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Lightweight Sweater Weather


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I would have to say the most annoying part of this time of year is the range in temperatures throughout the day. It starts out bitterly chilly causing me to do a slight praise dance for automatic start on my car keys meaning my car is warm before I even step foot outside. Spoiled white girl, I know. It was one of my must haves when we purchased our Ford Fusion. I love it in the Summer too because I push the button when I'm in the checkout line at a store and by the time I get to my car the A/C has the whole thing feeling like a freezer box. It's delightful.

I digress...

Where was I? Ah, the weather. I need a jacket in the morning, but by mid-day when the temp has gone up 10 degrees, and after the second or third errand as I'm hauling a baby and groceries out of the store I am dying from heat. So it's nice to wear a lightweight sweater that blocks out the wind, but doesn't make you feel like your dying under layers of fabric. I swear after having a baby hormones do something mean and just totally give me heat flashes all the time. Does this happen to anyone else who has given birth? Or am I the only one peeling back layers frantically as I fight the feeling of suffocation by fabric?

Have a great weekend, y'all!
6 comments on "Lightweight Sweater Weather"
  1. i love that sweater and your boots :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. i waaaaaaaaaant those boots! payless has a knockoff pair but they seriously aren't much less money lol

  3. Such a cute outfit - cute and effortless - that's how I roll :) have a great weekend!

  4. Perfect outfit for this time of year, that shade of blue is gorgeous on you! Digging those boots, too. :)

  5. That automatic start situation sounds amazing. I am waaay out of the loop for not even really knowing that was a thing, ha! Love these photos, you look great! xx


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