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The Creative Closet || Thanksgiving Outfit & The Final Creative Closet

It's the final Creative Closet and I'm a bit sappy over here. I've enjoyed each and every one of you who have linked up and spread the word. You've inspired us on a weekly basis and we hope that you've walked away with a little bit of confidence to go into your closet and dare to be different or try something new. Stay creative!

similar dress in gray || similar vest || boots || watch || similar bangles (less than $10) || earrings || lipstick

Jana has some of the cutest items in her shop for the holidays! She looks beautiful in her plaid bow back tunic, perfect to hide a holiday bloat :) Ashleigh paired two patterns that scream Thanksgiving and I would have never thought to pair the two! Visit their blogs for full outfit details.

Is it terrible that when I decide my outfit for Thanksgiving I think about what's going to work with the amount of food I'm going to consume? I mean really, my first thought is elastic waist band or no waist band at all! I will be eating multiple helpings all day long and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for it! And you shouldn't either if you are in the same boat!

So naturally since I don't have a pregnant belly to hide behind this year I chose to wear a loose fitting shirt dress with a pattern to distract people from my bloated belly. Add a vest that I can easily pull closed and I'm set! It's supposed to be 64 degress on Thanksgiving, but if the temp drops I'll just add leggings. Please tell me you decide your outfit around the thought of an expanding waistline too? Or don't tell me and I'll just think everyone else does the same.

Link back to mine or Jana's post to spread the love!

The Creative Closet

9 comments on "The Creative Closet || Thanksgiving Outfit & The Final Creative Closet"
  1. This look is GORGEOUS on you! So perfectly comfortable yet chic and the best mix of casual and dressy. Makes me wish I had a vest like this so I could copy immediately...

    Sorry to see the linkup ending - I've always loved your prompts!

  2. Such a lovely outfit! The perfect thing to hide that food baby we all get on Thanksgiving. I love that you pull off the fur vest in a casual outfit.

  3. I love the idea of the vest paired with the dress - such a perfect holiday look!

  4. You pull off literally everything - so stunning! I love the furry vest on top of the stripes, and the boot socks add a perfect cozy touch!

  5. I am so sorry this is the last creative closet link-up. I am so glad I discovered your blog and this linkup months ago. Your Thanksgiving outfit is tres chic. I love the vest. You are warm and polished.

    Happy first Thanksgiving to Maddox. You guys have a great holiday!

    Welcome by, Ada. =)

  6. Gorgeous outfit as always, friend! I'm with you - it's either leggings or a dress for me on Thanksgiving, give me all the food. :) Thanks for hosting this linkup every week, I will miss it and look forward to seeing all your other future fashion posts!

  7. I'm with you all the way - stretchy waistbands or no waistbands are the way to go. I love this look--that vest adds such a fun layer! And I'll miss this link up, I always enjoy joining in. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your adorable family :)


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