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The Creative Closet || Meet My Boyfriend (literally)


Fact: I don't own boyfriend jeans.

Fact: I saved my husband money by using my mini man instead of going out and purchasing new jeans.

Your welcome, hubby.

So let me let my super adorable boyfriend take it away today. He's way cuter anyway!

Jana looks so beautiful in her boyfriend cardigan. I love the print! Jaelan rocks boyfriend jeans the way I wish I could, plus she had me at a bold lip. Y'all know I love a bold lip! Check out their blogs for more details.

A baby in skinny jeans is like #hallelujah #heartmelted #idie  Can we all agree?

I going to be honest, right after I took these pictures I went online and had them printed and framed. He's just too much y'all. I don't ever want to forget all his many faces and expressions. He makes us laugh daily and brings so much joy to our hearts.

L-O-V-E him!

And dressing a boy is way more fun than I anticipated. Especially now that's he's getting bigger and I'm finding more options. I recently just splurged on Old Navy's 50% deal on baby clothes. There's a lot of baby cuteness to come. #sorrynotsorry

top: Gap (clearance, similar) jeans: Old Navy (sold out, similar) || shoes: Old Navy (sold out, similar)

I am so excited for next week's prompt, a dress for Fall, and I'm even more stoked we are in the month of October! My favorite month for fashion!

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The Creative Closet

I gave in... Snapchat: themoderntulip

username: themoderntulip
I debated long and hard about creating a Snapchat account. 

I wasn't too keen on the idea of one more thing taking up my time. Distracting me from real life. Weighing on my brain as something else to keep up with.

But after thinking about it for weeks I decided it seemed necessary in order to stay current with social media for my blog. "Everyone's doing it" is something that typically makes me turn the other direction, but in this case I started thinking if I didn't do it, I may be hurting myself in the long run.

So the deed has been done.

Follow me: themoderntulip for real life with yours truly. I can promise you things like my mother in law vacuuming my driveway, Jon playing chicken with a squirrel on the way to church, occasional baby tantrums, way more baby goodness, car sing offs, "real life moments" and so much more!
I'd love for you to leave your username below!

What are your thoughts on Snapchat?

Covering the Mommy Lumps in a Stylish Way

Can we have a real moment?

Mmmkay, thanks.

I'm back to my pre-baby weight give or take a few pounds, but that doesn't say anything about the way my body adjusted after giving birth. Things changed. I have engorged, nursing breasts (not mad about it) and my skin is much looser around the tummy area, which is just lovely spilling out over jeans that once fit me perfectly.

So there is a learning curve to dressing a post baby body. Even if we're talking post-baby by six months. I haven't really done my work in tightening everything back up again. So until I stop grabbing m&m's each time I run through the kitchen, I'm going to have to learn to dress in a flattering way.

Tunics and stretchy jeans are my new BFF. I love this tunic because it synches down at the sides starting at my hips, which does a fabulous job of camouflaging my love handles. Except for in this outfit I ditched my love handles because the jeans I'm wearing are stretchy, jegging material meaning they don't hug and grab at all the wrong places. Let me put this in better terms, I can go get Japanese with my boys (which is what I was doing here) and not feel as if I'm going to pop a button while eating.

Plus you've probably noticed in my latest few posts I've been wearing these jeans on repeat. #notsorry

Ps. I completely didn't realize until now that I'm wearing head to toe Oakleigh Rose Boutique. If you can't tell, they are one of my favorite shops because they carry pieces to flatter women and their natural curves. Plus I'm so in love with the mom and daughter duo who own the shop. Meaghan is pregnant too so it's super sweet to watch her new journey in life!

You can get 20% off your purchase on their website with code "themoderntulip"

tunic & jeans & sunnies: Oakleigh Rose || boots: PinkBlush (similar) || necklace: Old Navy (not online)
|| diaper bag: francesa's (sold out, similar options)

Fall Wardrobe Round-up

Happy Fall y'all (officially)! I decided I would kick off Fall by rounding up some of my favorite Fall outfits and seasonal styles I've put together both this year (so far) and last year. You'll just have to excuse the preggo belly in last years photos. It's so hard to believe how different this year is going to be around the holidays. I'm just SO excited. Like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. 
original post
 Buffalo plaid is a Fall statement piece and it's one of my favorites! The large pattern and bold color are so attractive. Pair it with a military vest or jacket and some boots for a "combat" look or with a black and white stripped shirt and a crystal necklace for a more preppy style.

original post
Vests are always a hot ticket item around the holidays. Last year fur and herringbone were just the thing. It's such a practical piece to accessorize with in the Fall when the temps are cooler in the morning and night and it's warm during the day. Pair it with a button-up or a shift dress for more great looks.

original post
This moto jacket is my top ten must haves for Fall and Winter. It's such a great statement piece on it's own. And it's completely versatile. You could dress it up like I have hear or wear it over a graphic tee, leggings and converses for a laid back look. Plus monochromatic looks in Fall colors are so fabulous!


original post
Tights with a detail are so fun and a different approach to adding a statement to your outfit. These lace tights are great for Fall because they aren't too hot, but still keep me warm from the breeze. In the Winter I switch them out for a thicker, solid tight. Pair them with a skater skirt and ankle boots for a fun, girly look.


original post
Need I say more? Aztec pattern is such a staple and comes in so many beautiful colors. Really you can go any direction with aztec just depending on what piece of clothing you have with the pattern. I have far too many aztec cardigans. Far too many. 

original post
The color. The texture. It all screams Fall! I absolutely love pairing military green with blush for a girly approach or wearing it with a v-neck, boyfriend jeans and converses.
original post
 I love wearing scarves the typical way, but how fun is it to belt it? It's a fun new take on wearing a scarf.


original post
Faux leather is not only functional, but sexy. Wear it and see if you don't feel like cat-woman. You can see I wore it above with my over-sized sweater and military jacket. Like I said, so functional! I would have to say by far I love the all black approach for a classic look.

What's your favorite Fall staple or style? Or leave a link below in the comments to a favorite Fall outfit you've created because I'm always looking for more inspiration :)

The Creative Closet || Leggings Love

I typically spend my time in cotton leggings normally covered in spit-up, picking up toys, wiping the cutest tushy and dancing around my house like a fool just because it makes my baby giggle, which is music to my ears. So when I saw the prompt for leggings I was super stoked and decided right then and there I wanted to go dressy - something out of the ordinary around these parts.

Can we all agree Jana looks wonderful in hats? I love her dressy/casual outfit with the pop of red from her hat. And Nadia's bold red lip is ah-mazing and completely puts together her whole casual look. These ladies are both fabulous, make sure to check out their blogs. 

Thursday through Sunday we spent staining and painting our deck so I have to apologize for indoor pictures - I was chain and shackled to our house. Also you may notice my hair in the first picture is different from the rest of the pictures. That's what happens when baby doesn't nap like normal, interrupts my photo shoot and I have to restart after my next shower when I'm not covered from head to toe in stain and white paint again. It's trail and error people.

All black is classic and flattering. Wearing leggings this tight post baby means I need all the flattery I can get... #noshame #icarriedhumanlife. So I snagged my favorite tunic from the Old Navy clearance rack because it covers a bit of my tush, my faux leather leggings (a total steal last year from Forever21) and my comfiest black pumps. Add a bold red lip and a simple white clutch and this look becomes classic and timeless.

Bonus, Jon saw this outfit and requested it for our next date night so I think it was a total win!

leggings: F21 || top: Old Navy (clearance) || pumps: Target || clutch: Old Navy (clearance) || bar necklace: ClassyMamaDesigns || chain necklace: F21

lip: Rimmel matte in burning lava
nails: Essie, no more film

I am pretty excited about next week's prompt. Meet my boyfriend... let's see your creativity! 

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The Creative Closet

Maddox || 6 Months Old


Stats // We go to the doctor this Thursday and I'll update this, but I'd guess he weights about 18lbs and is 25" long. Total guess mind you! He's in size 3. Wearing 6-9 month clothing.
Developments // Everything happened this month. He is sitting up all on his own now, which is fantastic! He's so independent and loves being "on his own". He rolls over now and loves going back and forth. He says "hi" and he also says "mmmmm" when he is eating. I caught it on video here if you'd like to see. He's taking steps now anytime you hold him up, which I also caught on video here.

Totally random, but does Instagram look funky online to anyone else? .
Sleeping // He has started rolling himself over in his crib. Scared me to death the first time I checked the monitor and saw him face down. I raced to his nursery to find him deeply breathing and sound asleep. He prefers to sleep on his side, almost turned to his stomach, curled up to a blanket. He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up once around 4am for a dream feed and goes straight back to sleep until 7:30-8am. His naps are getting longer ranging from 40mins to 1 1/2 hours and he takes about 3 a day. It's a beautiful thing.

Eating // He eats like a champ! Still nursing every 3-4 hours and eating purees after each nursing session. He loves bananas, mango, blueberries, sweet potatoes and greek yogurt. He still hasn't shown a dislike of anything in particular except for pears. He is disinterested. This kid will eat anything you put in front of him though. He loves drinking from mommy's cups too like a big boy. Every time I take a sip he thinks he has to take one too.

Teething // Still no signs of teeth in his mouth, but all the signs are there! Constant drool. Constantly has his hand in his mouth, chomping away.
Personality // This kid has the best personality. I swear, it's infectious to anyone we meet. He grins from ear to ear constantly. Giggles like crazy when you scare him, toss him in the air, tickle him, kiss him repeatedly and when he sees the dogs. He is very aware of his surroundings and stares intensely at people when they are talking to him. He throws fits when he is over tired or hungry. This kid has no patience when it's time to nurse.
Body // His eyes are almost completely green. They are so beautiful and people are commenting more and more now that he looks like me with such round eyes. #finally His hair is getting thicker and is bright blonde. He is finally gaining some chunk all over. I love his rolls! His head is really filling out too. He had his first cold and it broke my heart all week, but he took it like a champ. He just despised when I sucked his snot out with the squeezer thingy. But really, who would enjoy that torture?

Loves // His exersaucer, jolly jumper and standing at his play table. He loves to just sit in the floor surrounded by toys and will play by himself for awhile as long as he can see me. Taking walks/runs with me in the jogging stroller. Riding in the Ergo face forward. Baths. Being thrown in the air. Pulling my hair. Peek-a-boo. Being tickled and getting smothered in kisses. (okay I like that the most).

Dislikes // Getting into his carseat. Will this ever change? Having his clothing changed. Extremely sudden loud noises.

And I'll leave you with squishy baby buns because who doesn't love those?

Soft Curls with Irresistible me 8 in 1 Curling wand

Use code IrresistibleMaegen for 10% off anything on Irresistible Me's site.

Y'all have shown a lot of interest on how I achieve these soft, loose curls ever since I cut 7 inches off my hair. It took me some time to figure out how to style my hair at this length and it definitely sits differently being so much shorter. But I have finally found my groove with doing my hair and this style is by far my favorite and it's always on repeat.

About two years ago I cleaned out my hair tools and got rid of all of my curling irons except for one large 2" barreled iron. It was way too much for my shorter hair. 2" curls were just too much for me. So when Irresistible Me contacted me about their 8 in 1 curling wand I jumped at the opportunity! For a couple reasons.

1 // it's obviously supper convenient to have 8 different styling options in one for travel purposes and for easy storage under my bathroom sink.

2 // this wand heats in a matter of seconds. It's insane and a busy woman's life saver! Many times I put Maddox down and rush to get my hair done before he wakes up from his nap. 

3 // I love having 8 different styling options at my finger tips.

Let me explain a bit about my hair type and texture because that's important. My hair is naturally extremely thick, curly and tends to frizz. I use specific styling products I have found work for me to reduce the frizz and curl when I want to. Typically I straighten over my hair very loosely before curling just to tame down some of the volume at my roots. Otherwise I would have BIG hair! I mean B-I-G!

Now here's the BEFORE...

^^Please ignore my no make-up face ^^

For this look in particular I did wash and straighten my hair the day before so I woke up with messy, semi straight hair as you can see in the before picture.

What you will need:
(you can use a standard curling iron, without using the clip to achieve this look).

Ready? Here goes the easiest hair tutorial ever.

1 // curl away from your face using the 8 in 1 Irressistible Me wand or the outside barrel of your curling iron. Start your curl 1" from your roots and leave 1" of your ends uncurled.

2 // once your hair has cooled, spray with hair spray. I'm using my favorite, Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil spray.

3 // toss your fingers through your hair loosely to loosen the curls.

4 // run your fingers through the ends of your hair, start about 1" from your ends, to create a loose look at the bottom of your curls. Spray again if needed.

I hope this was helpful! If you would like a post on my hair care routine and products I use, let me know below!

The Creative Closet || Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are a favorite of mine. I love the deep rich colors and what better time of year to showcase them? It's as if the weather knew too because the temps this weekend dropped below 70 and the breeze in the air felt like Fall. And had me wishing I had brought a jacket.

This top has been a staple of mine for years. This was my first time wearing it post pregnancy and I think my new chest may mean I have to retire this top. It was almost impossible to bend over without it sliding up showing my back. And I couldn't lift Maddox in the air without showing a bit of my tummy. Not my thing... so it may be the end for the sweet peplum number I have had for years. #sadday #bigchestproblems

Jana looks incredible always, but deep jewel tones are definitely her thing! Also, #hairenvy, always. Check out her post for full outfit details.

I wore this look to church so I chose to stay comfortable in my favorite skinnies from Oakleigh Rose Boutique, use code THEMODERNTULIP for 20% off your purchase, but also make it feel somewhat dressy with this statement necklace, snazzy leopard print flats and my favorite crossbody bag that doubles as a clutch. And a bold lip. Always a bold lip with this girl!

What is all over my carseat^^^?

top (old): Liz Claiborne || jeans c/o Oakleigh Rose Boutique || Necklace c/o Happiness Boutique || Crossbody bag: Nordstrom || similar flats: Target || emerald bracelet (not online): Old Navy || Watch: Michael Kors

lip: Milani, Uptown Mauve
nails: Essie, Chin Chilly

Next week show off your favorite leggings. I live in leggings in the Fall so I can't wait to see some more outfit ideas from you!

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The Creative Closet