel really blessed that we live so close to Dustin's family, so I always have people I trust to care for my kiddos. :)

  9. Love this!! Thanks so much for sharing! I pray that I'm able to remember this when I'm a mother too. :)

  10. This is a great list! I always feel like KC is doing so much for me. He's just so selfless and takes the best care of me. I appreciate it so, but I sometimes feel like I don't get a chance to do the same for him. Well he was sick this week, which is terrible, but it did give me a blatant chance to take care of him. He seemed really grateful when I came home with a bag full of gatorade, chicken soup, and saltines. And when I tucked him in, filled his glass up with water, put a blanket around his shoulders. It was so so terrible that he was sick, but I was happy that the silver lining let me take care of him for once. :) I've been wanting to focus more on being intentional with our time together recently. Because we spend a lot of time together, but I want him to know how special he is. I love this list! Great ideas before baby Maddox comes too. I always think that is an important thing to remember. You were married first, it's important to remember that comes first. Love this! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. All great ideas! I'm so bad at this...pinning this!

  12. These ideas are wonderful. They're simple, unique, and very do-able! I'm going to make a serious effort to do these things from my husband his month too! You're going to be an incredible wife even after your son is born!

  13. I always enjoy posts like these. Even though these are some of the simplest things, I think all wives need reminders and inspiration of how to show appreciation toward their husband. Thanks for sharing!

  14. We are buildinga house right now and my husband is doing most of the work, we have been really exhausted and just starting a 4th IVF cycle I feel like we are a little disconnected, these are great and simple ways to reconnect, thanks for sharing!!


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