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A Day at Dollywood || A Nursing Mom's Amusement Park Wear


top (Anthropologie dupe) || gray denim || similar boots || similar beanie || druzy necklace || sunglasses

Nursing really impedes my clothing choices. I learned the hard way when Maddox was only a few weeks old, I wore a romper out and about... a R-O-M-P-E-R. Yeah. Try and figure out how to nurse in that in public. That was the, "you should have had a v8, hit me upside the head" moment when I realized I have to be conscience of what I'm wearing when I go out so I have the capability to nurse without undressing. If you are wondering how that whole romper thing went down I had to basically undress to my waist in the backseat of my car. Don't worry I made Jon move the car to a deserted part of the parking lot first. No free shows!

So Thursday Jon surprised Maddox and I by staying home from work and taking us to Dollywood. I know, Dad of the year award right? I knew I was going to wear this top because one - I've been wearing it non-stop. Two - it's extremely lightweight and comfortable. Three - it's just flowy enough that I can tuck Maddox's head underneath of it to nurse and you can't see a thing! #winning

We had such a great time just the three of us. The weather was perfect and Maddox was pretty entertained by the roller coasters. And when I say entertained I mean he looked at them with slight concern as they flew by and he heard people screaming. But it kept his attention! And he even took a nap towards the end of our time there so Jon and I could indulge in a little date over our favorite cinnamon bread. If you follow my on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you saw it! I probably gained three pounds just looking at it, but it's so worth it! If you are ever at Dollywood, try the fresh baked cinnamon bread loaf. You're welcome :)
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  1. Awe, what a cute little day you guys had together! That top looks great on you, and even better that it's convenient for you to nurse!


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