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Maddox Brian's Dedication To the Church & My Prayer

This past Sunday we had Maddox dedicated to the church. It was such a sweet moment. My heart felt so full standing on stage in front of our church family, looking down at our family in the first row, knowing how uplifted we are. That Maddox will grow up being uplifted by these very same people. There is something so comforting about having a church home and knowing you have all those members who are willing to support you and be there in a time of need.

Sorry for the blurry cell phone snaps...

I believe in the power of prayer and I'm grateful to have had all those prayers spoken for Maddox and that our church family will continue to be there for him as he grows up. It is my biggest prayer that Maddox grows up surrounded in the gospel and chooses to follow God. Now we aren't the only ones praying that prayer.

Our church also does something really neat as a visual. They give us a jar of marbles. The jar contains 900+ marbles, 1 marble for each week of Maddox's life until he turns 18 and (hopefully) spreads his wings. Each week we are to remove a marble and watch as the jar slowly empties so you can visualize and remember to make each week count. It sounds kind of sad, but in reality.... it's REALITY. And I want to cherish each week, day, moment I have with him! And most of all make those moments matter.

Afterwards we went to Cheddars and enjoyed a meal with Jon's parents. My family wasn't able to make it, but my heart was warmed by all the sweet messages I got from them throughout the day. Our family of three is so supported and uplifted on a regular basis. It means the world!

All the praise and honor goes to Him!

My prayer for my son.

Maddox, I pray that you have a strong desire and burden on your heart to know your God. To grow close to him in times of joy and in times of hurt. I pray you are a warrior of His word and you stand up for His glory. I pray that your Daddy and I can show you His love through our love towards one another and towards you. I pray too that you find a God fearing woman in your future who spiritually challenges and uplifts you. All in His name.

You will move mountains, bug. Mommy loves you.

3 comments on "Maddox Brian's Dedication To the Church & My Prayer"
  1. I'm praying this for your beautiful boy, as well! You are doing a great job of showing him Jesus, Mama!

  2. This is so precious!! How wonderful it is to have good people in your life that support you and send you good energy like powerful prayers! Sending your sweet family lots of love myself!! xx


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