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Floral Maxi and Salty Air


 dress || purse || watch || sunglasses --> $12. Use code THEMODERNTULIP for 20% off

We made it to South Carolina and I'm breathing in salty air into my lungs. It's good for the soul. Can we all agree there is just something special about the sound of waves crashing and salty, humid air? And you may not have seen from Instagram that I chopped my hair off! 7" gone! Just in time for 108 degree temps here in Myrtle Beach.

This dress (sold out in my color, but I linked a similar option in blue) was absolutely perfect for traveling with a baby. Pink Blush has been a favorite store of mine ever since my pregnancy. They dressed my bump fashionably with their maternity wear and now I'm shopping their non-maternity side. I love that they carry clothing that flatters a post-baby body. You mama's know there are more curves and jiggle than before and it's nice to still feel pretty while covering it all up. I loved wearing this dress to travel because the top folds down easily to nurse and I stayed warm in a car that my husband keeps feeling like the North Pole. He freezes me out!

Here are some other cute items I'm also super obsessed with plus this dress which is currently sitting in my shopping cart because I'm obsessed with this style and I love that pattern! 

They are currently offering 50% off all clearance right now with code: SALESALE

Now I'm off to put my babe's toes in the ocean for the very first time! Eeeek! There is something so special and fun about experiencing all of these "firsts" with my boy.

I'm Ready For My Vacation

tank (less than $9) || shorts (thrifted)

Can I be gushy for a hot second?

Mmmkay, thanks. This kid brings such joy to my heart. At least once a day I send my husband a text of this adorable face and remind him I am in love with the offspring we created and ask him when we can make 7 more...

I just can't get enough of him. I want a house full of these faces even if it means loosing my sanity over sleep deprivation for the next few years to come. I know there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. There always is.

Okay, end of the mushy, gushy.

We are taking this boy to put his toes in the sand for the very first time on the East Coast. We are actually heading out late this morning and I'm still packing... Why do I wait until the last minute? And why is there so much more to take with a baby involved? I did this when it was just me and Jon ( <-- should that be "Jon and I"? I hate English.) and it stressed me to the max. Now I chose to do it again when I only have a thousand more things to pack toting a baby along. #lordhelpme

I'm also cleaning house - yet another quirk of mine - I can't stand coming home to a dirty, cluttered house. Unpacking and ridiculous amounts of laundry is enough chaos in itself. Why not have a fresh, clean home to do it in?

Once we get through the initial five hour car ride, that will probably take 7 hours with stops for feedings and diaper changes, it will be worth it to see this babe experience the ocean for the very first time. Prepare for Insta overload. Can't say I didn't warn ya.

Oh and...

Dear sharks, stay away. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Dining Room Inspiration Board


I mentioned in my Living Room Reveal that I'm currently working on decorating the master bedroom that has been freshly painted while simultaneously painting and decorating the dining room. The dining room really has my focus though because a goal of mine this year is to host more dinners and get-togethers with our friends and family. Right now I really don't feel like I have a welcoming space to do so.

Because I tend to get a little scatter-brained when I dabble in too many areas at once I wanted to reign it in and really give myself a focus board for our dining room so I can start searching for the perfect pieces to complete it. 

We already have the most gorgeous farm table that I built with my dad and that has really been my inspiration to work around for the rest of the room. The room was a hideous pumpkin orange before (just wait until you see the before photos) so I have lightened it up with a fresh coat of paint in a neutral white/gray color and I plan on going with a farmhouse/french and modern feel. Does that make sense? It sounds like I'm combining too many themes, but I really see it coming together smoothly. I want woods, whites, greenery and small pops of color in the blue china (currently searching for affordable pieces) and other decor in the room. But overall, neutral of course.

I want to create a space that I am proud to host gatherings in and that's just what I'm going to do!

I am by no means a decorator, but I have to say I am really enjoying the process of making our house our home and putting both of our personalities into it.

What do you think?

The Creative Closet || My Favorite Sandals

dress (sold out) || shoes || bag (old) similar || earrings || luxy hair || braid tutorial

Shoot y'all. The last 24-36 hours of my life feel like a blur. You may have seen from Instagram that my child has currently decided to fight sleep. He gets all cute and grins at me throughout the hours of fighting me to sleep. He thinks its a game and I'm all like, " Your cute, but your not that cute." I kid, he's totally adorable and his grin diffuses the frustration immediately. But still, it makes life difficult to get anything done.

You may recognize this outfit and these pictures because they are from a previous blog post. Turns out the camera was out of focus when we took pictures this weekend and it wasn't noticeable on the camera itself. When I hit upload and went to start editing I was crushed that my pictures were a blurry mess. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some. So I had to resort to an old post still sharing my favorite sandals ever. If you follow this blog at all you know I wear these all.the.time. Best $25 I've ever spent! 

Jana is making a basic tee, distressed jeans and sandals look good! I'm loving every bit of her casually, neutral outfit. And Jaelan also jazzed up a basic outfit with killer makeup and eye catching sandals. See their blogs for full outfits and details.

I really loved Leanna's look last week. She took metallics to the edgy level I was talking about with her bold red lip and metallic statement necklace. I really love it especially with the grungy cinder block as the backdrop for her photos. 

We have some fun prompts coming up for the month of August and some great co-hosts so I hope you'll join us each Tuesday creating a look surrounding the following themes.

Please don’t forget to link back to my post or Jana’s and let people know you’re joining us for The Creative Closet! OR, you can share the button in your post or on your sidebar.
The Creative Closet

Living Room Reveal

Finally, I am here with the living room reveal. The first room to be completed in our home. We have moved on to the master bedroom now. It has been painted and now I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pieces I have in mind to decorate. I am also simultaneously painting the dining room so that it's ready to be decorated next. I'm not very good at focusing on more than one room at a time or I loose direction so it's a slow process. This whole house redo is exhausting, but rewarding! Kind of like mamahood :-P

BEFORE: 4 years ago it was the dining room. How gorgeous is that farm table? It was a DIY project I built with my dad and I can't wait to fill it with babies!

And then just before M was born it became the living room. Literally I helped move this couch in my third trimester. I decided to swap the living room and dining room because I always felt secluded in the kitchen when people were over and I was preparing food. So now the living room is an extension off of the kitchen so when people are over or M is watching cartoons when he's older I can see him or be involved from the kitchen.

Looking at these before photos makes me cringe. How did I ever live for so long in such a drab environment with little to no decor and nothing representing our personal style? BLAGH!

So here is our beautiful new space where the sunlight just pours in and makes me smile, feel comfortable and proud all at once. The way every room in my home should make me feel!

I apologize the last picture is a different color. My chalkboard wasn't hung until Jon got home from work last night because in my household I am not allowed to hang things... It always ends poorly. I couldn't find anything I liked for that blank space on the wall so I created this DIY chalkboard that was once an old drab mirror ( I used this in our gender reveal) and I am excited to be able to change that chalkboard seasonally!

We mounted the tv to the wall and Jon and his dad worked hard to wire the tv through the wall so you wouldn't see any cords. One word: love. It looks so clean. Then we changed out the light fixtures for something more practical and added a dimmer switch. This makes me so happy now that I'm no being blinded in the face with those old light bulbs.

I picked up a few decor pieces and the gray chair in the corner, hung pictures and curtains and that was really it! It's amazing what a coat of paint and some decor pieces can do for a room. Also, greenery. I love it. I have a flower and plant addiction to begin with, but most of it stays outside. I've been slowly filling our home with more plants along with the weekly fresh flowers and I just love it!

The only change we plan on making to this room is making our own coffee table, this one I think, and ditching the ottoman. It's just not practical when we have family or friends over. There is nowhere to put their drinks.

And might I remind you, I cleaned, staged and removed all baby clutter before taking these pictures. This is our living room where we spend a majority of our time and it is usually messy for most of the day. I do make it look like this though before going to bed because I have OCD, type A personality problems and well you can read more about that in yesterday's post.

So, what do you think?


Paint color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
Pillows: TJMaxx with the exception of the flower pillow
home pillow: TJMaxx
flower pillow: Target
Curtains: Nate Berkus, Target
Lamps: Lowes Hardware, similar
Wall sconces: Lowes Hardware
Plants & Pots: Lowes Hardware
Gray Chair: Steinmart
rug and entryway rug: Target
Ladder shelf: Walmart
Silver frames: TJMaxx
Chalkboard: DIY, old mirror turned chalkboard
Entryway table and side table: Ikea
basket with blankets: TJMaxx
"Mills" Banner: Made by my lovely friend, Lauren
All small decor pieces are either Target or TJMaxx

Feel free to ask if you have any more specific questions or if I forget to mention something :)

10 Facts About The Girl Behind The Blog


First of all, thank you so much for all your love and encouragement from yesterday's post. I'm so happy to know it's something some of y'all needed at the right time (and that I'm not the only one who struggles).  Blogland is by far the best place to find and connect with other woman. I'm so grateful for all my sweet readers and friends I've made along the way! Hugs to all of you!

Today I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about myself, the girl behind the blog. I have my fair share of quirks and that's always fun to learn about someone. I'm hoping you'll share something about yourself too in the comments below. 

Without further adieu, 10 things about the blogger behind this blog.

1 || I can't go to bed unless the kitchen and living room are tidy. I'm talking no dishes in the sink (sometimes I even dry the dishes in the strainer and put them away), pillows fluffed, remote in it's "home". This type A, OCD is kind of obnoxious at times. Especially when I'm extremely tired and ready to go to bed. I know what you are thinking, "just ignore it on those nights." I can't! I wish I could, but instead I do it like a zombie so that when my head hits the pillow I can sleep easy. My husband likes to pick on me about this one by tossing the pillows around... drives me bananas.

2 || I wash and dry my jeans after every wear. I know I'm not supposed to for the sake of their "life", but I like them feeling clean and more importantly tight. Nothing is worse than constantly having to shimmy back into your jeans when all they want to do is slide down below your hips.

3 || I've always wanted an arm sleeve of tattoos. It probably has to do with my alter ego. When they say tattoos are addicting - it's true! But for now I'll stick with the two I have and it will most likely stay that way.

4 || I graduated the police academy in 2011. You can read the full story on that here. Most people are shocked by this discovery considering I'm a 5"2 blonde, girly female. But you can ask my husband, I have a very competitive side that likes to "keep up with the boys" and I've always enjoyed a challenge. Completing the PA is something I'll always be proud of even if my life turned in an unexpected direction upon graduating.

5 || I always pictured myself as a boy mom. When I pictured (and still do) being a mom to multiple children I picture 4 boys wrestling in the house and eating me out of food frequently. I picture smelly sports bags in the trunk and boys Nikes laying all over the floor by the front door. Is that weird? Maybe God will shake things up for me and surprise me with a girl in the future!

6 || Some days I don't brush my teeth until Maddox's first nap. Gross, I know, but I'm usually nursing a cup of coffee up until that point and we all can agree coffee and toothpaste don't mix! PS. If you are a coffee lover and a mama who ends up drinking it cold 99.9% off the time, try this iced coffee. It's the agave that makes it. #amazeballs

7 || I could eat Mexican all day. Every day. For the rest of my life. We seriously have tacos once a week at home. It's an addiction. I also secretly want to be the salsa dancer emoji every time I eat Mexican food. #dreambig

8 || If Jon and I don't pray over my dreams every night I have nightmares. I'm talking realistic night terrors. Each night Jon and I pray together before bed and we always pray "for angels to surround our dreams and to keep the Devil away". May sound crazy to some, but there have been a few nights where we haven't prayed that prayer and I've had terrifying, horrific dreams that leave me crying in bed. 

9 || I'm known for leaving laundry in the washer for days at a time. Rewashing that same load. Forgetting about it again. Rewashing for a third time. Switching it to the dryer and then leaving it there to wrinkle. Moral of the story? I despise laundry.

10 ||  I mentioned before I have a type A, OCD personality. Well, the red bubble notifications on my iPhone taunt me. I can't handle them. They have to go away as soon as I see them. Even if it means clicking Twitter to make the bubble disappear and checking back later to see what the notification was for.

What's something random or quirky about you?

Your Worth is in Jesus, not your statistics


I'm that girl who thrives off of productivity and excelling. Beating my own expectations.

I make lists for the thrill of checking things off. I set goals to demolish them.

I know some of you can relate. 

I've always had a goal to grow this blog into something big. Something I'm super proud of. And I have come a long way from where I started almost two years ago. (Have you ever gone back and read your first post) #cringe

Lately I've had the urge to work on my blog, grow my numbers, step up my game in the quality of my posts. I have ideas bursting out the seams and energy tingling in my finger tips to type, but there's one little hold up....

I ain't mad about it. He's by far the cutest little distraction I ever did see!

But adjusting to a new schedule, or lack thereof has been difficult for me. My free moments are few and far inbetween unless I'm willing to stay up past 11pm. And with a baby who wakes at 4am, currently, I am not willing to give up my sleep for this blog.

I'm having to learn patience and understanding. Once upon a time I would wake up early and blow through a to-do list before noon. Now laundry might be an all day affair depending on Maddox's temperament that particular day. 

Coming from a person who thrives on productivity and growth, I have had to accept that is not the stage of life I am in right now. Read this awesome post by my dear friend Jana who said it perfectly. She is no longer in the season of "hustle". I totally get that, now how to accept it? You know, not just choke it down and regurgitate when I feel like whining, but actually swallow that thought and digest it. Understand it.

I recently came upon this verse and it gave me some clarity. 

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?  Matthew 16:6

This verse reminds me my worth doesn't come from this world. My numbers and statistics on this blog don't matter. God isn't going to ask me how many Instagram followers I have. Or whether or not I published 5 posts a week. Or if my inbox is down to 0.

Granted I want to use this blog as a platform to spread His word, but I can do that in many ways without stressing myself to the max and stretching myself thin.

My to-do list each day looks a little something like this:

1. Fill my soul in His word so I have a chance at some sanity.
2. Make sure my husband is fed and knows he's loved and appreciated.
3. Keep my baby fed and snuggled and happy.
Anything else I get done after that is just a bonus!

If I've completed 1-3 each day, I need to feel a sense of accomplishment.

My "enough" is enough. Your enough is enough.