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Maddox || 6 Months Old


Stats // We go to the doctor this Thursday and I'll update this, but I'd guess he weights about 18lbs and is 25" long. Total guess mind you! He's in size 3. Wearing 6-9 month clothing.
Developments // Everything happened this month. He is sitting up all on his own now, which is fantastic! He's so independent and loves being "on his own". He rolls over now and loves going back and forth. He says "hi" and he also says "mmmmm" when he is eating. I caught it on video here if you'd like to see. He's taking steps now anytime you hold him up, which I also caught on video here.

Totally random, but does Instagram look funky online to anyone else? .
Sleeping // He has started rolling himself over in his crib. Scared me to death the first time I checked the monitor and saw him face down. I raced to his nursery to find him deeply breathing and sound asleep. He prefers to sleep on his side, almost turned to his stomach, curled up to a blanket. He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up once around 4am for a dream feed and goes straight back to sleep until 7:30-8am. His naps are getting longer ranging from 40mins to 1 1/2 hours and he takes about 3 a day. It's a beautiful thing.

Eating // He eats like a champ! Still nursing every 3-4 hours and eating purees after each nursing session. He loves bananas, mango, blueberries, sweet potatoes and greek yogurt. He still hasn't shown a dislike of anything in particular except for pears. He is disinterested. This kid will eat anything you put in front of him though. He loves drinking from mommy's cups too like a big boy. Every time I take a sip he thinks he has to take one too.

Teething // Still no signs of teeth in his mouth, but all the signs are there! Constant drool. Constantly has his hand in his mouth, chomping away.
Personality // This kid has the best personality. I swear, it's infectious to anyone we meet. He grins from ear to ear constantly. Giggles like crazy when you scare him, toss him in the air, tickle him, kiss him repeatedly and when he sees the dogs. He is very aware of his surroundings and stares intensely at people when they are talking to him. He throws fits when he is over tired or hungry. This kid has no patience when it's time to nurse.
Body // His eyes are almost completely green. They are so beautiful and people are commenting more and more now that he looks like me with such round eyes. #finally His hair is getting thicker and is bright blonde. He is finally gaining some chunk all over. I love his rolls! His head is really filling out too. He had his first cold and it broke my heart all week, but he took it like a champ. He just despised when I sucked his snot out with the squeezer thingy. But really, who would enjoy that torture?

Loves // His exersaucer, jolly jumper and standing at his play table. He loves to just sit in the floor surrounded by toys and will play by himself for awhile as long as he can see me. Taking walks/runs with me in the jogging stroller. Riding in the Ergo face forward. Baths. Being thrown in the air. Pulling my hair. Peek-a-boo. Being tickled and getting smothered in kisses. (okay I like that the most).

Dislikes // Getting into his carseat. Will this ever change? Having his clothing changed. Extremely sudden loud noises.

And I'll leave you with squishy baby buns because who doesn't love those?

6 comments on "Maddox || 6 Months Old"
  1. He. Is. So. Adorable!!!! But I know I don't have to tell you that :)

  2. Oh my goodness. This stuff just makes me so, so excited to experience all of this. He is seriously such a doll and I love watching him grow and change with these monthly updates. You are going to have a little heartbreaker on your hands one of these days, mama!

  3. LOOK AT THAT BABY BUM OH MY GOODNESS! Swoon, swoon, swoon.

    So happy for you, dear! He's precious.

  4. Aww, such a big boy! So precious!!!!

  5. he is sooo cute!! sounds like he and vi are pretty much the same size too! although i have no idea how much violet weighs but she sure feels like 18lbs! and it sounds like he is going to get those teeth very soon! violet drooled like crazy and then all of a sudden she had two little teeth. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. His butt is just SOOOOOOOO cute!


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