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The Creative Closet || Meet My Boyfriend (literally)


Fact: I don't own boyfriend jeans.

Fact: I saved my husband money by using my mini man instead of going out and purchasing new jeans.

Your welcome, hubby.

So let me let my super adorable boyfriend take it away today. He's way cuter anyway!

Jana looks so beautiful in her boyfriend cardigan. I love the print! Jaelan rocks boyfriend jeans the way I wish I could, plus she had me at a bold lip. Y'all know I love a bold lip! Check out their blogs for more details.

A baby in skinny jeans is like #hallelujah #heartmelted #idie  Can we all agree?

I going to be honest, right after I took these pictures I went online and had them printed and framed. He's just too much y'all. I don't ever want to forget all his many faces and expressions. He makes us laugh daily and brings so much joy to our hearts.

L-O-V-E him!

And dressing a boy is way more fun than I anticipated. Especially now that's he's getting bigger and I'm finding more options. I recently just splurged on Old Navy's 50% deal on baby clothes. There's a lot of baby cuteness to come. #sorrynotsorry

top: Gap (clearance, similar) jeans: Old Navy (sold out, similar) || shoes: Old Navy (sold out, similar)

I am so excited for next week's prompt, a dress for Fall, and I'm even more stoked we are in the month of October! My favorite month for fashion!

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11 comments on "The Creative Closet || Meet My Boyfriend (literally)"
  1. The cuteness!! Ahhh!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. Gah, I can't get enough of little boys in plaid. And those shots of him standing up! Clearly thinks he's hot stuff :)

  3. I can't even handle the cuteness! Those red skinnies...too too adorable on him. Aren't little boy clothes just precious? I had no idea until I had one, but man, now I have a hard time stopping myself from buying everything.

  4. My heart can't handle this much cuteness in the morning. I was going to say you should print these and frame them, but it looks like you were on that!

  5. For realz, he couldn't BE any cuter!!! xoxo

  6. Maddox is seriously just the MOST adorable little guy.

  7. If I had any remaining longing feelings for pink and bows and dresses, they're 100% gone now. Baby boy fashion is just as fun. This kid could be a baby model, Maegen! He is so stinking handsome and those pictures are priceless!

  8. Oh my goodness - heart melting!! He is WAY too cute and has so much personality!!


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