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Maddox || 8 Months Old


Y'all have to bare with me for over-sharing these pictures. Jon took the camera to work and I wasn't able to do a 8 month photo shoot with Maddox. Besides these pictures are just too much and capture his 8th month perfectly if you ask me and I didn't share all of them yesterday so there are a few newbies!


It seems like time just keeps going by faster and faster. Now that the holidays are here I am really trying to buckle down and keep my focus on my family despite all the chaos and distractions of the holiday season. I just don't want the rest of the year to pass in a blur. You know?

Stats // We haven't had an appointment since his 6 month check up and we won't have another until he is 9 months. But he has definitely gained a lot of weight. He's not chunky, although the tiny rolls are my favorite, but he is hefty. He's gaining so much mass in his head and size of his body. I just can't believe it. Where is my tiny baby? He is wearing size 6 - 12 month clothing. Size 4 & 5 diapers. He wears 4's during the day and 5's at night to keep him from peeing through his clothes and the sheets. If I had to guess I would say he weighs 22lbs and is 27" long.

Developments // So much has changed in the last month as far as developments go. He's army crawling, pulling up on things, holding on to our fingers and walking, feeding himself, putting his paci in himself. I have definitely been on the baby proofing move for the last few weeks as he starts making these new progresses. He pulled down our bookshelf twice and scared us half to death!

Sleeping // Ever since I worked with him through the sleep training things have gotten much better around here! He goes down for bed at 7pm and sleeps until 4am when he wakes for a dreamfeed and then he goes back down until 7-8am and he's up for the day. He naps 2-3 times a day. A good solid nap in the morning around 10am and then again at 2 and again at 4:30. This schedule has been great, but I've learned not to get too cozy in a routine because he goes and shakes things up quickly! Oh and he sleeps on his tummy with his butt straight up in the air like I used to do as a baby. So cute!
Eating // This kid is a champ when it comes to eating! He is still breastfeeding full time, but he eats after each bfeeding as well. He loves everything and will even eat pears now! I love that he is eating anything and everything now because it makes going to restaurants so much nicer with him since we can give him what we are having. Here are just a few things I've been feeding him lately. Yogurt, chicken, ground beef, bread, mangos, peaches, bananas, scrambled eggs, and puffs. Just to name a few.

Teething // I don't see those top teeth making an appearance yet, but I do notice one side is bulging a bit. His bottom two teeth are definitely shooting up quickly now that they have broken through.

Personality // Where do I begin? He is so bubbly, so full of life it's infectious. God gave him such a special heart and smile that seems to affect everyone we come in contact with. I'm so grateful for a happy baby who smiles at everyone he meets. Seriously, he stares at people in stores until they look at him and then he shows his toothy grin and they loose it. 

Body // The major difference other than the fact that he is filling out so much is his hair. The growth has been crazy lately! It's laying over his ears and filling out in the back of his head that was once bald. Pretty blonde locks too!

Loves // Walking in his walker, holding on to furniture, his dogs. The best though is when Daddy comes home. Maddox absolutely lights up and then I have the joy of watching Jon's reaction to that. He lights up like a Christmas tree!
Dislikes // Having his clothes changed and getting out of the bath tub in the evenings. I've started bathing him in the afternoon because if I wait until right before bed he gets way to fussy and fights putting on his pj's and being tucked in. It's not a fun event when that happens.

Maddox, you light up our lives and we thank God every day for trusting us to be your parents. Through your smile we experience complete joy. Mommy and Daddy love you!
5 comments on "Maddox || 8 Months Old"
  1. My heart can't even handle these photos - Maddox is so precious and looks like such a happy little guy.

  2. What a cutie! Happy Eight Months of having this precious boy in our family!

  3. Ah, so fun!!! :) I love watching them change! Bensen is 7 months today, and it's so crazy to think how close he is to a year (I prefer not to think about it).

  4. aww i love his little teeth :) :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Look at that smile!! Ahh he is just so precious! Thanks so much for sharing in these milestones! xx


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