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Now let's talk about blurry pictures. My worst enemy. I'm so Type A about my photos that this absolutely kills me to share today, but I have no choice! I wore this outfit traveling to Atlanta on Saturday with my two dudes - totally comfy travel outfit. It had actually been spit up on three times (all of which I got out immediately) only to take my blurry pictures at dusk when we arrived. It was that or take pictures at a truck stop gas station. Dangit! This is where I insert "#lifehappens".

Side note - traveling with a baby is.... whew! All of the "extras" we had to pack our trunk full with, scheduling when we left around his feedings, stopping to feed and change diapers, climbing in and out of the backseat to tend to Maddox. Shew! But I do have to say Maddox was a champ and didn't fuss unless his diaper was full or his belly was empty. I was so impressed!

Jana and I totally didn't plan styling our Chambray tops the same way, but I find it amusing! She completely rocked her look. The knot looks so much better over a sweet baby bump :) Anne looks so crisp and fresh in her white denim and chambray. I just love it for Spring!

Breaking news!! Jana and I will be selecting two bloggers from the previous week to feature in our Creative Closet posts! We want to show off your sense of style, and how you creatively addressed the prompt from the previous week. So keep linking up and giving each prompt your best for a chance to be featured. :)

Even if you are from the West Coast, you can show us your take on East Coast prep next week!

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9 comments on "The Creative Closet || Trusty Chambray"
  1. You can never go wrong with chambray! Love it! And girl, you look AMAZING!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. i honestly didn't even notice they were blurry until you said something :P but i'm right there Type A with ya! good thing you look adorable regardless!!

  3. ooh I love the light chambray with that orangey rust color. I never would think of that color pairing. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Um, can we just say how amazing you look for just having a baby?! Dang, girl! A maxi and tied up chambray shirt is one of my favorite combos. Glad the little man did well during your travels!

  5. I love the knotted look! This is so perfect for travel - definitely comfy, but the chambray adds a bit of interest and polish to turn it into an "outfit." And good for you making it through a trip with baby! I think you can cut yourself some slack on photos for that :)

  6. You look fantastic, first of all! I love this look, it's comfortable but it still looks polished. And traveling with a baby is hard work, so I totally agree with Anne about cutting yourself some slack on the photos (which look perfectly fine by the way)!

  7. Can I just say, you are looking SO good post baby. Like seriously, so good. Traveling with a baby is such a huge adjustment–I remember when we drove 10 hours to visit my parents for Christmas when Joshua was 3 months old. Woweee.

    Also, your pictures look totally fine. So don't worry. :)

  8. I love the way you tied your shirt! It's different than the traditional knot and it makes it so much more interesting!

  9. I totally understand about blurry pictures, they bother me! You still look amazing though which isn't hard to believe! Chambray is one of my favorites!


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