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I recently saw this type post from the beautiful Katie and decided I had a lot to confess so I would write one of my own.
I confess I am SO over this pregnancy and ready to have my baby! I swear I whine now on a daily basis because I'm anxious and uncomfortable all wrapped into one big package.
I confess Katie is not the only one who hasn't read nor seen 50 Shades of Grey. Nor do I care to. It's become white noise in my opinion. 
I confess I often wonder why we don't have two day work weeks and 5 day weekends. 

I confess staying organized is not my strong suit right now. Nine times out of ten I get in the car and start driving somewhere and then forget where I was heading. #preggobrain is legit y'all!
I confess I want to redecorate every room in our house right now, but who has the funds for that? This happens every year around this time when I basically just need OUT for some Vitamin D. 

I confess I am so stinking excited about Spring/Summer clothes, weather and trips that I'm looking at my calendar daily in anticipation!

I confess I am dreaming about working out again post baby. I bought this adorable bathing suit just to give myself more motivation to get in shape once I'm healed.

I confess I am in need of some retail therapy. I want all things pretty and pastel!

That's enough confessions for now don't you think? I hope you're having a great week considering tomorrow is already Friday! As long as Winter behaves itself my BFF is heading into town for a full on girls day on Saturday before Mad Man arrives. I'm so stoked!
14 comments on "Confession Booth"
  1. Trust me, you aren't the only one who wonders why our work weeks are 5 days but our off days are 2. It makes NO sense to me! And I'm definitely in need of retail therapy too. I'm craving some spring pastels!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. you're almost there!!! but i'm ready to have our baby too :) I'm also ready to stop wearing all these maternity clothes... but i know that'll take time! love that bathing suit! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I haven't read or seen 50 Shades of Grey either! Love the bathing suit you ordered!!

  4. Maybe we should make you in charge of the world; I don't know anyone who would turn down 5 day weekends and two day work weeks. I want to redecorate, too! I was looking around our living room last night and there are so many things I would change if I could. Ehhh on 50 shades. I read part of the first one when a friend loaned it to me and it was just not my thing at all so I put it down. Haven't had any desire to see it or read it. Keep going strong, mama! Your boy will be here soon!

  5. It doesn't help that we are currently renovating basically our entire new home because all I want to do is replace and redecorate everything because I'm going stir crazy! This weather sucks - I am SO ready to get out into the warm sunshine. Hooray for girls weekend!

  6. Yes yes yes to the 2 day work week! Gimme gimme gimme!

  7. I CANNOT believe how close you are. I am sure it feels like light years away, but you will have that sweet baby boy in your arms in no time. You are also freaking gorgeous and stunning even full-term pregnant, and for that, I envy you slightly. I hope you're feeling great and enjoy your girls day this weekend!

  8. I could definitely get down with a 5 day weekend! How glorious would that be?! Hang in there mama, not too much longer! Thinking of you!

  9. Cute bathing suite! That would definitely motivate me! I agree with the redecorating. I just want to do it all, at one time.

  10. Love the swimsuit! Um YES PLEASE on the 5 day weekend... We had a 3 day weekend and I swear that 1 extra day makes all the difference, makes you feel like you get an actual break.

  11. YES to the white noise that is 50 Shades.. I feel like the media is making it so much worse by shoving it down our throats like "You're a woman you must see/read/love this story". Ugh..

    And I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable, you're almost there hun!

  12. That bathing suit is to die for beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend with your bestie!!


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