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Shew, Mercy. Will I survive?


Shew, mercy.

I'm surviving on the little things like coffee, fresh flowers and quiet moments at night to myself.

It's been a hot second since I've shown up around here hasn't it? Maddox has had a rough week and I'm running on empty. I really can't tell if it's teething, developmental changes or if he's just in a funk, but I'm telling you it's kicked both of our butts.

He hasn't stuck to a schedule. He hasn't been his typical happy self. He's fighting going to bed at night and taking naps during the day. It seems like he just isn't completely himself. I'm hoping he kicks it to the curb before we leave for vacation Tuesday or it's going to be a rough week away from home.

Or maybe vacation is just what he needs? Let's hope so!

I know it's what I need. I told Jon I'm so excited for some extra hands for a whole week straight. Being a mama is amazing in so many ways, but it definitely takes a toll. We all need a little break sometimes :) And you can bet your bottom I'll be planting my bottom oceanside for a little time to unwind while Daddy plays with Maddox!

MOMS - I have a question! What are some activities you did with your 6-7 month old? I do feel like Maddox is getting bored more easily now and I'd love some fresh new ideas of playtime or activities or outings?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Follow me on Snapchat: themoderntulip to see my weekend festivities!
8 comments on "Shew, Mercy. Will I survive?"
  1. Hey there! I have a boy the same exact age as you and his attention span is totally changing, argh. I took him to a baby music class (which I was SO originally not into the idea, seemed like a waste) and he was fascinated with the other babies and all the toys. He also took an epic nap afterward! So, my suggestion would be to just do something that involves other babies, obviously doesn't have to be a music class specifically. :)

  2. Hooray for a much-needed vacation next week!

  3. Yay for your vacay - and now I'm totally craving Starbucks :)

  4. Good luck with Maddox, i'm sure he just needs a vacation! Hope you guys have fun. Just started following you on Snapchat! i'm Beingleanna :-]

  5. Hang in there momma!! You are doing a great job!

  6. My little boy just turned 6 months and I am having a hard time coming up with stuff to do with him to entertain him. He likes his toys but I feel like he gets bored with them. He likes getting out and seeing other babies but some days we are at home all day and I don't know what to do. If you come up with good ideas, I'd love for you to do a post suggesting ideas!


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