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Powder Room Reveal



AFTER (I apologize there is a slight yellow tint to the pictures. It's difficult to get good lighting because this room has no windows.)

I finally got around to taking pictures of our hallway bathroom, powder room, whatever you call it. We completed it about two weeks ago and it's such a relief to have another room checked off the 'makeover list'. If you follow me on Snapchat (themoderntulip) you saw Jon and I go through some of the process of late nights working on this room after we put Maddox to bed. It sounds silly, but we really enjoy doing this stuff together. It's like a date night in to us... fixing up our home together, playing music, sipping beers, goofing off. We really enjoy it.

This bathroom was on top priority for us to get done because it's the bathroom all of our guests use. It's on the main level where the kitchen and living room is so anyone who is visiting and needs to use the restroom goes here. So I really wanted it to be a finished project since most everyone who comes in our door would be using it. Plus it's a small room so I figured let's get something small checked off so after minimal work we are inspired to tackle another room. I'm not sure which room that's going to be just yet...

The biggest change we made was adding the board and batten to the bottom half of the wall. It's an expensive way to add a lot of character to a room. This bathroom is such a long and tall size it was so boring and a little cold feeling with bare walls. I feel like that really pulled it together and gave this room what it was lacking. Other than painting the walls and ceiling we just added the decor. That's all this room really needed. I love the pedastool sink in here. I don't typically go for those, but since this is just a powder room it's a pretty touch. I do plan on replacing the light fixtures eventually, but I'm so picky I can't find what I want. So until then, they stay.

What do you think?


Paint Color: Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt
Paper Flower Art: Target
Flower Painting: TJmaxx
Hand Towel: Target
Rug: TJmaxx
Table: Amazon
Wire Basket: Steinmart
Plant & Pot: Lowes
Vase & flowers: TJmaxx
Candle & Candle Holder: Target (clearance)
Wooden Tray: Steinmart
Mirror: Lowes

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19 comments on "Powder Room Reveal"
  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the gold accents! Looks great!

  2. gorgeous! i love the new paint color and that blue vase. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. This is sooo pretty and dreamy! I love it! I saw that flower art at Target the other day and fell in love but I don't have anywhere in my home to use them but they look perfect in your bathroom.

  4. Love the board and batten and the new paint color!

  5. Love the color and board and batten! Y'all did such a great job. Makes me itch to fix up our bathroom!

  6. You guys did a great job, looks beautiful!

  7. Wow, what a difference - it looks fantastic! I especially love that blue vase!

  8. Oh my gosh I love it!! Looks so so good!

  9. Love it! & the idea to put the toilet paper in the wire basket is genius! It looks so much better than just being stacked on the back of the toilet.

  10. Gorgeous! Love the wainscoting and the sea salt color - so pretty <3

    Green Fashionista

  11. What a great space-- it's so big for a half bath! I love what you guys did-- completely transformed the space!

  12. Absolutely love how it turned out!!!! That color is perfection!

  13. Love the little side board, looks great! I tried to follow you on snapchat but it didn't work/i never get your snapchats come through

  14. LOVE. Fantastic job, friend! Did you move your plant in there so Maddox couldn't get to it in his walker anymore, haha?

  15. Pretty. We just painted our kitchen this color. Looks pretty in a bathroom, too.

  16. This looks amazing! You guys did a great job!

  17. very elegant I like the toilet paper holder


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