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Maddox || 5 Months Old


Maddox turned five months old on Wednesday. He celebrated with tears and tantrums. I celebrated with a ladies night out and a fish bowl margarita. 

Seriously, the cliche is real, how does time just go by so quickly? My baby is almost half a year old. It just can't be! I decided to change up the way I do these monthly updates and give them a little more structure. I noticed reading back on the previous months that I wasn't covering everything. So in hopes to capture it all I am making this more of a list type post so I cover all my bases. I hope you don't mind and find it easier to navigate. And I will go back and make the previous months the same format eventually.

Stats // At his 4 month apt he was 14.5lbs and 25 1/2" long. Tall baby! He's in size 2 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothing.

Eating // Maddox is still 100% breastfed. I plan on breastfeeding for as long as he will allow and my supply will keep up. No longer than 12 months though out of personal preference. Throughout the day he nurses every 3 hours, sometimes he will go 4 hours if he sleeps in.

We started implementing foods at 4 months. His pediatrician said he was ready and I knew well before that he was ready. He would reach for my food at restaurants. Take my spoon and put it to his own mouth mimicking me. So he caught on really quick. I feed him after each time he nurses except for the first feed of the morning and the last before bed. You may have seen his first taste of peaches on Instagram (still makes me pee my pants). Since then he has tried pears, avocado, sweet potato, and mango. He likes all of them, but doesn't show much interest in pears even though he will eat it. He like to suck on pickle spears (seeds scooped out) and carrot sticks. I think they both feel good on his gums.

Sleeping // He goes to bed between 6:30-7pm. We have a nice little bed time routine. We take a walk around the neighborhood, come back in for some short playtime with Daddy, then it's bath, pj's, prayers, a feeding and bed. He sleeps through the night until about 4am when he wakes for a dream feed and then goes right back to sleep until 7am. He takes 3-4 naps during the day ranging from 30mins to 1 1/2 hours. He has started self-soothing to go down to sleep, which has been wonderful! He requires a blankie pulled up my his face and his pacifier and he will drift to sleep on his own.

Developments // This last month has just been... WOW. So many changes. He has started sitting up on his own in the last week. He will eventually get tired and face-plant and/or make a movement too quickly and loose his balance and fall. It doesn't bother him though. He loves to stand and he's holding onto furniture and toys and standing on his own. He shows absolutely no interest in rolling over because he despises being on his stomach. His pediatrician and I both think he will skip crawling and go straight to walking. #lordhelpme

He is reaching for toys and whatever is in his line of sight constantly. I'll learn to move things out of his reach eventually when he spills my drink.

Personality // He is giggly and smiling all the time (except for last week, he either went through a huge development change or is teething horribly). He has recently found his screech and notices it gets people attention. Which only makes him louder! He loves his Daddy and gives him the biggest grin when he comes home in the evenings. He is such a happy, go with the flow baby unless he's over-tired or hungry. Then he lets his annoyance be known.

Body // He is starting to fill out more and more. I see a huge difference in his head and face. His eyes are turning from gray/blue to a blueish/green. I guess they are going to be green like Daddy. His hair is coming in quickly and it's the most beautiful blonde! Love!

Teething // Still no teeth yet, but his drooling is ridiculous. And his whole hand is always stuffed in his mouth and he gnaws it like crazy.

Loves // He loves his dragonfly "buggie" that his Nana bought him. He takes him everywhere. He loves meeting new people and smiles at everyone he meets. He loves watching the dogs when Daddy plays fetch with them. He enjoys riding in his jogging stroller and being outside. He loves his Baby Einstein playmat and will self-entertain for awhile. Still enjoys his baths. And my personal favorite, he loves helping Mommy cook dinner while he sits in his Bumbo seat on the counter and watches. Seriously, I love it. I enjoy talking to him, telling him what I'm doing, watching him watch me stir.

He also enjoys his jumping in his Jolly Jumper. Seriously, most amazing invention ever for the independent child who prefers being on their feet over lying/sitting down.

Dislikes // He still doesn't care for getting into his carseat, but once we are going in the car and if he has a toy he is fine and will entertain himself until our next stop. Unless he's overtired and then he will cry himself to sleep in his seat. He hates having his clothes changed, which makes him so hard to dress! He will flail his arms all over and fuss. It's a huge fight! So I'm not kidding when I say I will let him stay in dirty clothes unless they are soaked through or pooped on. I'm past the phase of changing him after any sign of spit-up or drool. 

I'm just so thankful for a healthy baby boy who's developing wonderfully. He brings us so much joy and spreads joy to everyone he meets with his happy personality.

The Struggle is Real

travel mug

The struggle is real y'all. You may have seen my hellish day I had this past Sunday on Instagram. To be honest I feel like I've been recovering ever since. And yesterday was another for the books. Maddox is either going through a huge developmental change or he's about to cut some teeth because he wasn't my typical happy, smiley boy yesterday. He cried and threw tantrums a majority of the day. It was really defeating. The two days I had this week really made ladies night out last night that much sweeter! I sooooo desperately needed it. I even stayed out past 10pm. #shutthefrontdoor.

You really never have this whole 'mom' thing down, do you? And by you I mean me. I feel like most days I really am just surviving.

Moral of this story? Buy coffee mugs you can relate to. Or win one! Head over to my Instagram today for details on how to win :) Aspen Lane offers more than just cute mugs. I'm obsessed with their online store and I plan on purchasing a few monogram pillows for my bedroom makeover asap!

I need this travel mug in my life like yesterday. Annnnnd this mug. Shoot, give me them all.

Cheers to the almost weekend my friends. I'm raising my third cup of coffee to you, because well, I stayed out past 10pm. #oldfart

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The Creative Closet || Beaching It

top || shorts || cardigan || necklace (Kendra Scott, Rocksbox) || sunglasses || beachbag (clearance)
use code: moderntulipxoxo for your first month of Rocksbox FREE!

This is an outfit I would wear on vacation to a casual dinner on the beach or shopping around the local stores for tourist goodies. I love wearing over-sized cardigans at the beach because even though the temps are usually humid, the breeze always keeps me chilly. I also love this beach bag that I recently found on clearance at Target. I plan on putting it to good use during our trip to Charleston in October. #icantwait
I'm also quite obsessed with the Kendra Scott necklace I received in my latest Rocksbox subscription. You may have noticed I'm wearing it all the time on Instagram. I love it so much I'm planning on purchasing one, but most likely in a different color. Speaking of Rocksbox, did you realize that you can send back as many times a month as you'd like and keep swapping out your jewelry? I originally thought it was once a month only, but I was wrong! I think that's totally worth $19 a month! If you'd like to see if it's for you, you can try your first month FREE with the code: moderntulipxoxo

Maddox wanted to share his idea of beaching it with his nautical stripes. He hopes you all approve :)

Can you believe Jana just had a baby? She looks incredible! And I love that we are twinning in purple!

How could Felicity not be my favorite pick from last week? There was just no competition. She killed it in her romper and sweet baby bow! I just want to snuggle her! 

I know you have some arm candy to show off next week! It seems to be an ever growing trend where you can show your individual personality. Show us yours!

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Date Night || A $13 Dress


Oh heyyyy. I do exist. I apologize for not showing up last week. I've been so burnt out lately trying to do everything. I really just needed a break. The blog gets pushed to the back burner a lot for me now and I chose not to run myself ragged and just take the break I needed. But enough of that, I just had to share this $13 dress with you. You heard me right! It comes in three different colors and it's precious.

I couldn't be more in love with the pattern and color. It reminds me of gorgeous vintage china. And I must be pretty smitten with it because I've also used that same china as a large part of inspiration to decorate my dining room. You can see that inspiration board here and tell me your thoughts. 

Last Thursday Jon's parents took Maddox and Jon and I tried out a new brewery called Yeehaw Brewery that just opened up in town. Also, White Duck Taco Shop is a new restaurant that opened up at the end of the brewery. It makes for a nice experience being able to enjoy great draft beers along with gourmet tacos. Love, love, love.We had such a great time sitting out in the warm sunshine, sipping ice cold beer, eating delicious tacos. The night was one I'd like to repeat with my sweet husband.

Now go run and get that ridiculously cheap dress. Oh and that purse is a new favorite of mine. I bought it during the Nordstrom sale and it didn't disappoint. It goes with everything!

Sleep Regression And A Schedule Out The Window

 tank || shorts (thrifted) || shoes

I'm pretending Maddox is saying, "Dear mama, please forgive me. I love you and appreciate you.".
This post is coming to you courtesy of a 5am wake up call. After a long night of many wake up calls I decided to quit going back to sleep and just stay up and do work. Sometimes going back to sleep makes it worse. It's those mini sleep sessions like an hour here and there that make me more cranky and tired. The feeling of hearing your baby start to whimper, looking at the clock and realizing you've only been asleep for 45 minutes. Yeah, that hurts.

Are you in the midst of your child's sleep regression too? If yes, im sending you a virtual hug, a bottle of wine and an endless tab at Starbucks. Lord knows you need it. 

If you aren't dealing with a sleep regression and your child is sleeping through the night I beg you to feel some compassion and let me whine. I'd also like to hit you, but I won't.

Maddox used to sleep through the night. Starting at 5 weeks old he was like the poster child for sleep. Moved into his nursery, in his crib, going to bed at 8:30pm and waking at 6am for a feeding and then back down until 9am. I had it made. Now he has absolutely no schedule and is waking multiple times a night making this OCD planner, sleep loving mama cray cray! Literally no night looks the same. Let me rephrase that, literally no day OR night looks the same. We had a neat and tidy schedule of sleep, daytime play, naps and feedings. It was quite easy and always on the dot. Now I'm going by his cue's for everything because it's all tossed up in the air. This all happened around 16-17 weeks. He will be 20 weeks tomorrow. So it's been less than a month of what feels like torcher, but nonetheless it's tough.

Occasionally on a weekend Jon will ask me what's the best time to go out and do something and I simply scoff at him, "like I have a clue?". Last night I was finally so over it. I had dinner ready when Jon walked in the door. Maddox had skipped his pre-bedtime nap (typically around 5pm) so he was already a bit cranky. I was hoping he would make it another hour to our "typical" bedtime... He didn't. He had a meltdown in the midst of dinner so I left my hardly touched plate of hot dinner and took him upstairs and nursed him to sleep. As I was finishing up said dinner, now cold, he woke up. I looked at Jon and told him I simply couldn't make another decision. Whether to bring him downstairs and let him stay up or rock him back to sleep, that was the question and I made Jon decide the answer. I physically felt like I couldn't make yet another decision. I went from days full of no thinking, just following the schedule to days filled with questions and only having myself to look towards for the answer. It's exhausting.

I will survive. "This too shall pass" says every mother all around the world.

While this stage of no sleep and lack of a schedule sucks, it's a phase! A phase that's going to bring great new developments. And there will be many more of these phases along the way (from what I've read - thanks Wonder Weeks). 

Welcome to parenthood. Now pass the wine.

Pomegranate, Peach Popsicles


FYI there are only 20 more Fridays until Christmas. What tha!?!?!?!? I know right. Hard to fathom and choke down. So that should inspire us all to enjoy Summer while we can! And I have just the treat to cool you down during these crazy hot temps. These refreshing pomegranate, peach popsicles are to die for. Story behind how I created them - I love lemon San Pellegrino and one day I stumbled upon this pomegranate and orange flavor. It sounded delicious, but after trying them the orange flavor was just too strong for me to drink. So I was at a loss as to what to do with the 6 pack I had just purchased. I remembered I had popsicle molds and decided they would make for a fun flavor and the taste would be a little less harsh frozen. I noticed I had a peach ripening and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am the pomegranate, peach popsicle was born.

If you try it, I hope you love it! San Pellegrino has a few other flavors too so you could definitely mix it up and add a different fruit. For instance lemon Pellegrino with blueberries sounds delicious! Get creative! 
These are also Maddox tested and approved :) It's so cute to watch his little tongue going spastic licking a popsicle. I would get it on video, but I'm too busy laughing my butt off watching him do it.

1 can Pomegranate and Orange San Pellegrino
1 ripened peach

+ Peel and de-pit peach, blend until smooth in a food processor, Nutribullet or blender.
+ Pour Pellegrino into popsicle molds leaving 1" of space at the top (dropping in fresh fruit will make the liquid level rise).
+ Drop in as many peach slices as desired.
+ Freeze at least 1 hour.

Enjoy, friends!

The Creative Closet || Backyard BBQ


dress - old. Similar here and here 
Earrings c/o Rocksbox -- use code moderntulipxoxo for your first month FREE

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Can you believe we haven't had one backyard BBQ at home this year? We haven't even used our grill. Shame on us!. We have however enjoyed a lot of grilling out at the lake almost every weekend so I guess you could say that counts. We just prefer to have the scenery of mountains and water in while we BBQ. When I think of a backyard BBQ I think "southern summer" so it seemed only fitting to wear a casual dress and sandals. And of course a jean jacket for when the sun goes down and the air gets chilly and the smores come out. Am I right? I also really love this bag because it's easy and convenient for me to carry around Maddox's necessities plus my car keys, phone and lipstick when I don't feel like hauling his entire diaper bag.
As far as the BBQing is concerned, my favorite things to throw on the grill are these veggie skewers and salmon on a wood plank. Plus smores for dessert because nothing says Summer backyard BBQ fun like good ole' fashion smores over an open flame.

What's your favorite BBQ recipe? It's not too late for me to try it!
Isn't Jana just drop dead gorgeous? Every time she wears coral lipstick I mention how pretty it is on her, but man, throw on an entire coral dress and her beauty hits me like a train! See her post for full outfit details.
Last week Tilden killed it with her flowly ensemble and metallic sandals. I know these are in style right now and they aren't necessarily my thing, but if I did wear them this is exactly the style I would go for. Love it!

Next week, we are romping around! Rompers are such a fun trend that came back from the 60's. I can't wait to see all the different styles!

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