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similar sweater || jeans || boots || purse || pearls || lipstick (my favorite this time of year)

Jon and I recently had a date night and this is what I wore. I'm so thankful his parents live close by and are willing (and eager) to take Maddox every so often. We get a lot of time together each night after Maddox goes to bed (hello popcorn and Netflix), but it's truly important to just date each other again. Like it was pre-baby.

It's a good reminder of where it all started and it totally makes me googly-eyed for my man each time. Okay so I'm googly-eyed for him 99% of the time. There's the other 1% when he forgets to take out the trash or clean up after dinner...

It's really no secret around here that blush is my favorite color of all time. Pairing it with white for Winter is absolutely stunning to me. 
8 comments on "Blushed"
  1. Such a gorgeous color on you, and that sweater looks so cozy! Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  2. You look amazing! THOSE BOOTS! Not surprised they're from CC - I seriously love that store. Just picked up this amazing clutch in the "wine" color: SWOON

  3. You are seriously so stunning!! This colour palette is so beautiful on you - I love the fresh white for fall/winter!

  4. Ya look GORGEOUS and effortlessly flawless, lady! So natural:)

  5. Maegen, you seriously are so beautiful! Blush is definitely your color, and I love how you paired it with winter whites. I think I need to look into these eyelash extensions - yours look amaze. Also, please move closer so you can take all my blog photos ... or at least, FaceTime with me and teach me your ways. :)

  6. What color is the MAC Lipstick? It is such a perfect holiday color!

  7. I LOVE this look!! Everything about it is perfection right down to the hair and makeup. You look gorgeous! xx


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