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The Creative Closet || My Favorite Sunnies

Sunnies only $10 || Top - old (similar) || Jeans || Shoes - TJMaxx || Purse

Please excuse the fact that I'm wearing these jeans... again. I keep them on repeat in the Summer because I love the fresh look and that they aren't as weighted as most of my jeans. Also, these shoes caught my eye at TJMaxx the other day and I didn't even hesitate putting them in my cart. I've been looking for a casual, non flip-flop shoe for awhile and these are perfect AND comfortable!

This prompt is right up my alley. I'm obsessed with sunglasses. I love all shapes, sizes and colors. They are such a fun accessory you can change up so easily to create a different look with your outfit. I feel like these sunnies scream "dressy casual" so I love pairing them with a

Okay Jana, the top knot is just too cute on you! Gracious I have hair envy all the time with that woman! And how gorgeous is Holly? I have hair envy with her too! Her sunglasses frame her face so gorgeously. Click on their names to view their complete looks and outfit details.

There were so many looks last week that I loved! It was so hard to choose, but I have to give some love to Ksenia, the two tones of green are so flattering together!

Join us next week for KIMONO COOL and explain to me how it's already July! Summer, you are passing too quickly!

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The Creative Closet

Mills Home Makeover || Step One: Planning

Jon and I have lived together in our home for three years now, but you wouldn't know it by the lack of decorations, personal touches and flow - I hesitate to even say that word because there is no such thing in our home. It's driven me crazy for years now, but we are both such slackers in the home renovation area that we have neglected to complete any project we've started. It's super frustrating, but we were both so busy that it got pushed to the side. Now that I'm a SAHM I see all of it, all day long. Needless to say I've been making lists and pinning my heart away to get my mind straight on the changes we will be making over this next year. Yes, year. Nothing happens fast over here, I take forever to make a decision, plus we only have 13 odd rooms to renovate so I'm giving us a year hoping that when we are stuck indoors this Winter a lot will go down.

I'm talking every room in the house besides the nursery and the kitchen is getting a makeover! The kitchen is already painted Revere Pewter (which I love), but I have yet to add accent colors in rugs, curtains, accessories so that will be done. I've picked out a color palette to use throughout the house and I plan on using different accent colors in each room so that there is a flow, but they are all different and give off different vibes. But I'm definitely sticking with cool tones for flow. I love clean, white, cool decor with pops of color.

Benjamin Moore Cool Toned Color Palette
Benjamin Moore a - Quiet Moments, b - Gray Owl, c - Revere Pewter,
 d - Camouflage, e - Simple White, e - Wedgewood Gray
Does anyone else get ulcers thinking about paint colors, decorations, curtains, etc? I seriously set into panic mode for some reason. I know it's not permanent, but I also know it won't get fixed for a long time if I don't like it so I have to make the right decision the first time. No pressure...

And this is exactly why nothing gets done around here. #truelife

Don't worry, I plan on sharing progress (before & after) pictures here on the blog, but feel free to follow along on Instagram too. You can expect to see lots of wine, paint and progress reports. If you could begin praying for mine and Jon's sanity now we would truly appreciate it. I plan on heading to Lowes tonight to pick up the first gallon of paint. First up, the living room. We spend the majority of our time in there so I figured that was a good starting place. 
I think my stomach just churned.

Establishing A Nap Routine

Maddox, at 9 weeks old, began a rough "schedule" of sleep, wake, feed, play, nap. There wasn't a set schedule or time frame to it, but there was a rough outline if you will. It was making things way easier to have a semi-routine, BUT we were lacking a nap routine majorly! His naps were all over the place so I really wanted to create some consistency for the both of us. After playtime I was starting to read his sleepy cues, but he wasn't going down for naps consistently. He would be super fussy, fighting sleep and make me crazy trying to get him down time after time. After numerous failed attempts to get him to sleep I decided to get serious about making a routine. And what a relief it has been! 

Our nap time routine looks a little like this: upon reading his sleepy time cues we head into the nursery and turn on his desktop fan for white noise. I make sure he has a clean diaper and then we read a book while rocking and he fades quickly - I never make it through an entire book. I then give him his paci and rock him to sleep or until his eyes are rolling. Whether he's asleep or half asleep I lay him down. Usually he will stay asleep, but if his eyes happen to pop open I lay my hand on his chest and makes "shooshing" sounds for a minute until he drifts off into sleep. In the beginning he would keep waking up (because he wasn't sure what was going on) but I stayed consistent and would repeat laying my hand on his chest and shooshing him until he fell asleep and stayed asleep for a decent nap. It was time consuming and exhausting, but so worth it. Now I lay him down and he stays asleep for 20-60mins.

Establish A Nap Routine With Your Baby

Now, the good stuff. Tips on establishing your nap routine. 

Step one. COFFEE. Kidding, but not kidding. This is my way of saying stock up on something to cope because there is a chance establishing a nap routine won't be easy and you will need something to divulge in. So whether it be chocolate, coffee or online shopping at Target - prepare yourself.

Step two. Make a game plan. It is crucial that you create a game plan and set your mind to it. Don't wait until you are walking your baby around, shooshing him/her to sleep for their first nap of the day to decide where your are going to lay him down at. After you've put your baby down for bed at night, take a moment before you go to sleep to get your mind straight for the next day.

Step three. Set the mood. Maddox can't sleep just anywhere anymore. That newborn stage is OVER :( So I have to set the mood for him. It's a combination of white noise + dim lighting + cool temp + blankie. Sounds high maintenance, but so am I when it comes to my sleep. Who doesn't want to be comfortable?

Step four. Consistency. Stick to your routine to make it a routine. Makes sense and seems easy right? Well, I made the rookie mistake of trying something new if it didn't work the first time. I would get frustrated and think I needed to try something different. For example, if I rocked Maddox to sleep in his nursery and then laid him in his crib and he woke right up then I would pick him up and walk him around in a different room in the house and then lay him in his crib once he fell asleep. This confused him. By creating and sticking to a nap time routine Maddox understood what time it was as soon as we sat down in the rocking chair in the nursery. 

Step five. Leave the room. Once your baby is asleep, don't sit there and watch them or hesitate to see if they wake back up. They can sense you. Maddox was too alert and if he knew I was around he wouldn't fully sleep. So upon laying him down I would leave the nursery and watch him on the monitor. If I saw him start moving around or open his eyes I would go in and repeat the "hand on chest, shooshing" method until he was asleep. But keep leaving the room after every time.

Obviously this is all just my experience and what I was comfortable with. We can take advice all day long, but you can take bits and pieces and do what's best for you and your baby. 

Good luck and happy sleeping! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Creative Closet || Pop Of Neon

Top (similar) || Jeans || Heels || Bag (old)

I have been dying to break these pumps out! I've been completely scared to wear them because I despise drawing attention to myself - I seriously cringe when people stare at me. I prefer to blend into the crowd and these heels make that impossible, but I broke out of my comfort zone and did it. You know what, I got a lot of compliments! Turns out people are really into neon right now. 

I chose to pair my pop of neon with a more toned down outfit so I didn't feel "overdone". And chambray goes with everything, right? I really love this look. I imagine wearing it out to a dinner at the beach, just swapping the jeans out for shorts or a skirt.

Can you just look at that beautiful mama and baby Felicity! Jana is gorgeous with her bold lip and neon sandals. Plus I'm totally smitten with her baby girl! Speaking of baby girls, Britt is expecting her first girl in November (YAY)! She threw in some contrast for us with a bright pop of coral and I'm loving it for Summer! Click on each of their names to see their full posts and outfit details.

Shea rocked last week's theme, sporty chic. Her cardigan reminds me of a throw back sports jacket and I love that she paired it with a polka dot skirt for a girly effect and then made it sporty with a pair of converses. Head over to Jana's blog to see her pick.

Next week, MY FAVORITE SUNNIES! We all know you have a go-to pair of sunnies that make you feel fab. Let's see them Tuesday!

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The Creative Closet

Maddox || Three Months Old


Three months and I think I'll just say this is my favorite new stage. -HINT- I say that every time something changes or he starts doing something new. I have to say my new favorite thing is Maddox is beginning to laugh. We've enjoyed the coo's, grunts and chatter, but I am loving the sound of his laugh. If I tickle and kiss under his cheek in his neck, he laughs and laughs. #idie

He's wearing size 2 diapers and fitting into 3-6months clothing. It was a sad day when I started packing up all the newborn and 0-3 pieces :(

Onsie & shoes - Old Navy
The fussy stage is slowly going away and we're enjoying the fact that he is interacting with people, having "conversations", watching things, entertaining himself. It's all so enjoyable! He is going through a bit of a mommy phase right now where he fusses when he realizes someone else besides me is holding him. It can be a bit frustrating, but I am trying to stay patient and soak it up while I can because I know one day he won't want me so much.

Hat - Old Navy || Bathing Suit - Target
He loves the water which is great because he will be growing up on the lake! His daddy water skied by the time he was 4! 

He has started picking up his feet and "walking" when we stand him up, which makes me think he is going to skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. I'd be fine with it. Either way he is going to run me ragged I'm sure! 

We took him for a ride in his jogging stroller for the first time on Monday and he loved it! He was staring up at the sky and all the trees while we were running the trail. He is so aware and interested in his surroundings. Other than watching him I didn't enjoy it. Pushing a jogging stroller while running is completely different and something I'll have to get used to. Not using my arms feels so much harder. 

Onsie - Old Navy || Blanket - Saffron & Nutmeg
He's pushing about 9-11 hours of sleep a night... PRAISE THE LORD. Napping still isn't the best, but he's taking naps. He sleeps about 20 minutes every 1 1/2 hours. I wish it was two long naps throughout the day, but I'll take what I can get. I'll actually be sharing a post next week about how we established a nap routine.

Onsie - Calvin Klein
He grabs his toys and brings them to his mouth. He pulls mommy's hair and always takes a few strands with him. He loves seeing his doggies and when they lick him. He has learned to grab his paci and pull it from his mouth, but not how to put it back in. Yeah, that's a fun game. Not. He loves watching tv (oops) but mommy only let's him watch The Chew and Ellen. #quality

Overall, he has continued to capture our hearts since the moment we saw him. His grin melts my heart, his many faces make us laugh and his personality is just plain endearing. He's our angel baby!

Maddox's First Pool Day

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to use a friends pool so we could watch Maddox experience his first swim. The lake is still sooooo cold so we can't get in yet. Let me rephrase that. I refuse to get in the water until it feels like bath water. So I was really anxious to put Maddox in his swimsuit and see his reaction to the water plus get some pool time myself.

Turns out I have a water baby on my hands! He LOVES it! I half expected it because he loves his bath so much, but I still wasn't sure how he would react. He was so calm and interested in the bright colors of the pool. He really liked standing on the side and "jumping" in where I would submerge him up to his shoulders with a splash and then put him right back on the side and he would smile so big. I have a daredevil baby. He isnt afraid to be tossed in the air, dunked in the pool, etc. #lordhelpme

He didn't like being laid on his back, but if you put him on his belly he would kick his feet, which was so cute! I didn't realize babies have an instinct of how to swim from like 0-6 months. Isn't that neat!? I'm looking forward to a lot more pool/lake days this Summer watching my water baby splash around!

Now... picture overload. #sorryimnotsorry

PS. My suit is from TJMaxx, Maddox's bottoms are Target and his hat is Old Navy.