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*DUE DAY* Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 40


Here I am, 40 weeks in all it's misery I mean glory.

I have loved sharing my pregnancy journey with you all. Not only do I have a great "diary" of my pregnancy, but I received such overwhelming kindness, love and prayers from you all and it has been so amazing! I can't thank you enough!

We go to the doctor first thing in the morning to check for progress and get the low down on being induced. Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter as I'll be updating y'all there :)

Due Date | TODAY!

Gender | BOY! <-- click to see our gender reveal.
Name | Maddox Brian Mills -aka- our little mad man

Size | Over 19-22" long and 6-9 lbs.I'm crossing my fingers for some pudgy cheeks and rolls on his legs!

Feeling/Body| Overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. I can't believe 40 weeks has come and here I am, anxiously awaiting some sign of labor to finally meet my baby boy! I've fallen in love with him over the last 9 months and I know that love is about to grow one bazillion times more when I see his sweet face for the first time.

Oh and my body? It feels like every pregnant woman at 40 weeks I'm sure. Huge and uncomfortable, like it can't take another day. And then it does...

Hormones | None! Just overwhelming joy and happiness :)

Weight | My official pregnancy weight gain: 35lbs for a total weight of 155lbs. I'll take it! Now to get back to my pre-baby body...
Sleep | I am still sleeping pretty comfortably, but I do look forward to sleeping on my stomach again! I have also been having a ton of labor and delivery dreams only to wake up in my bed with so signs of little man...

Nursery | See the full reveal here!

Fun Fact | My breast milk will provide him with antibodies to build up his immune system. The human body is amazing!
Best Moment of The Week | Reaching my due date and knowing he's coming any moment!

Next Apt. | Friday, March 13th if Maddox doesn't arrive sooner. This apt will be to schedule induction if he doesn't appear on his own.

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19 comments on "*DUE DAY* Diary Of A Pregnant Girl || Week 40"
  1. So excited for you, can't wait to "meet" baby Maddox! Good luck with the delivery :)

  2. Enjoy meeting your little one!!

  3. Happy due date!! Really hoping Maddox decides to make his arrival today but if not, at least tomorrow you know it will be happening!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Since i didn't know you before pregnancy, I love seeing that picture on the left. You are so great at maternity style! I love the way you rock the bump! So excited for Maddox to be here :)

  5. Happy Due Date!!! and good luck with your appointment today! I'm so excited for you! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. You look fantastic! I only found your blog towards the end of your pregnancy, but you look fantastic -- even if you are super uncomfortable. One of my best friends was due with her son last Friday and they have an induction scheduled for tomorrow. These sweet March baby boys are just not ready to come out!

  7. You are still looking fabulous, lady! Can't wait for you to meet your little man. Fingers crossed and best wishes for your appointment tomorrow!

  8. Yayyy happy due day and congrats on making it to 40 weeks!! Good luck with the delivery :)

  9. This is so so exciting!! Good luck with your delivery and enjoy finally getting to meet your little one!

  10. Yay! Happy Due Date!
    How weird is it that you're about to be a family of 3? I mean, not like you aren't aware... but really. Ah! This is going to change everything. So fun.

  11. You. Look. AMAZING!!! You are stunningly beautiful inside and out. THAT HAIR! Man I want to be preg just for the hair! (kidding!) Best of luck with L&D!!!!!!

  12. Happy Due Date!! Hopefully little man makes an appearance soon without being induced! You have only gotten more beautiful throughout your pregnancy!

  13. Woohoo! Can't wait for Maddox to arrive :)

  14. Eeek! It's here! Praying for you today - hope Maddox man makes his appearance sooner rather than later :)

  15. You are just beautiful! :) Can't wait to meet Mad man!

  16. Ah! Good luck! Ps I think I had that same dress when I was pregnant! :)

  17. I will be stalking like crazy! praying for you guys!

  18. Ah ah ah!! Anytime, come on Maddox!! <3

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