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Covering the Mommy Lumps in a Stylish Way

Can we have a real moment?

Mmmkay, thanks.

I'm back to my pre-baby weight give or take a few pounds, but that doesn't say anything about the way my body adjusted after giving birth. Things changed. I have engorged, nursing breasts (not mad about it) and my skin is much looser around the tummy area, which is just lovely spilling out over jeans that once fit me perfectly.

So there is a learning curve to dressing a post baby body. Even if we're talking post-baby by six months. I haven't really done my work in tightening everything back up again. So until I stop grabbing m&m's each time I run through the kitchen, I'm going to have to learn to dress in a flattering way.

Tunics and stretchy jeans are my new BFF. I love this tunic because it synches down at the sides starting at my hips, which does a fabulous job of camouflaging my love handles. Except for in this outfit I ditched my love handles because the jeans I'm wearing are stretchy, jegging material meaning they don't hug and grab at all the wrong places. Let me put this in better terms, I can go get Japanese with my boys (which is what I was doing here) and not feel as if I'm going to pop a button while eating.

Plus you've probably noticed in my latest few posts I've been wearing these jeans on repeat. #notsorry

Ps. I completely didn't realize until now that I'm wearing head to toe Oakleigh Rose Boutique. If you can't tell, they are one of my favorite shops because they carry pieces to flatter women and their natural curves. Plus I'm so in love with the mom and daughter duo who own the shop. Meaghan is pregnant too so it's super sweet to watch her new journey in life!

You can get 20% off your purchase on their website with code "themoderntulip"

tunic & jeans & sunnies: Oakleigh Rose || boots: PinkBlush (similar) || necklace: Old Navy (not online)
|| diaper bag: francesa's (sold out, similar options)
15 comments on "Covering the Mommy Lumps in a Stylish Way"
  1. Lovely outfit--it's so flattering on you!

  2. Gorgeous fall look! And I love that you're so candid because I've been wondering how this whole getting dressed thing will look after Baby Girl gets here. I'm trying to look through my non-maternity clothes to see if I have tops that are flowy, rather than clingy. A new fashion adventure for sure.

  3. well you look fabulous in this outfit :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. Love this look!! I am in love with those boots!!


  5. I love cinched shirts!!! This one is so cute!!!

  6. You are looking fantastic, girl - you would never know that you still have some post-baby stuff to tighten back up!

  7. I think you look lovely and would love to have your thigh muscles! :)

  8. Preach girlfriend! I had my sweet Snuggle Muffin Caleb 1 year ago, and while I weigh less now then I did when I got pregnant with him, things don't fit that way. My body has shifted in ways I could have never imagined and I get it. I, with you, have not been doing my ab workouts like I should of, but I love this look and how it is stylish while not looking frumpy!

  9. I love that necklace!

    Her Heartland Soul

  10. Everything about this outfit is fabulous! You look great, momma! Xo, Stephanie

  11. You look gorgeous--the tunic + skinny jeans combo makes you look tall and sleek! I know what you mean though about post-baby bod. My poor stomach will never be the same I fear... oh well, it was beyond worth it :)

  12. Love that outfit! I was just thinking the other day about how I'm going to have to go through my closet and find "nursing friendly" and post-baby body flattering outfits once my little miss gets here.

  13. I feel like everything you wear is flattering :P You always look so fabulous!

  14. Love this whole entire post. You look fabulous as always and you are rocking that tunic and those jeans. Perfection. p.s. you're rocking that post baby body too, mama!


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