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The Creative Closet || My Favorite Sunnies

Sunnies only $10 || Top - old (similar) || Jeans || Shoes - TJMaxx || Purse

Please excuse the fact that I'm wearing these jeans... again. I keep them on repeat in the Summer because I love the fresh look and that they aren't as weighted as most of my jeans. Also, these shoes caught my eye at TJMaxx the other day and I didn't even hesitate putting them in my cart. I've been looking for a casual, non flip-flop shoe for awhile and these are perfect AND comfortable!

This prompt is right up my alley. I'm obsessed with sunglasses. I love all shapes, sizes and colors. They are such a fun accessory you can change up so easily to create a different look with your outfit. I feel like these sunnies scream "dressy casual" so I love pairing them with a

Okay Jana, the top knot is just too cute on you! Gracious I have hair envy all the time with that woman! And how gorgeous is Holly? I have hair envy with her too! Her sunglasses frame her face so gorgeously. Click on their names to view their complete looks and outfit details.

There were so many looks last week that I loved! It was so hard to choose, but I have to give some love to Ksenia, the two tones of green are so flattering together!

Join us next week for KIMONO COOL and explain to me how it's already July! Summer, you are passing too quickly!

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13 comments on "The Creative Closet || My Favorite Sunnies"
  1. You look so great!
    No one can fault you for wearing those white skinnies again--they are brilliant!

  2. You look gorgeous as always but that pop of yellow from the wall makes these photos incredible! My favorite sunnies right now are super similar to these and were only $12 - Yay for cheap sunnies!

  3. white jeans are life in the summer. and wait, seriously where is this gorgeous yellow wall!? as you've probably seen, my brick background could use an update lol!

  4. You look gorgeous - loving these photos. Those also are the perfect pair of sunnies!

  5. I'm in love with your shoes! Very cute outfit!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. OOOh I love your outfit and your sunnies! So so cute! Excited for the July themes, hoping to have time to linkup! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I love the color of your top on you! Gorgeous with your skin tone. Also, I would be wearing my white jeans on repeat too...if they fit me right now! Haha, I need to find another pair. My hips got just a touch wider this pregnancy (oh joy!)...

  8. These pictures are awesome Maegen, love the yellow wall! Loving your sunnies, and $10?!

  9. I wouldn't change out of those jeans either!
    The top and sunnies are perfection, I really want sunnies like yours all of mine are a bit bulky but yours are definitely a wearable to any occasion style. Adore! :)

  10. This is just how I want to look all summer!! You look laid-back but still so put-together. I love the crisp white and blue combo! Good find on the shoes too! So mad at myself for forgetting to wear sunnies for blog pics... I'll join in next week again though! :)

  11. That whole outfit from your sunnies to your shoes is perfect! Xo, Stephanie


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