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The Creative Closet || A Little Bit Of Lace

When I think of lace I automatically think "dainty". It's the first thing to pop into my mind! So I knew I wanted to take this prompt in the direction of the ultimate girly girl. Lace, pink, pearls and all! This outfit screams girly girl to me with the bold pops of pink and floral pattern paired with the lace. I absoutely love it! You know those outfits you put together and you just feel... good? Well that was this number for me! I felt confident and beautiful and I think that is important for a woman.

I actually didn't even know I had this skirt in my closet so when I went hunting down lace I was so excited to find this pretty pink number buried in the depths of my clothes. Another reason I love this link-up! It forces you to dig sometimes and luckily I found an item I didn't even know I had. Now I can create many "new" outfits from this skirt. #winning

I know Jana is so ready to have her baby girl, but she nailed another number in her maternity fashion (and that braid has me swooning)! Her looks will be missed for the next few weeks as she enjoys bringing her new baby girl into the world! Wishing you a healthy and safe birth! As always Karly looks gorgeous. I love how she made her lacy number casual with jeans and a cute sandal. Be sure to visit their blogs for outfit details.

Top || Skirt (no clue!) || pearls || wedges (old) similar || clutch (clearance)

My feature of the week was SO hard to choose, but I loved the look Shea created with her jogger pants. She looks comfy casual and I'm so jealous of how well she rocks the jogger pants. They are a fashion trend I've been nervous to try. Great job to all of you! Make sure to visit Jana's blog to see her feature this week!

JUNE!? What! How? We have some awesome prompts up ahead with fabulous co-hosts. Join us next Tuesday and show off your FRINGE!

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The Creative Closet

Holiday Weekend Wear || Maxi Style

dress (maternity) || jacket (last year) similar || bag (old) || sunnies || shoes (old) similar || necklace

I am so stinking excited for a long weekend with hubby home. We plan on spending it out and about, in the yard and up at the lake. Where else!? This outfit is perfect for roaming around town, maybe the farmers market or a lunch at the marina. Can you believe this is a maternity dress? That's what I love about maternity wear these days; you can still wear it post pregnancy! In my opinion that is a huge deal because who has the money to expand their wardrobe for clothes they will only wear 9 months and possibly never again? There are some people out there, but I'm not one of them. So I love that most maternity sites now make forgiving clothing that transitions from covering a bump to flattering a post baby figure. Motherhood maternity is one of those shops and a top favorite of mine.

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

Flirty Dress

dress (sold out) || shoes || bag (old) similar || earrings || bracelet (old) || luxy hair || braid tutorial

Use code: THEMODERNTULIP for 20% off your purchase

This dress from Oakleigh Rose Boutique is my new everything! I don't get dressed up that often anymore so wearing a dress and a heel makes this girly girl feel so good inside and out! I wore this outfit on a date night last week. Jon's parents have been so gracious about giving us a couple hours of free babysitting one night a week. It's been SO good for the both of us. Not only am I happy to have some one on one time with my main squeeze, but it's so good for Maddox to get some quality time with his grandparents. They are going to play such a special role in his life and I am grateful he will grow up close to them!

Are your children able to grow up close to family? If not, do you take time to Facetime with distant relatives?

Maddox || Two Months Old


It's cliche, I know, but I'm finding it hard to believe Maddox is already two months old. It's just a good reminder to soak it all up because it's going to fly by! This has been a fun month because his personality has really started to shine through. He is no longer just a newborn that sleeps all the time and doesn't really interact. Now he is reacting, smiling, cooing. It's amazing!

I moved him to his crib at 5 weeks old hoping because he was so young he would adapt easily and start sleeping more heavily as well. Turns out I have a great sleeper because he never came back to our room. He loves his crib and started sleeping through the night at that time. I was a nervous wreck the first night he was up there. I was checking the monitor hourly and running up the stairs a few times a night just to make sure he was still breathing. We have created a nice little routine now and he is consistently sleeping through the night. I feed him at 7pm, have play time and then bath at 8pm. I feed him again at 8:30 and he is down by 9pm. He wakes up between 6am-7am for a feeding and then goes back down until 9am. I was originally bringing him back to bed with me after that morning feeding, but I realized that is a great time for me to get a lot of stuff down including shower, emails, workout, breakfast, etc. So it's become a nice routine for us :)

Napping on the other hand isn't really going all too well. One day he will take two naps, a 2 hour one and a 3 hour one. Then the next day he naps for 20mins 5 times a day. I just can't figure it out and create any type of consistency. Tips fellow mama's?

Maddox is all about being independent. He loves to stand constantly. Of course we are holding him, but not much! His legs are so strong and he is holding himself up we are just keeping him balanced. He is holding his head up more and more now. Still a little wobbly, but he's definitely getting stronger. He also likes sitting up as well. He is such a squirm worm he never stops moving! If he is on his back his legs are kicking constantly and arms are throwing hooks non stop. He no longer likes to be put on my chest when he is being carried. He has to have his head over my shoulder so he can see everything going on. The only time he will lay on my chest is when he's napping. I'm grateful he will still do that! I treasure those moments!

He is finding and following voices now. He absolutely loves when his Daddy comes home and he hears him. His eyes get wide before he even sees him and once he does he shows off his big toothless grin. You can tell this makes Jon's eyes light up - he eats it up! He is also making major eye contact now. He will stare at me while I talk to him like he is studying my every word. Speaking of every word, our conversations are the best. I'm not sure what we are talking about, but I love every moment of it. Along with his cooing he has started to squeal a bit too. I'm loving it and hoping to catch a giggle in the near future.

He isn't to the point where I can put him down and he can entertain himself just yet. He will chill in his swing for about 20 minutes in the morning without me cooing at him, but he won't just lay and talk to himself. It's tough entertaining him all day long, but I just keep reminding myself one day he won't need me all day long.

He still despises getting dressed. He squirms like crazy! Won't have a minute of tummy time. And hates a quiet room. He has to have noise. Seriously if I can't get him down for a nap I put him in his swing, turn on the vacuum or blow dryer and he is out in a matter of seconds. I

Mama's, I'm curious what to expect next! What's the biggest change you saw in your baby from two months to three months?

The Creative Closet || Pattern on Bottom

If you share your Creative Closet look on social media make sure to use #thecreativecloset so Jana and I can come give you some love!

glasses || top (clearance) similar || skirt || shoes || bag

You know what I realized upon preparing for this week's prompt? I purchase patterns in tops, but not bottoms. It only made it that much easier to pick an outfit this week since I had so little to choose from, but I was surprised to learn that about myself. Once upon a time I had an adorable, yet impractical pair of floral heels I would have loved to base an outfit on, but I gave them away mid-pregnancy knowing I would probably never wear them again chasing a little dude around!

Speaking of little dude, Maddox decided to join us this week with his pattern on the bottom and top. That's right, over achiever. He told me to tell you he had a different diaper in mind, but he blew it out just before taking these pictures. Luckily he spared my clothes this time.

Jana makes me want to be pregnant again! She is rocking both style and comfort this week with her skinny legs! Jacqui is pulling off a Summer style I'm always nervous to try. Peaking the midriff, but she killed it! Make sure to visit each of there blogs to see their outfit details and leave them some love.

 diaper || tank (clearance) similar

My featured blogger from last week's theme, East Coast Prep, is our co-host this week, Jacqui from Drink The Day. She looks all sorts of beach babe prep with her colored shorts, button up shirt, topsiders and a basic ball cap. I really think the hat and the topsiders completed the look. Visit Jana's blog to see her pick this week!

I'm excited for Tuesdays theme, LACE! I personally think "dainty" when I hear lace, but I'm excited to see all of your takes on the theme.

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The Creative Closet

Motherhood Lately

Don't mind me, I'm just over here blowing the dust off my keyboard. Seriously, how has it been.... oh I don't know... forever since I've blogged? Oh right, I'm a mama who is learning how to balance life and it's only taken me roughly two months to finally fall into a groove! I really have missed blogging so I'm excited to finally get back into the swing of things full time again. What changed? Maddox has fallen into a nice little routine and is sleeping through the night PLUS taking two decent sized naps during the day. I am no longer sleep deprived and I have time to get stuff done, y'all! This lady is a happy camper.
Since it's my first post back I figured I would share a bit of motherhood lately and also let y'all know that I plan on coming back to posting full time with the exception of Monday's. During the Summer months we spend so much time at the lake on the weekends that I can never get my act together Sunday night to have a post up Monday morning. And you can bet your bottom dollar I won't be organized enough to have it prepared before then. So I will be posting Tuesday - Friday each week (with the exception of today of course). Or at least that's the plan :)

On to #momlife -aka- the best life in the world!
Being a mother has rocked my world. I absolutely loved being pregnant, but having my little man in my arms now is now the toughest, but most rewarding job in the whole world! I feel like I have finally found my niche. God made me to be a mother. My heart has always known that, but I've been reassured upon having Maddox. 

He is the best kid y'all. So laid back and all smiles! I will be sharing more about what's he doing and how he has changed on Wednesday for his two month post. Que the tears!

I struggled the first month feeling like motherhood was way harder than I thought it was going to be. The first 4-5 weeks seem to be the hardest for many women that I talk to. But we quickly crossed that hurtle and now I'm just enjoying watching Maddox become his own little person. So full of life and charisma. His little personality is really starting to show through so it's a lot of fun to be with him all day. We have some of the best conversations now that he is cooing :)

sleeper || Old Navy

It's funny what is difficult and what isn't about becoming a mother. I thought being selfless with my time and body would be hard, but that came easy. As soon as he was born I no longer put myself first. His needs always come before mine even if that means holding my pee for an hour because he is napping on my chest and I can't bare to disturb him. 

The hardest part for me has been to remember my husband comes before Maddox. The first few weeks of Maddox's life were such a blur. I felt like all I did was feed, hold, rock, change, bathe, repeat that I had no energy or time for Jon other than to ask him to hold Maddox while I wash the spit-up out of my hair. Now that Maddox is older it's a bit easier, but I still find myself tending to Maddox or playing with him when I should be focusing my attention to Jon and letting Maddox chill in his swing contently. I'm assuming this will always be a constant struggle, but it's SOOOO important to me to remember I was a wife before I was a mother.

What about you? What has been the hardest part of motherhood thus far and how old is your child?