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vest || top || jeans || boots || necklace || sunnies || watch

I hope y'all had an amazing Thanksgiving and that your jeans fit just a bit more snug as they should for now. No shame and no guilt in that ladies! We had a great time lounging with our family, stuffing our faces all day, watching the parades and football (GO COWBOYS) and just relaxing. Just what Thanksgiving is all about.

I wanted to pop in and share this look I wore last weekend to visit my dad, brother and his wife and their two kids for a pre-Thanksgiving. This is a great Fall/Winter transition outfit for a casual day of running around town shopping for holiday gifts. And it's no secret I love plaid! This top is my favorite because of the color mix (and it's on sale for $17). Y'all may have noticed I wear the crap out of these boots. If you are in the market for a comfortable, durable pair of cognac boots I seriously recommend these.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend with the ones you love :)

Happy Thanksgiving Friends || I'm Thankful For...

I'm running a 5k this morning and I'll be thankful and grateful if I survive it!

But really though, I'm thankful and grateful...

// For a faith based family.

// For Maddox. My heart is so full being a mother.

// For a husband who loves being a husband and dad. He's so great at it!

// For quiet mornings with my coffee, a fuzzy blanket and She Reads Truth.

// For days spent with family.

// For my blog, the people I've met and the friendships created.

// For our church that fills my cup each week.

// For the mom's I've created relationships with this year and our play-dates. I hope those friendships between us and our babies last a lifetime!

// For the changing seasons and the joy the holidays bring.

// For sweatpants and fuzzy socks. I like to live in them as often as possible.

// For snuggles with my boys.

// For date nights with my hubster.

// For Christ dying for me. Little ole' me.

// For all of YOU! I seriously love y'all and appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Maddox Brian's Dedication To the Church & My Prayer

This past Sunday we had Maddox dedicated to the church. It was such a sweet moment. My heart felt so full standing on stage in front of our church family, looking down at our family in the first row, knowing how uplifted we are. That Maddox will grow up being uplifted by these very same people. There is something so comforting about having a church home and knowing you have all those members who are willing to support you and be there in a time of need.

Sorry for the blurry cell phone snaps...

I believe in the power of prayer and I'm grateful to have had all those prayers spoken for Maddox and that our church family will continue to be there for him as he grows up. It is my biggest prayer that Maddox grows up surrounded in the gospel and chooses to follow God. Now we aren't the only ones praying that prayer.

Our church also does something really neat as a visual. They give us a jar of marbles. The jar contains 900+ marbles, 1 marble for each week of Maddox's life until he turns 18 and (hopefully) spreads his wings. Each week we are to remove a marble and watch as the jar slowly empties so you can visualize and remember to make each week count. It sounds kind of sad, but in reality.... it's REALITY. And I want to cherish each week, day, moment I have with him! And most of all make those moments matter.

Afterwards we went to Cheddars and enjoyed a meal with Jon's parents. My family wasn't able to make it, but my heart was warmed by all the sweet messages I got from them throughout the day. Our family of three is so supported and uplifted on a regular basis. It means the world!

All the praise and honor goes to Him!

My prayer for my son.

Maddox, I pray that you have a strong desire and burden on your heart to know your God. To grow close to him in times of joy and in times of hurt. I pray you are a warrior of His word and you stand up for His glory. I pray that your Daddy and I can show you His love through our love towards one another and towards you. I pray too that you find a God fearing woman in your future who spiritually challenges and uplifts you. All in His name.

You will move mountains, bug. Mommy loves you.

The Creative Closet || Thanksgiving Outfit & The Final Creative Closet

It's the final Creative Closet and I'm a bit sappy over here. I've enjoyed each and every one of you who have linked up and spread the word. You've inspired us on a weekly basis and we hope that you've walked away with a little bit of confidence to go into your closet and dare to be different or try something new. Stay creative!

similar dress in gray || similar vest || boots || watch || similar bangles (less than $10) || earrings || lipstick

Jana has some of the cutest items in her shop for the holidays! She looks beautiful in her plaid bow back tunic, perfect to hide a holiday bloat :) Ashleigh paired two patterns that scream Thanksgiving and I would have never thought to pair the two! Visit their blogs for full outfit details.

Is it terrible that when I decide my outfit for Thanksgiving I think about what's going to work with the amount of food I'm going to consume? I mean really, my first thought is elastic waist band or no waist band at all! I will be eating multiple helpings all day long and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for it! And you shouldn't either if you are in the same boat!

So naturally since I don't have a pregnant belly to hide behind this year I chose to wear a loose fitting shirt dress with a pattern to distract people from my bloated belly. Add a vest that I can easily pull closed and I'm set! It's supposed to be 64 degress on Thanksgiving, but if the temp drops I'll just add leggings. Please tell me you decide your outfit around the thought of an expanding waistline too? Or don't tell me and I'll just think everyone else does the same.

Link back to mine or Jana's post to spread the love!

The Creative Closet

A Day at Dollywood || A Nursing Mom's Amusement Park Wear


top (Anthropologie dupe) || gray denim || similar boots || similar beanie || druzy necklace || sunglasses

Nursing really impedes my clothing choices. I learned the hard way when Maddox was only a few weeks old, I wore a romper out and about... a R-O-M-P-E-R. Yeah. Try and figure out how to nurse in that in public. That was the, "you should have had a v8, hit me upside the head" moment when I realized I have to be conscience of what I'm wearing when I go out so I have the capability to nurse without undressing. If you are wondering how that whole romper thing went down I had to basically undress to my waist in the backseat of my car. Don't worry I made Jon move the car to a deserted part of the parking lot first. No free shows!

So Thursday Jon surprised Maddox and I by staying home from work and taking us to Dollywood. I know, Dad of the year award right? I knew I was going to wear this top because one - I've been wearing it non-stop. Two - it's extremely lightweight and comfortable. Three - it's just flowy enough that I can tuck Maddox's head underneath of it to nurse and you can't see a thing! #winning

We had such a great time just the three of us. The weather was perfect and Maddox was pretty entertained by the roller coasters. And when I say entertained I mean he looked at them with slight concern as they flew by and he heard people screaming. But it kept his attention! And he even took a nap towards the end of our time there so Jon and I could indulge in a little date over our favorite cinnamon bread. If you follow my on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you saw it! I probably gained three pounds just looking at it, but it's so worth it! If you are ever at Dollywood, try the fresh baked cinnamon bread loaf. You're welcome :)



similar sweater || jeans || boots || purse || pearls || lipstick (my favorite this time of year)

Jon and I recently had a date night and this is what I wore. I'm so thankful his parents live close by and are willing (and eager) to take Maddox every so often. We get a lot of time together each night after Maddox goes to bed (hello popcorn and Netflix), but it's truly important to just date each other again. Like it was pre-baby.

It's a good reminder of where it all started and it totally makes me googly-eyed for my man each time. Okay so I'm googly-eyed for him 99% of the time. There's the other 1% when he forgets to take out the trash or clean up after dinner...

It's really no secret around here that blush is my favorite color of all time. Pairing it with white for Winter is absolutely stunning to me. 

Maddox || 8 Months Old


Y'all have to bare with me for over-sharing these pictures. Jon took the camera to work and I wasn't able to do a 8 month photo shoot with Maddox. Besides these pictures are just too much and capture his 8th month perfectly if you ask me and I didn't share all of them yesterday so there are a few newbies!


It seems like time just keeps going by faster and faster. Now that the holidays are here I am really trying to buckle down and keep my focus on my family despite all the chaos and distractions of the holiday season. I just don't want the rest of the year to pass in a blur. You know?

Stats // We haven't had an appointment since his 6 month check up and we won't have another until he is 9 months. But he has definitely gained a lot of weight. He's not chunky, although the tiny rolls are my favorite, but he is hefty. He's gaining so much mass in his head and size of his body. I just can't believe it. Where is my tiny baby? He is wearing size 6 - 12 month clothing. Size 4 & 5 diapers. He wears 4's during the day and 5's at night to keep him from peeing through his clothes and the sheets. If I had to guess I would say he weighs 22lbs and is 27" long.

Developments // So much has changed in the last month as far as developments go. He's army crawling, pulling up on things, holding on to our fingers and walking, feeding himself, putting his paci in himself. I have definitely been on the baby proofing move for the last few weeks as he starts making these new progresses. He pulled down our bookshelf twice and scared us half to death!

Sleeping // Ever since I worked with him through the sleep training things have gotten much better around here! He goes down for bed at 7pm and sleeps until 4am when he wakes for a dreamfeed and then he goes back down until 7-8am and he's up for the day. He naps 2-3 times a day. A good solid nap in the morning around 10am and then again at 2 and again at 4:30. This schedule has been great, but I've learned not to get too cozy in a routine because he goes and shakes things up quickly! Oh and he sleeps on his tummy with his butt straight up in the air like I used to do as a baby. So cute!
Eating // This kid is a champ when it comes to eating! He is still breastfeeding full time, but he eats after each bfeeding as well. He loves everything and will even eat pears now! I love that he is eating anything and everything now because it makes going to restaurants so much nicer with him since we can give him what we are having. Here are just a few things I've been feeding him lately. Yogurt, chicken, ground beef, bread, mangos, peaches, bananas, scrambled eggs, and puffs. Just to name a few.

Teething // I don't see those top teeth making an appearance yet, but I do notice one side is bulging a bit. His bottom two teeth are definitely shooting up quickly now that they have broken through.

Personality // Where do I begin? He is so bubbly, so full of life it's infectious. God gave him such a special heart and smile that seems to affect everyone we come in contact with. I'm so grateful for a happy baby who smiles at everyone he meets. Seriously, he stares at people in stores until they look at him and then he shows his toothy grin and they loose it. 

Body // The major difference other than the fact that he is filling out so much is his hair. The growth has been crazy lately! It's laying over his ears and filling out in the back of his head that was once bald. Pretty blonde locks too!

Loves // Walking in his walker, holding on to furniture, his dogs. The best though is when Daddy comes home. Maddox absolutely lights up and then I have the joy of watching Jon's reaction to that. He lights up like a Christmas tree!
Dislikes // Having his clothes changed and getting out of the bath tub in the evenings. I've started bathing him in the afternoon because if I wait until right before bed he gets way to fussy and fights putting on his pj's and being tucked in. It's not a fun event when that happens.

Maddox, you light up our lives and we thank God every day for trusting us to be your parents. Through your smile we experience complete joy. Mommy and Daddy love you!

Fall Family Pictures 2015

We had family pictures taken about a week ago and my photographer, who is also a dear friend of mine, did such an outstanding job capturing our family. A special thank you and all the credit goes to Renee from Two Sparks Photography. If you are in the Tri-citites area in TN I recommend her!

I was also super stoked that Maddox performed so well for her and she was able to capture his goofy, toothy grin for a majority of these photos. I was afraid I wasn't going to like Maddox's grin with teeth because I loved the gummy smile so much. It turns out I was wrong and seeing those two teeth with he smiles from ear to ear just melts me each time. 

I have a couple of these photos narrowed down as options for our Christmas card this year, but I'm still finalizing my decision. Just call me indecisive.

Ready for picture overload? Mmmkay :)  Ohhh and all outfit details are at the end if you are curious!

My Outfit // dress (maternity! Shhh!) || scarf || boots || earrings
Jon's Outfit // shirt || jeans || boots || watch
Maddox's Outfit // sweater || pants || moccs

Plaid Blanket (sold out in red)