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Dipping My Toes Into Fall With Aztec

If you haven't noticed, I'm starting to gear all my outfits towards Fall. Embrace it. It's happening. Maybe not where you are, but in TN the leaves are already turning yellow and red, some are even falling and the temps have gone from the 90's to the 70's. It's glorious.

I can hear some of you grumbling under your breathe. Don't worry I'm not running to Starbucks for a PSL just yet.

But I am digging this aztec print cardigan. I saw it and Target and ran to it. It spoke my love language immediately with the pattern and colors. I can't find it online so you may just have to check your local stores. Pairing it with a dark, bold lip and a pop of turquoise made my heart flutter. Now I can't wait for to swap the sandals for camel boots and the cami for a long sleeve tee or sweater.
 cardigan: target (it's not online) || jeans: Oakleigh Rose Boutique || sandals: Amazon || cami: Forever21

lip color: MaryKay Raisinberry

nail color: Revlon Fashionista

I'm sorry I have no clue where my turquoise necklace or orange bangle bracelet came from. They are both extremely old! Also, if you shop at Oakleigh Rose Boutique, I love the mother and daughter duo that run this store, make sure to use coupon code themoderntulip for 20% off your purchase. They are about to launch their Fall collection!

Do you have awesome Labor Day weekend plans? I love three day weekends. Jon and I used to work together full time so becoming a SAHM, I've had to learn how to spend 7-8 hours a day away from him. It's killer - so longer weekends with Daddy rock!

I'm heading to yoga in the park Saturday morning. Can you believe they host is for free? Score! And then we have plans for a low country boil with some of our friends in the evening. I'm excited because it's been on my bucket list and I'm dying to stuff my face with loads of shellfish, corn and sausage! Sunday is church and both Sunday and Monday are a toss up between the lake and painting our dining room. I can't look at a half painted room anymore so we are nipping it in the bud. Plus I have dreams of sitting together as a family of three eating dinner. It's one of my fondest childhood memories.
12 comments on "Dipping My Toes Into Fall With Aztec"
  1. Love that necklace! It's cool when you own something long enough and love it long enough that you actually forget where it came from! :)

  2. I love that cardigan paired with those sandals - inspired me to do some shopping for the new season!

  3. I love this outfit! It is the perfect transition outfit for fall. As always, you look gorgeous!

  4. Love aztec for fall!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  5. I'm with you, girl - I am SO ready to start dressing for fall! It's supposed to still be warm here through the weekend, and then 70's all next week. *fist pump* I saw this cardigan in Target yesterday, and it's gorgeous! It looks so great on you. I hope you have such a fun holiday weekend!

  6. cute! i love the pattern on that cardigan! it's way too hot here to be dressing in fall clothes but im so ready! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. I love that print on you!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. I just love you & your heart! Might have to go to Target to get that cardigan! Looove! SO ready for Fall! We are painting this weekend too!!

  9. This look is amazing! It's right in my zone when it comes to fashion. Also the make-up and accessories go together perfectly with it. You look beautiful my dear! xx

  10. Targets cardis and kimono cardis are so on point it's ridiculous. I just saw a few last night. :) I loooove that nail color. Lucky for you guys the temps are low! I KS it is still in the mid-90's. yuck. XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. LOVING that cardigan, I so wish we had a target!!


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