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Sleep Training My 7 Month Old


You may have seen my post yesterday morning via Instagram. I mentioned Maddox finally had a good, solid sleep after months and months of terrible sleep habits.

Let me preface this post by explaining his sleep patterns thus far to give you an idea. He started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old. I seriously thought I was the luckiest lady on the face of the planet. And I totally was because he continued sleeping through the night up until he turned 4 months. Then crap hit the fan. He hit the be-dreaded sleep regression hard rocking in sleep at 3 hour incriments. I thought I was going to die! I went from having a baby that slept 8pm to 8/9am to a baby that went to sleep at 7pm and woke just about every 3 hours until 7am and he was up for the day.

I think the biggest mistake I made was feeding him each time he woke. At four months when the regression hit I assumed he was growing and hungry and this wouldn't last but a few days. Wrong. This continued until I decided to do something about it when he turned 7 months last week.

I probably could have addressed this sooner, but I was being lazy about it. I knew if I fed him each time he woke he would go right back to sleep. The feedings lasted about 10-20 minutes so I would quickly feed and go right back to sleep myself.

So I started the sleep training on the 19th, a little over a week ago and I've stayed dedicated each night since. He hasn't slept completely through the night yet, but instead of every three hours we have worked down to waking only once a night. It's a beautiful thing and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

So..... you are thinking HOW did you do it? And WHAT are you doing?

I put Maddox down at 7pm every night no matter what unless we are out at an event or Jon and I are having a date night. If we are home, we start our bedtime routine at 6:45 and he's down at 7pm. Not asleep, but down. Maddox has always been one to be ready for bed and he'll let us know so putting him down isn't difficult. We change his diaper, put on pj's, say a bedtime prayer and then I nurse him and lay him down with a paci and blanket for sleep.

From this point on I chose to allow him a dream feed if he woke before 11pm and then hold off any more feedings until 5am or after. He dream fed at 10 or 11pm for about three nights before he dropped that feeding all on his own. After he dropped it I only feed him 5am or after. This means that any time he wakes up and cries I go in and give him back his paci, rub his back and softly "sssshhh" him until he calms down. I do not do this until he goes back to sleep, but only until he stops crying, whining, etc and lays quietly. Then I leave the room. In the beginning he would spit out his paci and begin crying again almost before I had even left the room. I would wait just a moment to make sure he was working himself up and then I would go back in and repeat what I just did. Then leave again. I did this as many times as it took for him to finally give up. It can be exhausting at 2am, but stay consistent! Then he would roll himself around and finally go to sleep on his own. This lasted about three days.

After those three days he finally understood I wasn't feeding him and I wasn't giving in. From then on he has only woken once or twice a night and it's only taken me one time to soothe him when I go in. 

He wakes anywhere between 5am - 6:30 for a feeding and then he goes back down until about 8 or 8:30. It's still not a full night of sleep, but we are almost there I can taste it!

So here is a recap of the basics.

- establish a bedtime routine
- create some structure by sticking to a schedule
- don't go in unless baby is crying (let them grunt, moan, babble, etc)
- repeat the same soothing method each time so your baby begins to understand - stay consistent.
- don't give up! It may take your baby a couple days or a few weeks, but it will be worth it!

You can do this! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below or email me at

Happy sleeping to you.... eventually :)

Dressing My Dapper Dudes

Confession: I actually love picking out Jon and Maddox's clothes. Luckily Jon prefers it that way and Maddox doesn't have a choice yet. I can't wait for the day when he decides to start dressing himself... *sigh*. I'll have to learn to set my O.C.D tendencies aside when the time comes.

When I was pregnant with Maddox I was nervous to start looking for boy clothes because I had always pictured dressing a girl in my head even though I don't picture myself having a daughter. Isn't that weird? But now that I have a son I looooove buying him little graphic tee's, sweathers, leggings and shoes. Ohhhh the shoes <3

When it comes to dressing Jon, he prefers to stick to a pretty typical "uniform" of tee's, sweaters and jeans. The fun part comes in the accessories. He loves shoes and watches so I'm always scouting for something different than anything he owns. This Jord watch is unlike anything he owns. It's so unique and has such character in the intricate detail. Jon was so excited when he got it in the mail, he hasn't worn any other watch since.

I think this would make such an amazing gift for a dapper dude in your life who appreciates owning something you don't see everyday. Visit the JORD website to check out some of their other designs. Here is the link to Jon's watch specifically. He almost chose this one.

And ladies, they have options for us too! And they are just as gorgeous! This rose gold is my favorite.

 This quote is on the JORD website and I absolutely love it.

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time." JORD Wooden Watches

Maddox || 7 Months Old


Stats // At his 6 month check-up he weighed 18lbs and was 25" long. Since then I'd say he's gained a pound or two. Kid's heavy! He's in size 3 diapers, moving into size 4 any day now. Wearing 6-12 month clothing.

Developments // The changes are rapid it seems like! He's on the move in his walker all the time and prefers to be standing or sitting up. If he is laying down he's rolling everywhere and occasionally scooting if he wants something badly enough. Usually he just fusses until I give in and get it. He says "Da-da" and "Ba-ba". Still no signs of Ma-Ma. Figures :-/ He waves "buh-bye" and gives kisses (open mouth slobbery goodness).

Sleeping // We just started implementing sleep training Monday night. He's been sleeping terribly, acting like a newborn, waking ever three hours. It's killing me so I am no longer nursing him in the night and instead soothing him back to sleep each time. So far it's working. He goes to bed at 7pm and is up for the day at 7-7:30am. His naps are getting longer ranging from 40mins to 2 hours and he takes 2-3 a day.

Eating // Nursing every 3-4 hours along with purees and small amounts of solids. He is starting to drop his mid afternoon nursing session and just eat food instead. He loves everything, but pears. Solids has been a learning curve for both of us and we are still testing the waters. He has eaten ground turkey, beans, corn, mandarin oranges, banana and avocado.  He drinks from a sippy cup now and really enjoys water and fruit smoothies.

Teething // He had two teeth pop up during our beach trip last week. He teethed like a champ too! Nursing should be interesting as they grow in...

Personality // He is so charismatic and makes the funniest faces. He is definitely starting to show his independent side throwing mild tantrums and making a point to squirm out of my arms when he wants down on the floor. But for the most part he is always so happy and smiley and continues to brighten our world daily.
this is his favorite toy. he loves playing ball.

Body // He's gotten longer for sure since I just had to retire all his 0-3 and most 3-6 month pants. His head is ginormous because some clothes won't even go over his head. He's filling out and getting squishy all over :)

Loves // He loves walking all over the house in his walker and getting into everything! Loves toys that play music, reading books, being scared, being tossed in the air, coaching kickball with Jon and I, walks in the jogging stroller, watching himself in the mirror, the ocean/pool and so much more!

Dislikes // Same ole, same ole. Getting into his carseat. Having his clothing changed. Extremely sudden loud noises.

Being a mother has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I've loved the last seven months and I can't imagine how it could get any better, but I know it will! 

The Creative Closet || Hats and Scarves

Wow has it been awhile since I've shown up around here. Sometimes circumstances arise, life becomes hectic and things (this blog) take a backseat. But I am happy to be joining back up this week for this prompt. I love accessories and in the Fall & Winter, hats and scarves are the obvious staple. I really love blanket scarves and beanies so you'll probably see a lot of those floating around the blog, my Instagram and Snapchat (themoderntulip).

If you have been around this blog for any amount of time you know my slight obsession with neutrals. And on top of it, Fall fashion. Seriously my heart skips a beat! I recently purchased this scarf from Nordstrom and I haven't even worn it yet so I knew I was going to have to create an outfit around it. That made it easy from there I just chose to bring out the gray and taupe color in the scarf for a monotone look.

I want every part of Janas outfit! I love her long, wavy hair with that beanie. She is showcasing Fall perfection and have you checked out her new shop?! And Britt with her gorgeous blanket scarf (a favorite of mine) and her precious baby belly making my ovaries stir a bit! I miss my belly! See their blogs for full details.

I feel seriously silly in this hat. With short hair I just can't seem to make it work so I'll be holding off on it until my hair is long again so I can feel comfortable wearing it like I did in this look.

This lipstick though! It's MAC, Twig.

top c/o SheIn || jeans: OakleighRose || boots (similar): target || jacket: F21 || hat: old navy || Scarf: Nordstrom

Our final prompt for October, sweater weather. It's just that around here with morning temps starting in the high 30's already. Yikes!

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The Creative Closet

The Creative Closet || A Dress For Fall


I'm hitting the road this morning for the beach! Eeek! Follow along on Snapchat: themoderntulip

I have a major crush on this dress. It brings out the Bohemian girl in me. I've owned it for over four years and each time I wear it I style it in a very similar manner. It's strapless so it can be worn in the Summer with sandals and can easily be transitioned for Fall with the addition of a cardigan and even ankle boots would be super cute too. The colors and print scream Fall to me so this was an easy pick for this weeks theme.

Jana is killing her look! I love the accessories she chose, they completely transform this dress for Fall. And the pattern on Emilies dress is beautiful paired with cute booties! Visit their blogs for full look details.

I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure if I could pull this headband off or not and then I posted a picture on Instagram and you all made me feel amazing!I didn't want to take it off after all your sweet compliments! I felt like it really added the finishing touch to this outfit. You know sometimes you look in the mirror and feel like you are just missing something? That's always frustrating.

And yes, I'm carrying this bag again. It's my favorite. I love cognac for Fall and this purse has been on repeat because it's the perfect size for quick trips into the store or date nights. Plus it doubles as a crossbody bag and clutch.

Oh and these boots were the one steal I got from Amazon Prime Day. Y'all remember that several weeks ago? When Amazon made a huge deal about the big "black friday sale" they were going to have and it ended up being a bunch of crap! Well I somehow managed to find these during the sale and I jumped on it because each year I wear out my boots and I have to buy a new pair. I wear them out so fast!

dress: (old) || cardigan: target || boots: Steve Madden || bag: Nordstrom || headband: Target || necklace: Classy Mama Designs

Next week it's "all about aztec". A favorite pattern of mine! I can't wait to see all your fun colors and styles around this lovely print.

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The Creative Closet

The Ultimate Planner || Your Organizational Dream

We are leaving for Charleston, SC tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! This mama needs to put her toes in the sand and listen to the waves crash stat! With vacation on my mind I've been in pure organizational mode getting stuff done before we leave. I'm one of those people who has to make a packing list and check it twice, clean the house and empty my inbox all before I leave so I can feel like I can let go and actually relax. Plus, who likes coming home to chaos? Unpacking and catching up on laundry is enough chaos for me upon returning from vacation.

So with organization on my mind I thought I should share my new favorite purchase that has helped me in my madness! I bought this planner two weeks ago and I am giving it ALL the heart eyes! For $32 you are getting a steal of a deal! I should mention this is the "practically perfect" planner meaning it may have dents or small defects. I haven't found one on this baby! It's incredible, so I had to share for all my O.C.D soul sisters out there who enjoy a good organization system.

Starting with the cover, ummm gorgeous!? I'm a sucker for anything white, gold and pink so naturally I fell hard for this beauty. But then I opened it up...

It has an interior pocket on the inside of the cover. I personally like to keep my bills here for easy access when it comes time to pay them. I also keep my grocery list here too because I always have this planner with me.

My favorite feature is definitely the daily pages. There is an hourly table for easy scheduling, a "brain dump" for your to-do list, a "retail therapy" section for purchases you need to remember, "praise & prayer" report which I love! But my all time favorite part is the "15 minutes" section. On each page is a task you can complete in 15 minutes or less to declutter and organize your home. Swoon. You can see a full view here of what the interior pages look like. 

Another feature I wanted to highlight in the master task list for each month. We are constantly working on our home and I have a notebook that has looked similar to this where I keep all my thoughts regarding things to be worked on at home. This is so nice to have a place to jot it all down and break it into months so it's not so overwhelming. In the cold months you can plan all your indoor fixer-upper projects and in the Summertime you can focus more on the outside.

There are definitely more features to this planner, but you can see them if you click the links I shared above. From one organizational feen to another, you're welcome!

Shew, Mercy. Will I survive?


Shew, mercy.

I'm surviving on the little things like coffee, fresh flowers and quiet moments at night to myself.

It's been a hot second since I've shown up around here hasn't it? Maddox has had a rough week and I'm running on empty. I really can't tell if it's teething, developmental changes or if he's just in a funk, but I'm telling you it's kicked both of our butts.

He hasn't stuck to a schedule. He hasn't been his typical happy self. He's fighting going to bed at night and taking naps during the day. It seems like he just isn't completely himself. I'm hoping he kicks it to the curb before we leave for vacation Tuesday or it's going to be a rough week away from home.

Or maybe vacation is just what he needs? Let's hope so!

I know it's what I need. I told Jon I'm so excited for some extra hands for a whole week straight. Being a mama is amazing in so many ways, but it definitely takes a toll. We all need a little break sometimes :) And you can bet your bottom I'll be planting my bottom oceanside for a little time to unwind while Daddy plays with Maddox!

MOMS - I have a question! What are some activities you did with your 6-7 month old? I do feel like Maddox is getting bored more easily now and I'd love some fresh new ideas of playtime or activities or outings?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Follow me on Snapchat: themoderntulip to see my weekend festivities!