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Hospital Bags & Nurses Gifts

I started packing my bags at 37 weeks. I am a slowwwwww packer so I wanted to give myself some time to add and take away and rethink things as much as possible. Now, at 39 weeks, our bags are in packed and in the car, ready to go at any moment. They are in the car is because I'm still working full-time so I want to have everything with me if I go into labor at work so we don't have added stress of anyone going back home to get them.

If y'all have anything you would add to this list please do share! As a first time and clueless mom, I've done quite a bit of research and I am sure I have over packed, but I'd rather over pack than under pack in this scenario any day!

→ Robe, easy access pj's for nursing, slippers, fuzzy socks and shower flip flops.
→ Personal shower towel: The hospitals are scratchy and well... not mine.
→ Disposable underwear a size big: I know the hospital provides these, but I purchased my own cotton undies for comfort purposes. 
→ Maxi pads: The hospital also provides these, but they are HUGE. I purchased the (still huge) pads you got in elementary school from the nurses office.
→ Nursing bras & pads: I bought these from Amazon. Super comfortable and they unclip in the front for nursing.
→ Yoga pants & cotton tee's.
→ Going home outfit: Bring something loose fitting and comfortable. Jeans aren't recommended.
→ Pillow: Make sure it's not a white pillow case so it doesn't get mixed in with the hospitals pillows.
→ Toiletries: Travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, deodorant, hair ties, bobby pins, blow dryer. I also brought Rose water spray because I'm obsessed and it will give my face hydration in the dry hospital. Also nice if I get over heated giving birth.
→ Makeup: I'm keeping my make-up minimal so I brought cleansing wipes, BB cream, face powder, waterproof mascara and don't forget the chapstick!
→ Calming essential oil.


→ Extra set of clothes and pajama's: He can always run home if he needs more than one outfit, but it's nice to have one so he doesn't have to leave in the early exciting moments of your child's birth.
→ Slippers
→ Pillow: with a distinguishable case so it doesn't get mixed in with the hospitals.
→ Toiletries


→ Ipad, headphones
→ Camera, tripod, memory card
→ Wireless bluetooth speaker ( I own this one and love it )
→ Chargers, batteries


→ Diapers & Wipes: I know most hospitals provide these and they don't really use wipes on newborns right away, but I am bringing a couple extra just because.
→ Swaddle blankets, blanket for car seat coming home.
→ Socks, newborn hats.
→ Coming home outfit, plus a couple NB onsies.


→ Car seat & base already installed.
→ Paperwork: Insurance cards & ID.
→ Birth plan (if you have made one).


→ Nurses Gifts: (Pictured below) I've prepared some goodies for the nurses who help bring our baby boy into the world to say "thank you". I racked up the $1 aisle at Target and made 6 gifts. It cost me less than $20 for all of it including the containers, tissue paper, goodies inside and thank you cards.
→ Bag for "take home" items: I always hear you get to take home what you don't use like extra ice packs, diapers, pads, etc. So I'm bringing an empty bag to carry all that home in.
→ Snacks: granola bars, trail mix, chips, gum, bottled water etc. for if the munchies or boredom occur.
→ Phone list: I made a draft group text on my husbands phone of people to contact once Maddox is born, but I also have the phone number listed for the pediatrician who does an immediate hospital visit at his birth also. 
→ Body pillow
→ Nursing pillow

22 comments on "Hospital Bags & Nurses Gifts"
  1. I feel like packing for the hospital really makes it real! I've been waiting for the day you don't post for a few days and then I'll know Maddox is here! :) Any day now!!!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Lanolin ointment! That will be a lifesaver.

  3. great list! you sound like you are totally prepared!! i have a lot of similar things in my bag -- i also brought hard candy and pineapple juice (apparently the juice gets your milk going!...worth a try). xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. That boppy cover is adorable! Definitely saving that link for my future! You're getting so close! I can't imagine the excitement you're having!! Happy Friday!!

  5. this is awesome--love the sweet thankyou gifts! BABY M WILL BE HERE SO SOON! YAY!!!!

  6. It's practically HERE! Can you believe it?

    After you have Maddox, I think it would be awesome if you revisited this list and told us what you used, what you didn't and what you wish you would have had!

  7. What a great list!! Those thank you gifts are just the cutest and I'm sure the nurses will be so thankful that you thought of them! Maddox is practically here woohoo!!!

  8. Chapstick. The rooms are ALWAYS cold and if you get an IV you will get more cold and your lippies will get chapped.

    Also, how nice are you for doing gifts!

  9. I am SO excited for you friend! Those thank you cards are TO die for.

    Sending you lots of love & prayers, can't wait to meet (via the blog!) your little guy!

    xo Fal

  10. I wish I had brought nurse gifts. I was in the hospital for 5 days and had amazing nurses who took care of me and baby. I wish I would have brought something for them! Even, just a thank you note!

  11. A friend of mine told me to bring women's Depend adult diapers for after the birth. She said she like the easy up/down, just one thing to deal with. Great list and I'm totally saving it for July!!

  12. I love that boppy cover! Your little man will be here any day now. What an exciting time!!

  13. Those nurses gifts, you are the sweetest!! I know they will sure be touched by those :)

  14. It sounds like you have it pretty much covered! I don't know if you wear contacts or not, but if you do, definitely bring glasses as well. I was too exhausted to want to fuss with my contacts after Joshua was born. I also brought my laptop so I could document Joshua's birth story right after it happened (while he was sleeping, obviously) so I wouldn't forget a single detail. :)

    I can't believe he could come any day now!!! EEEK! :)

  15. Those little gifts to the nurses are so stinkin sweet!! It is a hard job and when someone stops and says thanks, it makes your day and you never forget that kind of thing. I'm in nursing school, but have worked in healthcare for a while. Take EVERYTHING in the room when you leave! They are required to throw it all away when they clean the room so don't feel guilty. Plus, you end up paying for it ;) I also had a nurse show me how to make ice packs out of diapers (yes I'm for real) instead of using the big ice packs a after birth-- I'm sure your nurses will know how, a nice trick to know!! Good luck :) enjoy this exciting time.

  16. So many great recommendations! The nurses gifts are so sweet. Xo, Stephanie

  17. I need this!!! I was getting ready to make a list this weekend. Thanks! :)

  18. That's a good list! I packed super early last time too, but I think this time I'll be more lazy and pack last minute. I didn't really use much because I wasn't there but hardly over 24 hours. I know I'll just be ready to come back home so light packing is the hope this go round!

  19. The list is looking great mama! Seems you caught everything ...I'm a terrible over packer so you wouldn't even want my "way to big" list. Eeek it's getting closer!!

  20. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it's really here! Love the nurses thoughtful and cute!

  21. So glad you posted this for me to have now! Packing soon and this is a major help!


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