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The Struggle is Real

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The struggle is real y'all. You may have seen my hellish day I had this past Sunday on Instagram. To be honest I feel like I've been recovering ever since. And yesterday was another for the books. Maddox is either going through a huge developmental change or he's about to cut some teeth because he wasn't my typical happy, smiley boy yesterday. He cried and threw tantrums a majority of the day. It was really defeating. The two days I had this week really made ladies night out last night that much sweeter! I sooooo desperately needed it. I even stayed out past 10pm. #shutthefrontdoor.

You really never have this whole 'mom' thing down, do you? And by you I mean me. I feel like most days I really am just surviving.

Moral of this story? Buy coffee mugs you can relate to. Or win one! Head over to my Instagram today for details on how to win :) Aspen Lane offers more than just cute mugs. I'm obsessed with their online store and I plan on purchasing a few monogram pillows for my bedroom makeover asap!

I need this travel mug in my life like yesterday. Annnnnd this mug. Shoot, give me them all.

Cheers to the almost weekend my friends. I'm raising my third cup of coffee to you, because well, I stayed out past 10pm. #oldfart

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10 comments on "The Struggle is Real "
  1. The struggle of raising kids is real. The good news is the tantrums and all day crying doesn't last forever - at least not usually :) I think I need that mug as well!

  2. Sorry it's been so rough! I'm not a momma, but my 2015 has been constant stress until this month. It's funny how we go through seasons isn't it? Hoping his fussy season is short lived. Either way parenting seems to be worth it. :) You look lovely! & these mugs are so fun! I entered on IG (via my stationery IG whoops. ;) ) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Awe, hang in there lady! At least you know your little guy is worth it. :)

  4. Oh man, love! Please remember that you ROCK as a Mom - and as a PERSON! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You have loads of love and support coming your way!

  5. hang in there lady!!! you are doing great and your little man will get back to smiling soon. off to check out your giveaway! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Awww poor Maddox *hugs* I hope he feels some relief soon and will be back to all smiles! And loving that mug - pure awesomeness <3

  7. I love that mug! I'm thinking happy thoughts for Maddox!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. I'm with you sister! My happy boy has been teething, got a little cold on vacation and now has a diaper rash with some diarrhea (TMI sorry!!) Sometimes the mom life is just plain hard! Stick it out, he'll be happy and smiling again soon! ;)

  9. Loving this mug! I always enjoy sipping coffee out of a cup with a fun message! Xo, Stephanie


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